Meme Mondays: Percy Jackson & the Olympians

This week’s Meme Mondays features Percy Jackson!

(& the Olympians. Can’t forget about them.)

[Note: We do not own/make these GIFs/images! Creds to the masterminds behind them. We just thought that these were great and really wanted to share them!]

Seaweed Brain.

Wise Girl.

Come on, Annabeth. Give me a break.

Whoops, I mean I guess not. *cackles evilly, grins triumphantly*

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Book Series Review: Chantress Trilogy

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“Sing and the darkness will find you.”  “Hold fast to your secrets.”     “Beware the songs in the sea.” 

Note: The first and second books have different primary book covers; these were chosen to match the third book cover which only has one. Click the book covers for their individual Goodreads pages and summaries.

Chantress Trilogy by Amy Butler Greenfield

Book 1: Chantress (324 pgs)
Book 2: Chantress Alchemy (352 pgs)
Book 3: Chantress Fury (288 pgs) 
Publishing Info: by Margaret K. McElderry Books from 2013-15
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Historical (setting)
Overall Rating: 3.5/4

See the book summary for Chantress on Goodreads

I was digging in the garden when I heard it: a strange, wild singing on the wind…
No one sang here. Not on this island.
Perhaps I’d misheard –
No, there it was again: a lilting line, distant but clear. It lasted hardly longer than a heartbeat, but it left me certain of one thing: It was more than a gull’s cry I’d heard. It was a song.

~ Lucy, pg 1, Chantress (Book #1)

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Update #3: My Not So Wild Adventures in Egypt Continues (for now)

Sarah’s back with a third update and it’s WILD!

(Like so unbelievably wild, you won’t understand.)

Hello friends!! It’s me, Sarah, and nope I’m not dead. I’m something worse tbh. (F: Haha she didn’t like resurrect from being a mummy… ’cause like Egypt stereotype-y things ya know.)

So y’all may have been wondering why you haven’t heard from me recently (Nah I wasn’t procrastinating, nope not me. Srsly guys.) I was struck by something that tourists in Egypt like to call King Tut’s Curse… That’s right, stomach flu.
For 5 days, I’ve eaten nothing but half a bowl of rice and unsalted (read NO FLAVOUR OR TEXTURE) mashed potatoes. (F: What – SUCH a struggle! I thought mashed potatoes were supposed to be smooth and pretty texture-less along with a minimal taste?? 😛 Which is probably why someone invented gravy.)

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Book Review: Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl (Artemis Fowl #1)

By Eoin Colfer

Published by Miramax in 2001

316 pages

Genres:Fantasy, Sci-fi, Action, Middle-Grade Fiction

Rating: 5/5 stars

Book Summary: Artemis Fowl, simply put, is a genius. A criminal mastermind and only twelve years old, Artemis Fowl II has come up with his most audacious plan yet: to restore his family’s fortune by kidnapping a Fairy. Fairies don’t exist, you scoff? Well, Artemis will prove you wrong.

“Stay back, human. You don’t know what you are dealing with.”

~ Captain Holly Short

Once upon a time, there was a nine year old girl in her English class. Basically friendless, and a fast worker, she went to her pitiful, 5 book class library, and chose a random book. She snuck back to her desk and opened the book, pretending to work. She was suddenly sucked into Ho Chi Minh city, enchanted by the criminal twelve-year old Artemis. And his Butler, Butler. She was so absorbed that she forgot about her surroundings, and when it was time for Math, her teacher realized she was reading, and snatched the book away. But it was too late : the girl could not go back to work, already obsessed…

I need mooooore…

That girl, as you may have guessed, was me. Artemis Fowl intrigued me from the very beginning. The premise was pretty interesting. Stay back, human? Fairies that aren’t the usual kind of fairies? Criminal plots? I think teenage (or kid) masterminds are a thing. Nothing better than reading a know-it-all look like he’s about to get whupped and end up getting it all right after all.

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Update #2: Top 5 Differences Between Canada & Egypt

Here’s update number two of Sarah’s adventures in Egypt! 

Hey everyone, so I’ve been in Egypt for 4 days now and I’ve noticed many differences between way over here and in Canada. Some of them were obvious, some scary, and some just plain funny. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I did (or didn’t) finding out and writing about them!

1. Language

This one is the most obvious… In Canada we speak English and French, while in Egypt they speak Arabic. Oddly enough, my cousins have to be able to speak English well if they want to be hired for a job (even though they told me they don’t use it). Since I can only speak Arabic like a child in the 2nd grade, and my cousins speak English like 5th graders, we manage to understand each other; though I’m pretty sure we butchered both languages. 😛 However, even after only four days, my Arabic has already gotten better! Hey, maybe they’ll put me in the 3rd grade! (F: If you’re lucky haha) 

2. Temperatures

Here’s another obvious in-yo-face one: the weather. Right now in Canada, it’s a wonderful 20-25 degrees Celsius (more or less depending where you live). Meanwhile in Egypt, it’s well, 35 degrees… Before you factor in the humidity. But today’s a good day because there’s actually a breeze. My extended family tells me that this is normal… Even though I’m DYING. Like if I don’t sit in a freezer asap, I’m gonna come back to Canada as a genuine dried Sarah.

Dried crisp under the sun aka popcorn-ed…


… And great self-showers = objective obtained (or should I say not obtained) 

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The Struggles of a Book Nerd #1: Cliffhangers

Hello book readers, lovers, and enthusiasts! How’s your day, everyone? 🙂
The Struggles of a Book Nerd will be our double opinion posts on problems that we generally face as book nerds which we will work on whenever we can! The cliffhanger dilemma happens to everyone… I guess we’ll have to deal with it whether we like it or not. What do we (Sarah & Faith) think about them? 

F: You know when you’re reading a book series like any other and it ends in a cliffhanger and you just keep thinking to yourself: “Really, [Insert Author Name Here]???”

It’s already bad enough that your characters are on the brink of death. But knowing that the sequel is coming out next YEAR just isn’t right at all. (It should be se-queal instead… like sequel + squeal = SEQUEAL! Se-quealing because it’s such a struggle. I know, everyone tells me that I’m not exactly funny. I can see why)

After all that intense book action…


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Book Review: Black Hole Sun

Black Hole Sun (Hell’s Cross #1)

By David Macinnis Gill

340 pages

Genres: Action, Dystopian, Sci-fi, Mars

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Book Summary: Meet Durango. A teenage mercenary trying to eke out a living on Mars, who’s lost his family and most of his crew. Durango’s playing the cards the he was dealt – and you don’t want to mess with him, because he’s got the scars to prove it.

Ok, I was really desperate here: the library was closing in 5 minutes and I had not picked out a book. The librarians were giving me the evil eye, so I grabbed the first YA book I saw:

I’m sorry, but this cover. NOPE. I prefer the newer cover.

…and ran.

My librarians can be pretty scary, yo.

Imagine my reaction when I finally opened the inside cover to see what the book was about… only to be greeted with a badass summary!


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Walk Like An Egyptian Updates #1: Airplanes

As you may know, Sarah’s currently in Egypt so here’s Day 1 of her updates! You’re about to read one of her ranting rampages so you better watch out. 😉

(…You better not cry, you better not pout I’m tellin’ you why… because airplanes are sometimes the worst)

Alright! So like I said before, I was on my way to Egypt and I was so excited to ride the plane… For ten hours straight (a direct flight with Egypt air).

This flight was not the best I’ve been on… AT ALL. It was literally all the complaints people have on planes rolled into 10 hours of my life. 😛

First, the plane took off. (Faith: No way, Sarah. Really?? Kidding.)

It was fairly uneventful, if not a bit bumpy. And because the runway faces the west, the plane had to turn around: it literally tilted like 45 degrees which was cool but kind of scary.

We then immediately hit turbulence. The kind where they come around to make sure you fastened your seat belts and to wake up anyone who’s asleep.
Now that was terrifying because it was so early in the flight that they hadn’t even gotten around to handing the headphones out.

Turbulence wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the row of babies in front of us – Like 5 babies for the 9 seats in one row. Every time the plane would bump, they’d wake up and wail. And if one of them cried, all of them would wake up and cry.

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Meme Monday: Despicable Me

 Introducing Meme & Moving Image (GIFs) Mondays!

Sarah and Faith will be posting a bunch of themed memes and GIFs every Monday this summer, because who doesn’t need a laugh? They will mainly be for books but we may post an occasional movie or show themed Meme Monday too!

Feel free to suggest any other themes/gifs you’d like to see 🙂

This week’s theme is Despicable Me! Since the movie Minions: Despicable Me 3 just released, we’re posting these adorable gifs in celebration! Oh yeaaah! (Vector style if you know what I’m talking about.) The characters in these movies just easily brighten up my day!

When you’re trying to convince your parents in buying a new cellphone… or just a phone for that matter (if you haven’t got one) or to buy you a book of course

IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!! (Can’t resist putting this one it)

You mean I can’t borrow your pre-ordered copy of Winter (by Marissa Meyer) even though I’ll be absolutely broke?! You’re kidding, right?

Same. (Oh Gru, don’t you look so confused. We all know that you’re hiding little chicks in your bald head – it’s just a matter of time)

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