6 Tips on Comfy Reading

Not getting into the flow of your book as easily as you would’ve liked to?

Oh, it’s the end. You’re totally done for. No worries! Here are some personal tips to know before your long awaited reading session or handy things to keep close by to be sure you’ll be extra comfy as you snuggle up with your book!

1. A nice comfy spot & room mood setting

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I know that I always feel more comfortable when my room is clean (or at least cleaner) and freshly decorated! First, you should find a comfy and quiet spot to read; for most of us, that could mean a bean bag chair/a pile of pillows in a room. If you share a room with unfortunately a sibling, find a spot where you can relax such as the couch but if you really don’t have anywhere in particular at your home, the public library offers some quietness too. If you feel that you know the theme of the book you’re currently reading pretty well, you could incorporate some themed decorations into your room! So if you have any book posters for the book, you could bring those out and even make some book themed DIYs to amp up the room setting! Maybe you can even bring out those festive fairy lights to have on while you flip through your book (which is basically a tumblr type setting but if it’s your kind of thing, “You go, Glen Coco!”).

I dunno about you but I’m feeling – like I could read in this room forever.

2. Turn the distractions off

We all know that our electronics such as our cellphones, may disrupt that easy flow some of us may have when reading. It may be hard to ignore and the constant chiming of friends conversing in a large chat group is annoying. So well… turn these things off. Now when I say turn the distractions off, I for one know that siblings are a large part (and asset, apparently) of the category “distractions”. Trust me, if I had a method of turning off siblings and the daily ruckus that they cause, I would’ve already done so and told you about every single detail. Tuning them out may prove to be difficult all the time at times, which is why a quiet spot is vital to ensure that your reading session won’t be interrupted. But then again, if you don’t really mind or you can easily immerse yourself back into the book-verse, then this wouldn’t be an issue!

3. A nice warm/refreshing drink

No one can deny that a cup of your favourite drink really helps you to read. In winter, I like to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or some decaffeinated tea because staying up all night devouring books in marathons is hard work. Summer swings around a whole new set of must-have drinks (and not just for when you’re reading); I usually drink tons of coconut water but if that’s not your thing, lemonade is great too. Perhaps warming up with your cup of hot chocolate and your new book, “Winter” by Marissa Meyer (which is, of course, coming out on November 10, 2015), on a chilly autumn’s day wouldn’t be a bad idea either ;). Either way, a nice drink will amp up the experience and helps to set the book atmosphere.

4. Wear something comfortable

For this tip, I think that it’s pretty obvious that though we may be pretty fabulous, we aren’t the most fashionable people in town. What I can say is, be comfortable! (You know that already though from the subheading.) For the most part, you’re probably going to be sitting at home lazing around so why not wear well, anything comfy or makes you feel the best when reading! Most of us already have our sweatpants and shirts to go for our at home outfits, so that’s what I go for. If you’re at the library, you could probably still wear your everyday clothes and throw in something comfy in the combo. What I’m wearing really helps me to be able to settle into a good reading mood.

5. Adjust your position

This point ties in with the finding the right setting point. When I want to rest my book and my arms (because I’m a weakling), I like sit at a table to rest my book but you can also use a lap desk or simply a pillow for your book to be propped up on. If you’re just plain old uncomfortable (maybe you like sitting on your bedroom floor to read but if it’s still too hard, get some pillows!), then adjust yourself to one that is comfy to maximize your reading session potential! This is all common sense but if you just remember to find a position that you will feel good in for a couple of hours, it might help you perhaps more than you think!

6. A small snack

Let’s admit it: the journey to the end of our book marathons are tiring no matter how enjoyable or accomplishing it feels. Or maybe you never get tired but your stomach, on the contrary, would probably get quite hungry. Don’t want to put down your book right when you know your character is going to make the mistake of their life? Well… I suppose you could keep some extra snacks on the side before cracking open your read just in case. I would suggest some homemade chocolate chip cookies which are always delicious, devoured warm & soft. My weakness would definitely come down to some popcorn but in a conscious effort to maintain a healthier lifestyle you may want to turn to some alternatives such as a bowl of berries or fruit slices, or some ants on a log, peanut butter and raisins on a celery stick, or even a yogurt parfait if you’d like topped with some granola bits!

7. Bring along a reading buddy! (Or drag them if you have to, just saying. But I’m not the one who told you that.)

Do you know what makes tragic book problems less tragic? You’ve got it; you can invite a fellow book nerd friend along for the roller coaster ride! Though friends generally distract each other, these friends can help you with all your book problems and you can chill together with books! You’ll feel more comfy guaranteed (even though we all claim that our book characters are mostly all we need in life for survival.) If you’re reading the same book, you can even discuss all the highs and lows as long as the faster reader of the group doesn’t shove in your face offer any spoilers. You might want to find a reading speed compatible friend if you’re worried. 😉 It also won’t hurt to have a stuffed animal buddy too/instead because let’s be honest; not every single one of them has left us with our youthful childhood.

We hope this helped to give you ideas on how to get comfy during your reading sessions! Comment/tell us if we did!

In the meantime, happy reading! 🙂

~ Faith

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