Meme Monday: Despicable Me

 Introducing Meme & Moving Image (GIFs) Mondays!

Sarah and Faith will be posting a bunch of themed memes and GIFs every Monday this summer, because who doesn’t need a laugh? They will mainly be for books but we may post an occasional movie or show themed Meme Monday too!

Feel free to suggest any other themes/gifs you’d like to see 🙂

This week’s theme is Despicable Me! Since the movie Minions: Despicable Me 3 just released, we’re posting these adorable gifs in celebration! Oh yeaaah! (Vector style if you know what I’m talking about.) The characters in these movies just easily brighten up my day!

When you’re trying to convince your parents in buying a new cellphone… or just a phone for that matter (if you haven’t got one) or to buy you a book of course

IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE!!!! (Can’t resist putting this one it)

You mean I can’t borrow your pre-ordered copy of Winter (by Marissa Meyer) even though I’ll be absolutely broke?! You’re kidding, right?

Same. (Oh Gru, don’t you look so confused. We all know that you’re hiding little chicks in your bald head – it’s just a matter of time)

You and your friends at your favourite author’s meet-up/band be like this… Or when the sequel you’ve been waiting for a millennium is right there in front of you

When you get caught with all the food… or with a huge stack of new books when your parents know that you’re already low on book money (And you’re like “Book money? Pshhh what book money? I wish…” Same.)

“Does this count as annoying?” – Me annoying my friends

Every fangirl reading about their otp is like *le sighs*

The real question should be: Are they a fictional character or real life person? And obviously we’d say: Does it matter?

This concludes the ensemble of gifs that we have found for you today! Thank you all for reading/watching. ❤

I (Faith) just watched Minions yesterday and it was really cute & funny except I enjoyed Despicable Me 2 better because I missed Agnes as well as Gru and all the other characters from the previous movies. My friends also wished that there was more actual dialogue but anyway I guess that’s to be expected for a movie starring minions haha.

Did you watch Minions yet or planning to? Talk to us and tell us how you feel about these movies! We’ll continue Meme Mondays and post more bookish things soon! 🙂

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