Walk Like An Egyptian Updates #1: Airplanes

As you may know, Sarah’s currently in Egypt so here’s Day 1 of her updates! You’re about to read one of her ranting rampages so you better watch out. 😉

(…You better not cry, you better not pout I’m tellin’ you why… because airplanes are sometimes the worst)

Alright! So like I said before, I was on my way to Egypt and I was so excited to ride the plane… For ten hours straight (a direct flight with Egypt air).

This flight was not the best I’ve been on… AT ALL. It was literally all the complaints people have on planes rolled into 10 hours of my life. 😛

First, the plane took off. (Faith: No way, Sarah. Really?? Kidding.)

It was fairly uneventful, if not a bit bumpy. And because the runway faces the west, the plane had to turn around: it literally tilted like 45 degrees which was cool but kind of scary.

We then immediately hit turbulence. The kind where they come around to make sure you fastened your seat belts and to wake up anyone who’s asleep.
Now that was terrifying because it was so early in the flight that they hadn’t even gotten around to handing the headphones out.

Turbulence wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the row of babies in front of us – Like 5 babies for the 9 seats in one row. Every time the plane would bump, they’d wake up and wail. And if one of them cried, all of them would wake up and cry.

That wasn’t even the worst part because just then the girl in the seat in front of me decided to recline… A lot. My screen was in my face and despite my efforts in asking her politely to sit up a bit (in English and Arabic), she completely ignored me. It was so bad that when someone beside me had to get up and use the washroom, I’d have to physically get up, and there still wouldn’t be enough space to walk through.

Since my seat was unbearably uncomfortable, I reclined a little bit. Not like the girl in front of me; just enough to rest my back (and besides, it was barely noticeable).
Which then the kid behind me started to kick my seat and they didn’t even try to ask me to move.They just started thumping until even my sister, who was sitting beside me, notices. (F: Apparently your chair was only barely noticeable for yourself)

However, I did get to watch a ton of movies. The saddest thing though, was the fact that the screen was really pixelated. (F: Sadder than the crying babies? Aw, poor you.) I mean, I think my gameboy has better definition than what I was looking at. 😀
Kingsman: The Secret Service was just as awesome as I imagined, the TV show Selfie is pretty funny, and I have a new obsession with The FlashGrant Gustin should prepare himself for stalking. Never mind the fact that we’re on different continents.

The food was really good; and even though I didn’t get a window seat (which my mom claimed), seeing the sun rise and set, as well as all the cities light up the night, was beautiful. 🙂 Our Instagram feed is crying because of the missed opportunities

And then we landed at 7 am Egyptian time and I didn’t go to sleep until 3 the next day (40 hours awake, yo). (F: “Tryin’ to figure out the time zones makin’ me crazy/You say good morning/When it’s midnight” I think these Jet Lag lyrics by Simple Plan describe it the best haha)

❤ Sarah

We hope liked this slightly different blog post! So keep an eye out for future updates and we’ll see what Sarah is up to soon! 

3 thoughts on “Walk Like An Egyptian Updates #1: Airplanes

  1. Hajra Azeem says:

    Your flight sounded like a lot of bittersweet fun. Haha someone reclined their seat like that on a flight I was on last year and they didn’t respond to me asking them poilitely so I got up and walked to their aisle and practically yelled at them.. haha (sleep-deprived Hajra isn’t the nicest) I’m glad you still made the most out of the flight though. Totally looking forward to more of these Egypt posts ❤


    • sublimereads says:

      Haha it sure was! Yeah I would have done that if she didn’t have a 9 month old. I mean, her baby wasn’t letting her sleep either, so we were even 😛
      Aw thanks~ I can’t wait to write more
      ❤ Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

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