The Struggles of a Book Nerd #1: Cliffhangers

Hello book readers, lovers, and enthusiasts! How’s your day, everyone? 🙂
The Struggles of a Book Nerd will be our double opinion posts on problems that we generally face as book nerds which we will work on whenever we can! The cliffhanger dilemma happens to everyone… I guess we’ll have to deal with it whether we like it or not. What do we (Sarah & Faith) think about them? 

F: You know when you’re reading a book series like any other and it ends in a cliffhanger and you just keep thinking to yourself: “Really, [Insert Author Name Here]???”

It’s already bad enough that your characters are on the brink of death. But knowing that the sequel is coming out next YEAR just isn’t right at all. (It should be se-queal instead… like sequel + squeal = SEQUEAL! Se-quealing because it’s such a struggle. I know, everyone tells me that I’m not exactly funny. I can see why)

After all that intense book action…


Sometimes I wait so long for the sequel (great now I’m spelling it sequeAl every time. Thanks Me, Myself, & I) of a book that ends in a cliffhanger, that by the time the next book actually comes out, I would’ve already fallen off of the cliff. Ok, forget the cliff it’s more like the face of the earth. No wait, edge of the UNIVERSE… (Ok I’m done, I pinky promise)

Me with cliffhangers

This means that I probably would’ve forgotten all that actually happened in the last book and why I was freaking out about the ending besides the fact that I’m supposedly excited. Seriously. Anyone want me to take them down with me? It just happens that my book memory isn’t always the greatest even though cliffhangers are involved. Yeah, I know, it’s horrible.

Now, anyone interested in seeing what Sarah has to say about the different stages of what this is diagnosed as Cliffhanger-osis? No? That’s perfectly fine too, just stay on my side of the post.

Let’s go, shall we? 😀

S: Cliffhangers. The bane of readers, and the bridge of books in series. Half a way to get readers to buy the next book and half a plot device, I’m pretty sure every reader ever has dealt with them.

They’re even worse when the next book isn’t even out yet cough cough Winter cough cough.

Cliffhangers, like all book nerd struggles, come in degrees. The degree of need (and want) depend on various factors.

What is the standing of this series in terms of obsessiveness? If it’s the only thing you talk about, then it’s going to be a painful wait.

How long have you been reading the series? If you were with it from publication date cough Lunar Chronicles cough, then you’re probably a pro at waiting and can amuse yourself.

The effects and process of dealing with a cliffhanger consist of the following steps:

1. The Disbelief 

This is not happening. Nope.

2. The Anger and Sadness

I thought we had something

3. Crying

Because you found out the release date is 2 years from now.

If Canada was my face, this would be my tears (aka Niagara Falls)

4. Determination


It’s been released and is now in your hands. The fangirling may commence

But you still have to deal the possibility that it may be worse than the first one ~ *HORROR MUSIC*. But that’s a whole other book nerd struggle…

This concludes post numero uno of our new post series: The Struggles of a Book Nerd. We hope you laughed, smiled, or even found yourself agreeing.
Any of you find yourselves facing other struggles as a bookworm? Any topic suggestions? Tell us, we would love to know about them! (In the most un-creepy way of course) 
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

~ Sarah & Faith


13 thoughts on “The Struggles of a Book Nerd #1: Cliffhangers

  1. vaudriel says:

    The cat gif reminded me of Gandalf… is that weird? lol XD

    Sigh… I’m waiting for like 5 books that are coming out next year, and it’s making me so annoyed – especially with those cliffhangers and sudden plot twists. D: And like you mentioned, by the time those books come out, I’ll be over those series… However, I still firmly believe that series are much better than standalones! :]

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  2. partnersinbooks says:

    OMG! You guys are so cute and very very accurate. CLIFFHANGERS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!! The worst kind of torture. I’m actually on the stage of “determination” at the moment…. Love the blog with all its lemon-ness! 😀


    • sublimereads says:

      Aw, thank you!!:) Cliffhangers are really hard to stand sometimes. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!!! Haha I also feel like I’m on the “determination” stage for practically most every book series I’m on! (Lunar Chronicles, Lorien Legacies, etc. Like REALLY etc.) Haha we are trying to use the citruses to keep it fresh! Thanks again! 😀
      ~ Faith


          • partnersinbooks says:

            OH. NO. The dreaded question…. this list might go on forever lol on the top of my head…
            1. The Infernal Devices by Cassie Clare
            2. Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi
            3. The Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin
            4. The Legend Series by Marie Lu
            5. The Tiger Saga by Colleen Houck
            6. The Selection Series by Kiera Cass
            7. The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins
            8. The Wrath and The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh (recently read this and its AMAZING!!!!)
            9. To All The Boy’s I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han
            10. Steph Perkins three books (Anna is my fav!)
            11. Slammed Series by Colleen Hoover (and all her other books cause she’s amazing)
            The list goes on…
            Have you read these books? What are your favs??? 🙂

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            • sublimereads says:

              Before you start reading this almost blog post because of the length… Sorry in advance for all this ramble reading!
              Wow haha I actually haven’t read the Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices yet! I’m still on City of Bones and tbh it’s kind of slow-going… but I’m working on it!
              So I read Shatter Me and I think I was kind of disappointed… there was a lot of hype about it when I watched book reviews about it on Youtube but I think what really made me be like “This could’ve been so much better” was that Juliette was a more I guess stubborn character? I sort of felt like she should have just “behaved” while secretly planned an escape instead of continuing her complaints because that just provided satisfaction for Warner. Sorry I’m in a lot of conflict with this book as you can see haha, I hope you’re not offended! But later on I might be willing to give Unravel Me a try… maybe I’ll like that one better? I did really like the cross out parts though.
              Oh, and Legend was pretty good too!! THAT ENDING IN CHAMPION THOUGH… For those types I’m always like yay but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at the same time, you know? Then other than those, I haven’t read any of the others actually! I feel as if I have to pick up my reading speed sometimes! 😛 The Wrath and the Dawn sounds really good! I really should pick that one up!
              Ok so from the top of my head I don’t remember very many series I’ve actually read because I’m super forgetful and there’s just tooooooo many but I would have to say that these are my top three:
              1. Percy Jackson & the Olympians/the Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan
              2. The Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore
              3. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
              Haha these are mainly fantasy-ish magic type books but I like some contemporary books too I just haven’t read that many in series. My brain just blanks out sometimes too.
              Sorry for this horribly long rant of a comment! This is the LONGEST ONE EVER SUPER DUPER APOLOGIES. I get carried away sometimes haha. So should I continue the Shatter Me series and the Mortal Instruments? Have you read the books on my list? (I’m thinking you probably already did though!!) 🙂

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              • partnersinbooks says:

                Don’t you worry about lengthy replies, I honestly love them cause hello we get to talk about books which is the best thing ever!!!! Go on with your rambling life cause I will surely ramble as well. :))
                Okay, so about City of Bones, yes it is kind of slow paced. I honestly could say that the first book is my least favorite of the whole series but trust me it will get better. Even amazing!!! But I DEFINITELY recommend reading The Infernal Devices, I have a feeling that the reason I read TMI nonstop was because I was grieving from TID (I read that series first and it absolutely wrecked me) I also found out that my favorite characters from TID would make a special appearance in TMI so I was like, “Yup, no way I wouldn’t read that.” Also, I just wanted to stay in that world for as long I can. 🙂
                Nope, not offended at all! People will always have diff opinions on books and thats fine. That’s true though, Juliette honestly was so weak and whiny and annoying in the first book but her character development will blow your mind! SERIOUSLY, I would say that she’s one of the characeters that has the best development I’ve read. This is the type of series that will just get better and better and the end will be out of this world amazing. I actually couldn’t stop reading this series because of my curiousity with Warner. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS GUY?! Which you will know when you read the novellas and YOU WILL fall in love with him!
                Legend series destroyed me. It’s just so action packed and the ending felt inevitable but still it broke my heart! Def, one of the best dystopian books I’ve read. 🙂 Also the book itself is beautiful with its color codedness!!!
                Would you believe I haven’t read Percy Jackson nor Harry Potter??? I KNOW I SUCK. But I’md definitely getting to that! I watched the movies though. I know there nothing compared to the book but I just really love Logan Lerman and Alexandre Daddario! I mean have you seen the Daddario siblings. GOSH. heart eyes
                I also haven’t read the Lorien Legacies but I did watch the movie and I LOVE Alex Pettyfer!!! I’m sad they didn’t continue the other movies! 😦 so the books are really good?
                Of course the Lunar Chronicles. Loved that!!!! What are some of your fav contemps??? This is my fav genre in literature actually. 🙂
                I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE GET CARRIED AWAY AND JUST SPEAKS THEIR HEART’S DESIRES!!! You are now my new fangirl buddy! Who is this I’m talking too btw?? I’m Erika. 🙂


                • sublimereads says:

                  Haha thanks! 🙂
                  My friend is currently reading TMI and she has been really going through it within blinks of an eye. Apparently TMI and TID go together in alternating books after the 3rd book of TMI? Does that make sense and would you say that’s a good reading order? This whole world is pretty much uncharted territory for me. 😉
                  Yes Juliette was whiny in the first one and I kind of had enough of it but I’m thinking that I’m going to pick up the rest of the series to give it another go! I’m glad to hear that from you (about the character development) and I can’t wait to see how it really goes! I heard that it’s going to become a TV series so I’m like WOW that’s pretty amazing!! In Shatter Me Warner kinda disgusted me (which of course is part of the point)… And then I was like I’M WARNING YOU. Oh, puns. But seriously I wasn’t in love with him in the first book but I’m sure that after reading the novellas and such, I’ll probably hold much more knowledge (mwahaha) about the characters and you know, they’ll probably grow on me! You’re probably right.
                  Yes, the colour words were amazing. Odd observation is that in Champion, I found that after reading Day’s (parts which was in red), when I red June’s part which was in black, it looked like a dark green to me instead. But then of course it was black so I guess staring at the red for a long time made it like an illusion type thing. That was really random but was that just me? Probably.
                  I CAN actually believe that you haven’t read those series yet because I haven’t read TMI really yet and JUST started Harry Potter. I’m getting to those too! But I have to say though, I’m a HUGE PERCY JACKSON NERD. Ok maybe not a super nerd but I just LOVEEEEEE X 1000000 THE SERIES. It’s because the action combined with the humour (the tension relievers) really works out! I literally laugh out loud reading the books. And the first series Percy Jackson and the Olympians seems childish at first but the cool thing is as you read on into the Heroes of Olympus, you watch the characters grow before you and witness a lot of their lives and firsts and things that you know they’ve done before. You should really read it to see how you like it! It might not be for everyone though. The movie does NOT have the same amount of hilariousness and I guess pure PERSONALITY which you would get but true, the cast… I mean some people are just born with good looking genes, ya know? Haha they’re great! I’m actually uploading a post on Percy Jackson movie gifs tonight!!!
                  OK Lorien Legacies are TOO GOOD… I really can’t. YOU SHOULD READ IT!!!! Seriously. They’re really good! It’s really action packed and I love all the characters and as you read on into more of the books, more characters appear and each have their own distinctive personality which I LOVE. The last book is coming out in fall! AH! And it’s pretty disappointing that they didn’t continue the movies but at least we have the books!
                  Some of my fav comtemps would be “Everything That Makes You” definitely!! Although it kind of misses the philosophical aspect which I love in contemporary books, I really liked the idea and how the two stories but somehow one, unfolds. Have you heard about it yet? Some others are Fangirl, Paper Towns (fav John Green), and The Beginning of Everything wasn’t bad either!
                  What are some of your fave contemporaries? I actually haven’t read Eleanor & Park yet. Is it good?
                  Lol that’s great thanks because this is yet ANOTHER long paragraph…Yay CHEERS TO NEW FANGIRL BUDDIES!
                  Oops sorry for the non-introduction! I’m Faith. 😀

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                  • partnersinbooks says:

                    (we should start numbering our thoughts so we won’t get confused!)
                    1. I did hear about that confusing alternating pubs with TID and TMI. I didn’t really care much for it. Pretty much read the whole TID and then TMI. I don’t think it matters. lol
                    2. YES! When I heard that Shatter Me was becoming a tv series, I was ecstatic!!!! I can’t wait to see their casting. THEY BETTER NOT BUTCHER MY BABY WARNER OR ELSE!!!! lol I do understand your disgustingness and hatred towards Warner. I think everyone whose read this series been there. I used to hate his guts as well but I also used to really love Adam…. THINGS CHANGE! (for the better) Get back to me when you do start reading it Faith! I hope you have a change of heart but if you don’t that’s fine too! There are so many other books we can fangirl about!!!
                    3. That is not a weird observation!!! I actually remember me having a similar moment like that. I remember me thinking it was darkish green as well! I guess we have so much more things in common.
                    4. I know I’ve said this over and over again but YOU SHOULD PICK IT UP! YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS!!!!
                    5. You’re so lucky!! Libraries here suck balls. Were not really big on libs. here so there aren’t YA’s all educational stuff which really sucks. And I don’t think I’ll do well with libs given the fact, I don’t like the pressure of having to read a book because I’ll have to return it soon. I feel like I’ll be paying so much money because I’ll always be late in returning the books! lol (or forgetting it)
                    6. Oh, so the heroes of olympus are already the grown up versions of them?! Miedjel actually loves the Percy Jackson! We have the big ass book about like the diff. gods and goddeses told by Percy? I want to read that. I should def read this but I feel like I’m already so left behind!!! I MUST SEE THAT POST! I need me Percy Jackson gifs in my life!!!
                    7. Okay! I will look into that. That series has A LOT of books like with “secret files” and stuff. It’s all really confusing. lol He has a new book though, Endgame. Have you read that?? Is it good???
                    8. I have not heard of “Everything That Makes You” who’s the author??? I must look into that. Yes, I absolutely adored Fangirl but Eleanor and Park has to be my fav from Rainbow!! It just made my heart ache so much. I haven’t read her other books though!
                    9. I haven’t read PTowns. Have you seen the movie?????? I’M JUST REALLY EXCITED TO WATCH IT CAUSE CARA!!!! I should read it though. I really liked his TFIOS! I absolutely adored the movie!!! Ansel was great. LOVE HIM!!!
                    10. The Beginning of Everything is good but I love her latest novel, Extraordinary Means even better!!!!
                    11. Anna and the French Kiss, To All the Boys, Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover, Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma, Every Day by David Leviathan and Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher! Have you read those?
                    cheers to fangirling buddies for sure SOOOO HAPPY FAITH!!!! ❤


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