Meme (& GIFs) Mondays: Harry Potter

We’re continuing with our weekly Meme Mondays & this week’s theme is HARRY POTTER!

Annoyed hermoine gif

Did that REALLY just happen???

satisfied emma watson gif

Oh yes, it did. (I don’t think this is from the HP movies but I had to)

Well hey, at least someone’s having fun (AND SNAPE’S SMILING). There’s these kinda party people…

And then there’s these. Let’s be real I’d probably rather be cuddled with my fave book on my comfy bed, honestly.

Oddly true. Quidditch was always Harry’s thing

Fred and George… those were the days

sad ronweasley gif

Just WHY did those characters do that??!! THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY SOMEHOW SOMEWHERE…

Nope, not happening. Something I can honestly say I fail at (when it concerns HP)

Oooh, that hurts. I just wanted to empathize for my poor characters, you know? I mean, fictional people have feelings too!

And one for the Queen 😀

That’s it for this week! Once again, feel free to suggest any other themes/gifs you’d like to see. 

We hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you soon with some more updates & book-ish things! 🙂

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