Update #3: My Not So Wild Adventures in Egypt Continues (for now)

Sarah’s back with a third update and it’s WILD!

(Like so unbelievably wild, you won’t understand.)

Hello friends!! It’s me, Sarah, and nope I’m not dead. I’m something worse tbh. (F: Haha she didn’t like resurrect from being a mummy… ’cause like Egypt stereotype-y things ya know.)

So y’all may have been wondering why you haven’t heard from me recently (Nah I wasn’t procrastinating, nope not me. Srsly guys.) I was struck by something that tourists in Egypt like to call King Tut’s Curse… That’s right, stomach flu.
For 5 days, I’ve eaten nothing but half a bowl of rice and unsalted (read NO FLAVOUR OR TEXTURE) mashed potatoes. (F: What – SUCH a struggle! I thought mashed potatoes were supposed to be smooth and pretty texture-less along with a minimal taste?? 😛 Which is probably why someone invented gravy.)

Normally that would not be so bad. I mean, 3 days and I’m OK again. But this time its taking forever to get over, and I’M ON VACATION. I mean seriously, I’m in my home country, getting ready to pig out on food after fasting, and suddenly I can’t eat anything even if I tried.


I even tried to write an article about food while bedridden (and it’s not that I’m not dedicated) but I actually felt sicker looking at all the pictures of food. (F: She might’ve called to her mummy because of her food crisis)

However, like most bad things in my life, there is an upside to all the crap hehehe that happened… All the relatives bring food. And by all I mean ALL.
Tamiya, ful, koshari, halawyat… (F: All foods that are of course super unpronounceable for me that I have to assume is delicious and not barf) I swear on my hungry tummy that my next post will be about the food (no promises about not teasing y’all though. 😉

~ Sarah


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