Book Series Review: Chantress Trilogy

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“Sing and the darkness will find you.”  “Hold fast to your secrets.”     “Beware the songs in the sea.” 

Note: The first and second books have different primary book covers; these were chosen to match the third book cover which only has one. Click the book covers for their individual Goodreads pages and summaries.

Chantress Trilogy by Amy Butler Greenfield

Book 1: Chantress (324 pgs)
Book 2: Chantress Alchemy (352 pgs)
Book 3: Chantress Fury (288 pgs) 
Publishing Info: by Margaret K. McElderry Books from 2013-15
Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Historical (setting)
Overall Rating: 3.5/4

See the book summary for Chantress on Goodreads

I was digging in the garden when I heard it: a strange, wild singing on the wind…
No one sang here. Not on this island.
Perhaps I’d misheard –
No, there it was again: a lilting line, distant but clear. It lasted hardly longer than a heartbeat, but it left me certain of one thing: It was more than a gull’s cry I’d heard. It was a song.

~ Lucy, pg 1, Chantress (Book #1)

Hello, welcome to another book review that’s finally from me, that other person Faith! (Sorry for the absence of book reviews!)

The trilogy Chantress is written in the point of view of our protagonist, Lucy who happens to be quite heedless when it comes to warnings from others.

As the story progresses, we start to see how she matures but not very prominently (like in the two Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan – and also since this one only consists of three books) and I like it when that happens because you feel that you’re growing with the characters.

Anyways, let’s get down to what I really liked (or not) about this series!

What was great/not-so-great about this series?

To start off, may I just say that I really like the book covers for this series? These book cover versions have a delicately simple feel that’s somehow still slightly haunting. Plus the translucent designs in the center are a nice touch. So that’s my artistic book cover comment for the day. 😉

In general, this series was pretty enjoyable and it’s a fantasy that brought an element of something new with literally the magic of music. I have to say though, my favourite book out of the entire series on a scale of enjoyment would have to be the third one: Chantress Fury.

This one was also a bit different compared to the rest because it had new types of magic and creatures that popped up when you had no clue they existed from the previous books (whoops, I hope that wasn’t much of a spoiler!). It was kind of random because before she was up against these scariest creatures ever but then you find out about these new ones and you’re like “Oh, ok”. Basically I was somewhat dismayed at the fact that certain magical elements just came and went from book to book. I particularly liked this one more than the others because I think you can really see the effect of Lucy’s previous actions, how other things in her life had progressed, and there was some pretty intense action throughout the book.

The world building here is historically based off of London, England in around 1667 which I think made it a bit more intriguing but at the same time I’m sort of wondering about the rest of the world at that time with this dilemma of Chantresses being no more. The story is pretty much confined to this place and era which definitely works because the plot doesn’t require the setting to consistently hop around but I’m just really curious. Like were there Chantresses in hiding elsewhere on Earth? Or is this musical magic anchored solely to England? There are many questions waiting to be answered but I guess that’s left for another day.

The descriptions really helped you to visualize the scenarios (as descriptions are supposed to, I’d say) and the effects of the magic because unlike other types of fantasies, there isn’t a particular word for spells at which you’d immediately recognize the effects.

Random thought: I also liked each of the chapter titles not only because they were functional ones, but they intrigued in a vague way yet summed up each of the chapters.

Overall, this series was personally pretty enjoyable and I would recommend it if you enjoy books that are set in history but pertain elements of fantasy and inklings of romance.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week. In the meantime, keep it fresh! 😉

~ Faith


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