Meme Mondays: Percy Jackson & the Olympians

This week’s Meme Mondays features Percy Jackson!

(& the Olympians. Can’t forget about them.)

[Note: We do not own/make these GIFs/images! Creds to the masterminds behind them. We just thought that these were great and really wanted to share them!]

Seaweed Brain.

Wise Girl.

Come on, Annabeth. Give me a break.

Whoops, I mean I guess not. *cackles evilly, grins triumphantly*

NOPE. Man, I can’t believe she STILL out-wised me… I thought I totally had her this time. #percabeth


You’re not honestly going to make me do anything with this, right? Writing an essay? I’m out. Nah, this pen is really…

Who knew? Yeah, that’s right. Now Percy definitely shouldn’t lose this. No wait, he can’t.

Percy goes all water power-y

And I’m like WOAH

And a Percy Jackson post would not be complete without Viria’s drawings !

That’s it for this week’s Meme Mondays! We hope you liked this collection of mainly GIFs! As you can tell, I love Percy Jackson & crew and it’s just plain hilarious reading about them. 🙂

As always, if you have any requests for future posts or even any comments on how we should improve our blog, we would love to hear what you have in mind! 

Have an fabusome week!

~ Sarah & Faith

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