Bookish Quotes: Leo Valdez (The Heroes of Olympus)

Hey there, how’s it going? Good? Great? Faith’s here and this is the first of “Bookish Quotes” for our favourite sayings from our fave characters!

We all know that I’m personally over obsessed with Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and you all go “oh stars” because “obsessed” may be a slight understatement) but there’s one character I find particularly hilarious so we are going to share some of their quotes! It’s… Leo Valdez. You can already tell from the title though so I hope that you find these as funny as much as I did reading these! (or maybe it’s just me who laughs because I’m that one person.) Leo’s like: Look at all my fangirls! Everyone else is like: What fangirls?? *laughing-till-crying out loud*

Yeah, sure, Leo. You wish.

You know what’s more macho? Gold at the end of it. And leprechauns.

Ooh, same to some very lucky people.

If face planting Leo-style involves growing a garden in the shape of faces, I don’t know if that’s gonna work very well if not a bit creepy. Maybe creepy enough to act as a bug pesticide…

Yup, explains a TON.

Ooh, seventh wheeling at its best. Nice one, Frank. This is funny but sour at the same time…

I would imagine so.

Oh, you wish… again. At this point there’s a lot of things you wished. (btw I’m pretty sure it’s *deer?)

I mean they could be evil espresso storm spirits going around catering super quick drinks to people, right?

When I was 3 I drew a crayon drawing of an angelic cat (like seriously) and I think it’s definitely my destiny. No need to figure that one out.

Haha. Yeah, last time I checked, snow melts in Canada too… in spring.

Always hiding it with a smile. I mean, he loves suffering, right?

So that’s all for now! We’re going to be back soon with some real stuff next week and hopefully be able to post more frequently! We’ll see you in a bit. Thanks a lot for your great patience. 😉

~ Faith

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