I’m Back! (With More Airplane Craziness)

Hey guys.

It’s me, Sarah. So, I’m pretty sure y’all been wondering where I’ve been for the past few weeks, and why I’ve been leaving Faith alone to deal with this blog by herself (I’m a bad friend, right?). (F: Technically I didn’t actually blog much so… Heh sorries)

I could lie to you, but the truth is I’m ÜBER lazy (the kind with 2 dots over the U).

But I’m back now, and I will commence by breaking my previous promise of a food post. (F: Aww, we were looking forward to some delish food pics… 😦 Sadness)

That’s right… a new rant. (F: Oh, joy. Whoop dee doo. Let’s just celebrate by jumping around in circles with flowers in our hair and acting like total maniacs ’cause we know that this will be pretty wild especially from this girl.)

Ok, so on the way back from Egypt, I thought the plane flight could not get worse. I mean, I’ve dealt with all the stereotypical problems the first flight, so I was prepared. (F: Or so you thought?)

Our plane left at 1:45 AM, but our plane tickets said 2:45 (guess which country didn’t follow daylight savings this year?). We were almost late, but thankfully we made it… only to wait 20 minutes in a line to board the plane. (F: OK that’s the same amount of time it takes me to be completely done with a shower. So you’re telling me that I take long showers. -_- OK fine, maybe.)

That wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that the plane actually broke down about 10 minutes after we boarded. So EgyptAir decided to tell all the First and Buisness class passenger to get off the plane and leaves the Economy class like sitting ducks. Not cool peeps.

So after we finally got off the plane, we waited 6 hours for them to fix it… and it still wasn’t fixed. However, during the 6 hours we waited, they brought us … something … that looks like… pizza. I’m actually very hesitant to classify it as pizza, because when I bit into it, as a starving, surviving-on-caffeine-since-8-in-the-morning-teen, I was no longer hungry, AT ALL. (F: Wow, this is totally a NEXT LEVEL airplane complaint, am I right?? But tru bad pizza is always sad pizza.)

Anyway, the plane couldn’t be fixed. (F: Those people trying to fix the plane be singing Coldplay like “I will try to fix you… oh nope nevermind.” Which quickly returns to “When you try your best but you don’t succeed…” Too much of “Fix You”?), so they made us walk to another terminal all the way at the other end of the airport, before making us wait another hour, and then sending us down a tube, some stairs, on a bus, up some more stairs and finally onto the plane. (F: Aw, MAN. That’s just TOO much exercise. Puh-lease.)

I’m making it sound more tiring than normal because it was. I was carrying 2 seven kilo bags and a 10 kilo box of sweets. So all that physical activity and balancing literally grew me muscles. (F: Which you need. Oops, *ahem* I mean… want but already have... some… -ish.)

By the way guys, in the future, if anyone wants anything from Egypt (even the tiniest grain of sand), they can go get it themselves. Faith, since I lurve you, I did bring you a gift. (F: Thanks, I know I’m great. :D)

Then everyone sat in their places, while babies screamed and toddlers cried and teens took selfies, and waited another hour before take-off. (F: I’ve seen babies take selfies. Just sayin’. This is what really happened: Babies taking selfies and teens [Sarah] screaming + crying while waiting without any source of wifi.)

You’d think that once in the air, things would get a lot better. But like the last time, someone in front of me leaned back too far, the kid behind me kicked my chair, the movie screen resolution was literally crap (But I will give them this: the movie selection this time was BOSS. If only I wasn’t too tired from the 36 hours awake and then maybe I might of watched them).

The flight attendants were also very rude.

would just like to point out, that when I ask for water, it usually means I’m thirsty (FOR WATER) and when I repeatedly ask you for water, it means that half cup you’re giving me every single time is not working. AND NO SASSY REMARKS just because I’m not over the age of 18, and can speak English and a 3rd graders Arabic, okay? (F: Maybe you should’ve asked for a cup of dihydrogen oxide instead to help them realize the urgency because it makes you seem like you’re talking fancy, ya know?) 

However, there was NO apology whatsoever : from the very first crew, yes, but not from the ones with us on the plane. Literally, everyone was so fed up to the point that when the plane landed, the whole plane burst out clapping and whistling.

We still had no response, even after the hour and a half we waited at the baggage claim, and the complaint letter we sent. So here I am, ranting in this blog, because the last thing I’m ever going to do is fly EgyptAir again. Unpatriotic, I know, but the service we received just doesn’t cut it. We were supposed to arrive at 7 AM, and instead came at 5 PM, with no way (and no Wifi) to contact our worried family members.

So now I think I hate airplanes, and I would feel a lot better if you guys shared your plane horror stories. 🙂 (F: Lol because just a month ago you were so excited… if you only knew earlier… You could’ve prepared an airplane battle suit for your brain and a first aid kit for your soul.)

Glad to be back, (and I think I need that first aid kit, Faith)

Sarah ❤

3 thoughts on “I’m Back! (With More Airplane Craziness)

  1. Parneet @ The Enchanted Book says:

    Aww I’m sorry your experience was so bad! I just love planes so much 🙂 I’ve been thinking of becoming a pilot since I was really little. Yeah, there was this one time when the electricity went out at the airport in India and we were left stranded there for so many hours! Thankfully we got a flight as soon as the power came back, but it was just so hot there. Probably not the worst experience, which is why I still fancy planes so much 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      It’s ok, since I’m pretty sure you had nothing to do with my bad luck (squint OR DID YOU…)
      I actually still love seeing the plane fly through the clouds, so it wasn’t too bad. Sunrise in the sky is blessed. 😀
      Oh wow, I actually understand how you feel. The temperatures get so hot and humid so quickly in Egypt it feels unbearable. Have you flown again since?
      ❤ Sarah

      Liked by 1 person

      • Parneet @ The Enchanted Book says:

        Haha, yes I’m pretty sure I had a hand in planning your bad fortune 😉 Can’t ever hate planes, can we? Actually I did fly again and to another hot place lol. We went to Cancun this spring and it was really great! (Thankfully there were no power outages haha). Have you ever been? It’s an amazing place XD


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