Meme Mondays: Paper Towns by John Green

For this week’s Meme Mondays (aka Moving Images Mondays but mainly GIFs as per usual) we decided to go with a fabulous book titled…

Paper Airplanes Spongy Towns 

“IT’s a pApEr toWn. PaPer hOuSes And PapEr pEopLe.” Right, Margo. Sorry ’bout that.

And Q is the one to help her.

The things they bought there seriously aren’t as weird as you think… it might just get WEIRDER. And greater in the revenge sense.

“LOoK aT Us, we’Re NinJaS.”

As you should, Q. Or else you’d be… struggling?

Now, there’s a helpful tip. Doing jumping jacks every second of my life to keep the cardiovascular activity up along with my frantic heart beat.

True. Just go super close to someone and try NOT to see their acne or smell their natural odours. (I’m totally joking. Every flaw that you have makes you… sometimes in ways you don’t approve of but mostly good.)

Of course because she happens to have flawless skin. But we all would if people saw us in reality through a filer of Photoshop or had a bulb of perfect lighting following us around.

An actual paper town?

Oh, and this would make a really nice movie poster too. But then the real one’s like… no comment. 

And then there’s this. Oh hey, John Green. And some “random” girl in a huge bear suit. 

Paper Towns recently came out in theaters so I (Faith) watched it and I just love this movie! So I thought that this would be a great theme for this week! 🙂

By the way I actually do have a comment about the movie poster; for a book and movie with a lot of meaning, the actual Paper Towns poster didn’t really have any. I’m sorry, but it literally could’ve been the poster for any movie about a romantic couple or even any two best friends or acquaintances! Am I right? Tell me if you agree!

Anyways, you should watch it if you haven’t! *wiggles eyebrows because I literally can* My favourite part from both the book and movie is the beginning with Margo going about with Q and her 9 steps plan. It’s really great.

These are all the images and GIFs that we’re going to post for this week’s Meme Mondays. As always if you have a theme suggestion for us or if you’re enjoying these Meme Mondays, let us know! We would love to have some feedback!

(But not any from microphones if ya know what I’m talking about… apologies to my friends who happen to be mics. Or Mikes. Yikes. This is getting out of hand. The microphone fell out of my hand, I mean. And by that I mean the puns. Unfortunately I sit around all day making bad puns worse.)

Thanks for sticking around longer than a sticky note! ❤

~ Faith

[Disclaimer: We do not own/make these GIFs/images! Creds to the masterminds behind them. We just thought that these were great and really wanted to share them!]

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