Meme Mondays: Divergent by Veronica Roth

 For this week’s Meme Mondays, we chose a fascinating book named…



AKA Different… written differently. #ORIGINAL

So no pressure guys, none at all. It’s not like you are making a choice that will decide where you live and what you do for the rest of your life. It’s not reversible but don’t worry.


SHAILENEWOODLEY you like to hear it?

Badass puns like this may get you fake beat up 😉

(F: I just wanted to drop in and say that this is probably my fave scene in the movie. And you’re like “That’s sad since there’s obviously so many more great legit scenes.” But I mean it’s just so cool, you know? #squadgoals?)

First train jump

First roof jump

First rude line

First sassy response (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: You go GRRL)

First confession of love Who do we think we are kidding? This is Four… and Tris’s bravery.

First real practice after Tris’s first beating.

First zipline (but second music/scenery montage)

Mandatory main villain shot

Okay TFIOS reference NO? NOKAY.

PEW! Something hit my heart-

Can I has the next movie?


So Divergent came out…uh… a long time ago. However, I just managed to watch it, and I enjoyed it. Obviously, not everything was done to the level of perfection that I wanted it to, but then again, it is a movie adaptation.

Watching it made me so nostalgic ~ I used to be an UBER Divergent fangirl. (F: Did NOT know that. Huh, learning new things everyday… the indirect way. Awkwarddd.  :P) I was obsessed with anything relating to it (and I would vigorously defend it if someone compared it to the Hunger Games). But then Allegiant happened and for my mental well being, I gave up.

This movie had its moments, but wasn’t that memorable. However, I thought that the characters were well cast, action was reasonably spread around and the soundtrack interesting. I wouldn’t say that it is on Harry Potter’s movie level, but it was a fun way to waste time. Tell us what you thought of the movie below!

~ Sarah ❤

[Disclaimer: We do not own/make these GIFs/images! Credits go to the masterminds behind them. We just thought that these were great and really wanted to share them!]

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