The Liebster Award

Thanks to Audrey @ Forwards and Bookwords who nominated us for the Liebster Award; we really appreciate it! 🙂 Go and check out her fantastic blog if you haven’t yet! We’ve actually been nominated a while ago but have just gotten around to doing it (procrastination may or may not be an issue)…

Our questions from Audrey: 
  1. Would rather you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again?

Faith: I would rather never to be able to read again, although that would break my heart TREMENDOUSLY, because writing is my way of expressing myself and no matter how many times I’ll have to suffer without the next installment of my fave series, at least I can write some of my own endings to them! But if I just never read my entire life and only wrote, I probably wouldn’t miss reading very much either because I wouldn’t know how it’s like!

Sarah: Oh my gosh, what a hard question…I literally don’t think I can stop either. I read, and get inspiration for writing, and when I write, I start reading a wider variety of things. But if I had to choose… writing. I didn’t want to hurt my hand any way 😛

  1. What is a bookish sport/event that you wish existed in real life?

F: Hmm… Obviously everyone wants Quidditch to be an official Olympic sport but I’d say Capture the Flag Camp Half-Blood style. It’d be intense. (S: YAAS PREACH)

S: But I personally would like a speed reading contest. (I WILL PWN YOU ALL) (F: Lol she actually will)

  1. What is a series that you think is underrated?

F: Lorien Legacies. There’s probably more people that like it than I know of and there’s already a movie for the first book; plus there’s some controversy surrounding the publishing and things. But I haven’t really heard of anyone talking about it much? Or maybe it’s just me.

S: ARTEMIS FOWL. LUNAR CHRONICLES. (now if you asked me what I thought was overrated, that would be a 20 page list)

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Cuteness Overload: Kirimichan & Gudetama!

Hello everyone from the interweb!

kirimichanI recently found out about these cute new Sanrio food characters named Kirimi-chan and Gudetama… One’s a salmon fillet and one’s an egg. Surprise? Anyways I find them immensely adorable so here’s a spontaneous meme-ish thing. We’re totally all about everything cute. Also, why not? Everyone needs their weekly dose of cuteness anyways & I’m here to do exactly that! 🙂 OK I’ll stop talking er… typing. Enjoy!

*Whispers loudly* “Gudetama, stop lazing around! We’re starting now! I’m not your mother hen though, so you better get going!” (Sorry readers about this minor delay…)

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Meme Mondays: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

We’re back! And you ask, “What’s the theme for Meme Mondays this week?” This Monday we’re bringing The Chronicles of Narnia right to your front door!

(The front door to your wardrobe, we mean.)

Narnia: Prince Caspian… and well all the other Narnia movies too 🙂

When you’re creeping on/hiding FROM someone you know when you coincidentally see them at the store.

Lucy the Valiant

Edmund the Just

Susan the Gentle

Peter the Magnificent

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Book Review: Scrawl by Mark Shulman


Scrawl by Mark Shulman

Genre: Contemporary, High School, Journal-type
Publishing Info: Published on September 14th 2010
by Roaring Brook Press
232 pgs

Book Summary:

Highschooler Tod Munn is a bully and he’s stuck in detention… writing in a notebook. WHY? Good question, I don’t really know. About what? Anything. At school he’s doing pretty alright (besides the bullying aspect, of course) but home is a bit of a different story. He bullies for sure but he’s also humourous. So, what is he going to write about now? We’ll see.

Click here for the Goodreads link!

  ” When I looked up and asked you, ‘What do you want me to write about’ you said, ‘About anything.’

About anything? Okay. Fine with me. You asked for it. I’ll write about this desk.

I hate this desk. It’s nothing but a slab of plastic connected to my chair by a flimsy metal rod… You know, if you put a lefty desk and a righty desk next to each other the right way, the desks really seem like they’re saying ‘I don’t care.’ They look about as bored and uninterested as the rest of us.”

“Here is my last good reason to stay in detention until even the stubby little yellow afterschool buses have taken the rich kids home from practice. It’s cold outside, and our house has broken windows.

  I don’t know where I want to be today. Not here, but not anywhere else either.”

~ Todd, pg 3-4 and pg 9

What was hey or nay about this book? 

Tod Munn’s narrating voice is just interesting to read about. I liked that even while his image is associated with a menacing scowl, he narrates his story quite comically at times and showed reluctance in writing at first which I liked. He’s creative and shows that everyone has multiple sides to them and their own reasons behind their actions.

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The Keep It Fresh Award!

Ever wonder why we call our blog Sublime Reads? Wonder no more!

Inline image 1

Hey everyone, we’re here with an original book award tag called the Keep It Fresh Book Blog Award! We decided to make this as a sort of last burst of summer activity but we wanted to acknowledge book bloggers who keep things fresh all year round, all who deserve more recognition. This is definitely a fun and lighthearted award that we hope you will enjoy answering as well as receiving! So if you’re reading this yourself and have not been tagged by us but would like to participate, consider yourself nominated!

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The Keep It Fresh Award: Fruit Doodles

Hey there!

These are our fruit doodles for our Keep It Fresh Award post. If you would like to use some of our banners and doodles for your own award post, feel free to copy and paste them from down below! (It’s quite a lengthy list so you’re welcome to scroll through until you find one you like. Of course you may also decide to make your own!)

We hope you like them & we would love to know if you have any favourites!

(Also, tell us if you can’t see these images. We’ll try to see if we can email them to you!)

[Disclaimer: These photos aren’t ours, we simply found images online that were labelled for reuse & modification and doodled on top of them!]

~ Doodles ~

Inline image 6

Inline image 7

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Book Review: Unaccompanied Minor


By Hollis Gillespie

256 pages

Publishing Info: On November 18th, 2013 by Merit Press

Genre: YA contemporary, Action, Mystery, Humour, Crime

Book Summary (from Goodreads): Fourteen-year-old April Mae Manning spent her life on airplanes with her flight attendant parents. When her father dies in a crash, April’s mom marries a pilot who turns out to be an abusive jerk, and gets Mom confined to a psychiatric hospital. So April takes off, literally, living on airplanes, using her mother’s flight benefits, relying on the flight crews who know she’s been shuttling between divorcing parents for a year. Then, there’s a hijacking and April flees to the cargo hold with her friend, who is also unaccompanied minor , and they fight to thwart the hijackers, faking a fire, making weapons from things they find in luggage. At last, locked in the cockpit with a wounded police officer, the boy, and his service dog, April tries to remember everything her parents said to do in a crisis above the clouds. But she knows it won’t be enough.

“We see things differently.”

April (and her parent’s co-parenting counselor) pg 11

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