Meme Monday: The Hunger Games

Okay okay guys, before you start throwing sacks (or shooting arrows) at me for this cliche topic, I(Sarah) would like to confess something to you.

…I hated The Hunger Games series…

Where people generally don’t go to eat 😀

Introducing…Katniss. Thank you. #LOOKATTHATSWAG


And Yes, I did choose the worst possible gif for Peeta. NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING NO- I said yes so that’s it.

I prefer the Sesame Street version…


I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE- nah just kidding. Y’all can take my little sister (or Faith 😛 )

Prepare for some sisterly love…

Oh you don’t want any? In that case…


THIS GIRL IS ON FI-YAHH ~ after the really awkward scenes with her stylist.

Some badass training scenes…

The confession of love… that had everyone but me falling for Peeta.

Sounds like legit advice… Looks like HE took that advice SUPER well…

Drunk Haymitch is a wise Haymitch.

Some awkward staring…

LET THE 74th HUNGER GAMES BEGIN! You see that look in her eyes? MURDER, that’s what it is.

Let’s go back and meet Rue.

Sweet, cute Rue

Rue who…


But not before telling Katniss she HAS to win. (Sounds like my parents: second best is no good)

After realizing how so DONE she is with the Hunger Games crap…

She decides to…


Nicely and prettily, of course.

I gotta admit, even I was pretty upset that Rue died.


Imma start a revolution,

And then I’m out, to take care of Peeta,

and realize my feelings for him. EVEN THOUGH SARAH LOVED GALE. TOO BAD.

I survive my (sort of) suicide attempt…

Gale is still in the friend-zone…

and Prim’s alive. For now…

When I say I disliked the series, it wasn’t so much as “dislike” as much as I didn’t understand why it was so popular. I found The Hunger Games a meh book: entertaining enough to finish but not enough to fangirl over. I couldn’t relate to Katniss (her (lack of) thinking and impulsiveness angered me), Peeta was just there (no offense, but the most badass thing he did was throw her some burnt bread). I did, however, enjoy the familial relations and the importance placed on Prim and Rue – I thought those scenes were totally adorable. I think the movie adaptation was done very well : it took all the scenes I found interesting and used them. This is one of the cases where I preferred the movie to the book : I thought Catching Fire was even better.

If anyone disagrees with me, please comment below so we can  trade insults talk 😀 (for real, though)! Was there a movie you liked better than the book?

~Sarah ❤

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