The Real Neat Blog Award!

Mucho gracias to Amy at Curiouser and Curiouser for nominating us! (This has definitely been long over due!) Check out her incredibly interesting blog 😀


1. Who is your favourite book/film/tv show character?

F: Leo Valdez hands down. And Percy. And Nine from Lorien Legacies. (A lot of people find him annoying but sometimes he’s just hilarious… and I too am sensing a pattern here. All of these three are the comic relief in action-y books.) Shahrzad (The Wrath and the Dawn) is also a great heroine.

S: Ummm… Cinder? Percy? Agnieszka? Humourous people in general? Am I allowed to list them by genre or book (and would you guys be willing to read a mile of writing)?

2. If you could choose to meet any famous person (alive or dead), who would you choose and why?

F: I’d meet poet Sarah Kay because her work inspires me to write and she does word play like some people play chess. 😉

S: JK Rowling because she WROTE HARRY POTTER, one of the most defining books of the past 2 and present 2 generations.

Elizabeth the Second? (Who am I kidding, I’m not even British.)

3. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Be honest.

F: I think we’ve established that I haven’t read enough of the books to be a legitimate hardcore fan. But I think I would be if I did finish the series. Right? There’s a lot of peer pressure though… (haha)

S: UM YES. YES YES YES YES. I even managed to infect some of my other friends into even more hardcore fans. For some reason, Faith seems immune ~ I’m still working on infecting her 😛

Did I mention how much I love her?

4. If you could live in any time period which would you choose?

F: I believe in living in the present because there’s truly none like this one. Also because the future scares me… and so does the past. That’s why the present is well, a present to us. Accept it and make it fantastic!

S: PREACH. Although, even now seems scary… can I pick a book universe instead?

5. E-readers or physical books?

F: Physical books for sure. There’s something about the fresh smell of a book’s new interior, the feel of the smooth cover, and the turn of a crisp page. It’s all (literally) in the package.

S: FAITH STOP COPYING MY (FUTURE) ANSWERS. (F: Haha watch me.) Yeah, physical copies because they hurt my eyes less. No dry eyes, no glare and no optometrist telling me not to read e-books

6. What’s the last film you went to see at the cinema?

F: (This response applies to the time that I had wrote this. Which was a century ago…) Paper Towns. It was pretty good. I think it’s pretty much equivalent to the book; either way my favourite part of the story is the beginning when Margo and Q ensues on a 9 part adventure. Love that.

S: American Ultra. (Kristen Stewart + Jesse Eisenburg) x Action = SO AWESOME AND GORY!!! Not for the faint of heart, or people who don’t like swearing or drugs. Totally not-believable (but based on a true story where the CIA tried to make better operatives using LSD). Very amusing (if you have my weird sense of humor).

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? What would your ideal life be like?

F: In 5 years I will hopefully have just finished my first years at university and have read a couple more life inspiring books and have done some cool risk taking things. I would like to have mornings where I just wake up in no rush, read & write with a cup of tea, and spend some time outdoors taking some great photos. I honestly wouldn’t know what my ultimate ideal life would be so I’ll just go where it leads me, I guess.

S: Knowing myself, I’ll still be reading books… (hopefully) graduated from Uni… a job in Computer Science (GOOGLE HIRE ME ALREADY…please 😉 ). Still blogging 🙂 My ideal life? Being paid to read and possibly have published my own book (Hey, a girl can dream). 

Our Questions:
  1. Are you a morning bird or night owl?
  2. What’s your comfort food(s)? Do any bring back certain memories?
  3. Favourite soundtrack to listen to while relaxing? Favourite song/soundtrack at the moment?
  4. Most embarrassing memory from school? (That you wouldn’t mind sharing, of course. Tell us all your secrets! We promise we will won’t tell!)
  5. Any languages/instruments/activities that you would like to be able to learn in an instant?
  6. Are you a procrastinator/workaholic/neither? Any advice to other procrastinators? (If you’re able to work without getting distracted, I applaud you.)
  7. What’s the weirdest or coolest coincidence that you have ever been in?

We nominate: A bunch of people. The End. Goodbye. Adios. Au revoir. (And that’s about my language limits…)

In all seriousness, here are our nominees. If we’ve tagged you and you’re unfamiliar with who we are, we’re Sarah and Faith and we’d love to fangirl with you! We hope you’ll enjoy answering these questions that we have concocted for your own torture awards post, so best of luck!

Michelle at Mishi Reads 

Jessica at Mud and Stars

The Galaxial Word

Genea at My Heart Beats for Books 

Dee at The Bookish Khaleesi

In the future, we will definitely nominate more people for awards so be sure to keep an eye out. Anywho, thanks for reading our (overdue) responses, we always love getting these award nominations! 🙂

~ Sarah & Faith

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