Dashing Through the Snow (on a late, 2 girl sleigh)

 Hey guys! We know this is sorta late (but we couldn’t help it 😀 )

Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

F: Probably the Lorien Legacies series… 🙂

S: Um, well I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but under my Eid Palm tree I’d like the complete Lunar Chronicles 😀


Isn’t this so cute?

Name a book you will be reading during the Christmas season.

F: Currently, I’m reading My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories. I’ve just read Rainbow Rowell’s and wow, it’s great.

S: The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. My whole family is on a science fiction binge.

Name your favourite Christmas movie.

F: To be honest, I don’t have one (S: GASP). I’m not really a big fan of Christmas movies… there just aren’t that many that I love that are really original, I guess.

S: WOW FAITH HOW CHEERFUL OF YOU o_O 😛 . For me, its a tie between Elf and Home Alone. I DIE of laughter everytime I watch them.

Do you like snow?

F: YES. An absolute YES. I can’t imagine life without snow. Actually, yes I can… it’s a sad one. Snow makes the holidays and although it’s cold, I can make do because snow just looks so nice when it falls. I love it especially when the snow lines the tree branches and sort of highlights them in white.

S: Ahem. NO. Rest in salt stained pieces my bootiful boots 😥

Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas Day with.

F: Could I name an entire crew? Currently, it’s the Rampion crew meaning Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress and Thorne.

S: The Hogwarts Kitchen. I would seriously like to pig out on all the food described in the HP books. I BLAME YOU JK ROWLING… now I’m hungry!

To give or to receive?

F: To take. I’m the grinch (green AND hairy… what a lovely combination). Nah, I’d choose giving because I find that the satisfaction from giving to someone lasts much longer than receiving something and it’s always nice when you get someone exactly what they had wanted.

S: Both, for me. I feel guilty if I only get, and like Faith said, it feels so good to give 😀

What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

F: At Camp Half Blood (if they actually stayed at camp during the holidays to celebrate Christmas). We’d put up a gigantic Christmas tree, build snowmen, have snow forts and snowball fights for capture the flag, and skate on the lake. Also marshmallow roasting and hot chocolate. OH and the cabins would have lights and there’d be a competition for “most festive cabin”. Can you tell that I put a lot of thought into this? 😛 (S: No Faith. It looks like you did this last night… 😉 )

S: Kai’s palace. From Cinder. Wouldn’t that be so cool? I would totally fangirl with Iko. ❤

Fondest Christmas memory?

F: Hm… I’m not really sure. Christmases are generally pretty nice and peaceful. I love the festive mood. 🙂

S: Um… Well, when I went to Egypt a few years back, on Dec 25 (Christmas here, not there – Christians there are mainly orthodox), My whole family came over to my grandma’s, and we celebrated every occasion. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries (my parents got married on the 25th of December 😛 ) and deaths (sounds weird, but really, all we do is share memories) We even took a group picture and everyone fought for the right to eat their own face. I ended up eating the (picture of) family turtle. It was basically awesome.

Can you say Christmas Tree ten times fast in a row (pronouncing it correctly)?

F: Uh kinda, sorta, not really?

S: Can you say Christmas Palm Tree ten times fast in a row (pronouncing it correctly)? 😉

We hope you guys enjoyed reading our late answers 😀 ❤

~Sarah and Faith

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