The Encouraging Thunder Award!

Salutations! We are back with another Overdue Awards/Tags with Sarah & Faith!

Our thanks goes out to Bree at the Literary Hellion for tagging us in this award! Honestly, no matter how many things we get tagged for, we’re just as happy as the first time. 🙂 (S: Yupp… we still squeal.)

Award question: Why did you start a blog? Ahhh the age-old blogger question… hmm why did we start a blog? Let’s find out with a good old-fashioned list!

Reasons Why We Started a Blog:

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White Pine Wednesday: Rabbit Ears

This week, I’ll be talking about Rabbit Ears, by Maggie de Vries.


Initial thoughts:

Well. The cover looks familiar (Delusion Road, TAOGSA and Brannan filter), but that’s just me. This also deals with sex, albeit sex work, and looks very, very, very sad. I’ll save this until I’m being annoying. It’ll probably shut me up quick. But anyway, the Robert Pickton (aka the most infamous Canadian serial killer) twist (and the real life relation) are certainly unexpected… I’d like to see how this goes.

After Reading:

Some stories are hard to tell. Some stories are hard to listen to. Some stories are hard to read. Some stories are unsettling, uncomfortable and upsetting. Rabbit Ears is all of theses and more. It deserves to be read, at the very least. Continue reading