The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

Thank you to Calliope from Calliope the Book Goddess for this lovely nomination! (Here’s to another wayyyyy overdue award post!) Once again, we actually answered these questions an embarrassingly long time ago, so we hope you enjoy as you join us on this laid back award post. Ahem, I mean, our mini time travel back to… the ice ages! 😉 (That’s how long ago it was.)


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post.
  2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
  3. Nominate ten other bloggers (or up to 10).
  4. Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations.

  1. Pick a book for every letter of your first name


F – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

A – An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

I – I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

T – The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

H – Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling


S – Scarlet by Melissa Meyer

A– Audrey, Wait by Robin Benway

R– Ready Player One by Ernest Klien

A– Alientated by Melissa Landers

H– Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Akzaban by My Queen (AKA JK Rowling)

F: I am suddenly so grateful for the letters in my name because I can basically encompass most of my favourite/well-liked books in there and it’s fantabulous. Thanks goes out to my parents. (S: Faith don’t make me whack you… -_-)

S: The letter R was really hard to find, but I’m happy with my choices 😀 Hey, Faith and I both have Harry Potter books at the end… She picked the last book she read and I picked my favourite 😛 (F: Correction: I’m at The Prisoner of Azkaban now. Sarah’s subtle mockery will not be tolerated.)

  1. What’s the tenth book on your shelf?

F: It is… Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. I haven’t read it yet (S: Faith I read that book 😛 You jelly?) but I was thinking that zombies and the whole Alice story seems like an unlikely pair, so I’ll see how that goes.

S: Hmm, I’m going to put down the 10th book in my possession rather than shelf order cuz why not. It’s Pandamonium by Chris Wooding. It’s really funny and I fell in love when I saw it in a catalogue (and it didn’t disappoint me). However, it’s been 5 years and there is still no sequel 😥

  1. What are you currently reading?

F: The Wrath and the Dawn. You won’t believe how excited I was when my school’s librarian let me take it out before it went on the shelves.

Story time (Edit: AKA a stream of semi-coherent consciousness): I was the last person left at the library and she only had ONE book plastic cover left for the stack of new books that they had so I could only take one out of the entire pile for the weekend. I was jumping around in a circle squealing like crazy. It was embarrassing but like I said, no one was there so I didn’t care. There was also Everything, Everything which I really wanted to check out but I mean SACRIFICES had to be made. It was like she was offering to grant any of my wishes but only ONE of them… but The Wrath and the Dawn was Everything, Everything that I wanted out of that pile (S: Ahaha, I see what you did there 😛 F: I’m glad you’re not blind. Haha, don’t worry I’m a nice person. Just look at my innocent smile! :D)

Faith’s Prediction: When Sarah reads this, she’ll be so jealous mentally seething in rage at the thought of me cuddling with my new book over the weekend while she sits and waits for my snail paced reading to be over. And I’m cackling laughing at the thought. Have fun, Sarah!

S: Alright, guys, I’ll answer the question after I murder take care of Faith.

‘Scuze me, this might get a little messy…

Ahem. I’m all good. Currently, I’m reading my Chem textbook. Faith immediately sputters, laughing 

  1. Would you rather get a book signed, or get a free book?

F: Depends on the book and the author. But honestly, a book SIGNING because most people can buy a book if they really wanted it (instead of the free book) but not everyone can get it signed. Am I right? Plus, I’ve never gotten a book signed and I’m getting kind of desperate over here…  

S: Like Faith said, it depends on the book and author. JK Rowling, Gordan Korman, Eoin Colfer, Marissa Meyer, Riichiro Inagaki, Yusuke Murata, Rick Riordan and Naomi Novik are probably the only authors off the top of my head that I would buy the books for at signing (assuming I don’t already have all of them).

  1. Who is your fictional crush at the moment?

F: Haha well I can’t say Percy Jackson because he’s got Annabeth (geez, I’m not that kind of girl, what were you thinking?), or Sam since he’s got a thing for Six, or Lane since there’s Sadie, or Park because of Eleanora, or Leo Valdez because he’s Leo (Okay, because of Calypso)… basically everyone’s taken these days. So I’ll say myself, because I’m totally fictional. Hey, how do you know that this blog is not run by one person pretending to be 2? That’s right, you don’t. (Or even better yet, it could be a Iko the android).

S: Ummm. I never have crushes of the moment. It’s just that I really like the characters and think they are cute and adorable (even though I’ve never seen them) but if we go with my definition, you’ll finish reading this tomorrow. (F: Here, I’ll answer for her. She’d probably steal Baz from Carry On if they were compatible.)

  1. What is the biggest book on your shelf? (Page number wise)

F: The Chronicles of Narnia 7 book volume by C.S. Lewis. It’s 767 pages. To some that may not be very long but in my book, it’s pretty ginormous. I will finish this book some time soon… meaning never until I actually get my stuff together and stop procrastinating. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

S: Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at 607 pages. I’ve read it like 5 times already and it’s still in mint condition #YOUCANTTOUCHIT . Runners up are The Winter Witch and The Softwire: Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3.

  1. What is the smallest book on your shelf? (Page number wise)

F: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. (177 pages.) I haven’t read this book yet either but there’s always a “but”. If there’s a “but”, there’s a way. (I know, hate me for not reading anything on my shelf. Actually, it’s the book blogosphere I’m talking to, so I know as a fact that y’all probably have a TBR shelf in your room with books stacked higher than my grades.)

S: An X-Men Comic, at 106 pages. It’s like the 6th book and the start of a new story arc… not my favourite, but not the worst. Runners up are Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone and The Ratastrophe Catastrophe.

  1. Do you have a ship that you called would sail from the moment you met the characters?

F: Oh this will be great. Drum rolls And… it’s Argo II, the greatest ship in the land! We can literally save the world on that ship. (S: Haha Faith, sooo funny. )


Oooh, you mean THAT kind of ship. Sure thing. Here’s one: Percabeth. Sorry, but that is the honest obvious truth. I really wished that I had an un-obvious ship to tell you all about to impress you guys but…


If you haven’t read Uprooted by Naomi Novik, I advise you to skip the rest of this because SPOILER ALERT: One pair that I DIDN’T expect to happen from when I met them is the Dragon and Agnieska. (Dragnieska XD) Sarah will tell you about how I had thought for the longest time that the Dragon was an old Dumbledore type man, except with a darker hair colouring and only slight wrinkles. But still. The visual is still to this day (and forevermore will be) seared into my brain. It’s insane, it’s just a pain so I read in disdain and in vain trying to stay sane in this lane of pain from my brain. Until I found out that he was actually young, I just thought of it as the Titanic. A tragic ship bound to crash.


S:  Percabeth, Kinder (Cinder+ Kai), Scarf (Scarlet+Wolf) and loads of others. Like my fictional serial killer detection skills, I also sense ships.

FAITH I WILL ACTUALLY MURDER YOU! (SPOILER IN 3… 2… 1…) Y’all so lucky that she didn’t review the book because you would have been put off of it forever. I know I seem very violent, but honestly, it was her fault because she didn’t bother reading the description, and skimmed through it, so it was extra ew when that ship formed. LIKE I’M NEVER GONNA ASK YOU TO READ ANYTHING AGAIN.

That mental image… GOD NO.

(F: Wow, that may have been the worst book nerd friend insult EVER… She’s basically un-following, unfriending, taking me off her contact list, erasing, deleting, and unsubscribing to my presence. It’s a not-so-long story saved for another time… If you would actually like to hear it. But that was basically it.)

  1. What is a series that you just couldn’t finish?

F: The Mortal Instruments and the Shatter Me series because I just couldn’t feel the right vibes. Maybe one day I’ll pick it back up when the book trends have swerved into a totally new direction and these books will seem fresh rather than just another pile of paper. Eh, I don’t know. 

S: Shatter Me, The Mortal Instruments, Uglies… these are the books that I didn’t finish after trying to read them. Literally, I tried to read the Uglies 5 times, and the most I ever got through was the 3rd chapter (This goes for graphic novel adaptations as well).

  1. What is your name backwards?

F: Disbelief. Disloyalty. Lying. The backwards of Faith is Lying.

I’ve been doing some philosophical thinking lately, and I came up with this: I can’t be a liar because whenever I lie, I’m a literal living oxymoron. A lying Faith. A juxtaposition. And we definitely can’t have that because I’ll be juxt-in-a-position that I wouldn’t want to deal with – too much word kerfuffle. 

Mind blowing, right? XD

S: Haras… LIKE HARASSMENT. Like, Beware, Faith, cuz I will have my revenge. I mean how could you ruin such a great book. LIKE NO. NEVER AGAIN.

Our Strange Questions:

We’re guessing that you’ve already answered award questions before and since we (Faith) had the liberty to create ANY type of question possible, some of these questions are going to get… interesting. 😛 We hope you mentally prepare yourselves!

  1. If you had to advertise your blog to a stranger using only one sentence and either the word “star”, “ketchup”, or “my brother’s/sister’s [insert noun]”, what would your sentence be?
  2. Real-life narwhals or magical unicorns? If you aren’t sure, here are two images as reference: 

    Behold, the mysterious narwhal…

    … and the ever so majestic unicorn.

  3. If you were in the Hunger Games with all the fictional characters that you despised the most, what would be your initial reaction?
  4. Have you heard of/watched Korean dramas? There really are some great ones out there! So if you answered no, in the off-chance that you were absolutely free from work, would you give one a shot? If yes, which one is your favourite?
  5. Make up a short summary for a debuting novel titled, “The 5th Save”!
  6. Quick: Say “Irish wristwatch” 5 times fast! Could you do it? 😛
  7. What would you do if you became your favourite fictional character for a day? (Either in their world or in the real world. Or you could do both!)
  8. You accidentally time-traveled back into the time of dinosaurs! If you had a choice of either immediately returning home or staying (to study them as much as you can and to be the first modern day dinosaur witness!) and learning to survive for at least 2 years, which one would you pick?
  9. Here is a classic “would you rather”: Would you rather have a spray that could make all of your books waterproof or have one book of your choice with the ablility to fangirl/boy along with you while you read?
  10. If you could only say one sentence to Harry Potter, what would it be? (If you already answered this from our last awards post, answer it again! Or you could just say the same thing you did last time… no worries!)

We love to get to know people in the blogosphere, so here are some of our nominees! If you happen to be reading this and oh, I don’t know, feel like answering 10 random questions, you’re nominated! Feel free to do these questions for fun. Good luck! (For completing our wacky questions.)

Erika & Miedjel from Partners in Books 

Brigitte at The Book and the Bone

Becca at Becca and Books

Shealea Iral at That Bookshelf Bitch

Trang and Lashaan at Booktidote

The lovely gals at A Fangirl’s Opinion

Kat at Bookbox

Paul from The Galaxial Word

Jess at Mud and Stars

Ayunda at Tea and Paperbacks

Thanks for checking this post out! 

 This post will automatically self-destruct in 3… 2… 1… 

(Wait for it… Hmm, I guess not.)

22 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

  1. The Galaxial Word says:

    Hmm…. please let me be nominated…. please…. fingers crossed….


    As soon as I saw the first question, I knew that I NEEDED to do this tag. YOUR QUESTIONS ARE TOP NOTCH.

    And question three, hehehee, I will have GLORIOUS fun with this question cackles


    Did I ever mention how much I despise the Mortal Instrument? I think our mutual hate of this series has cemented my theory that we’re secretly long lost siblings. I got through to about 50 pages and then thought no I actually can’t force myself to read this. Soz.

    And your names work out so well. Like, Faith is some kind of mind blowing oxymoron/juxtaposition and Sarah symbolises, erm, Harassment? subtly takes a step away XD NAH YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! koala hug Mine is, um. Luap? Hahaha…haha… ha… it doesn’t work. sits in corner



    • sublimereads says:

      YEEEEAAA I literally CAN’T WAIT for your answers!!! 😀 Especially for question three. CAN’T WAIT. Glad you maliciously like the question. And thanks, I tried to make them non-boring but they practically screamed Faith. I’m guessing I succeeded? #MISSIONSUCCESS

      And yeaaa according to the internet (us, basically… because we’re next level reliable sources) we’re like 99.99% related but here’s the weird part though: we’re siblings that actually agree with each other??!! #mindblown BUT what I despised even more is Shatter Me… I’m sorry but by the end I was like, “NOOO, this is shattering me ok??”

      Also, Sarah was just slightly like “Uh excuse meee” when you took your subtle step away from her because of her harassment thing. I laughed way too hard at that. But I mean she said it so… HER LOSS. (Sarah if you’re reading this pls don’t kill me we are still friends I promise). Jk she was chill(ish) but I just wanted include her input haha. THANKS THO.

      Ahahaha oh my life I’m so stupid. I was gonna ask what a luap was until I realised… I googled it and was still confused. You get uh, interesting results? (I was like “is this a wild animal or something?!”) * goes to another corner *
      AND I NEED TO SEE YOUR RESPONSES LIKE NOW. So hurry it up, please and thank you. We’re waiting. But ya know, no pressure or anything. ;P

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Galaxial Word says:

        I feel like there needs to be a malicious book tag. Everybody loves talking shit about their hated book characters. Like: “Trashy Tuesday” or something. And omg I can’t believe you actually googled a “luap” BWAHAHAHAHAH I can totally imagine you googling “luap” and then going like: “what the hell was this crazy guy talking about I DON’T UNDERSTAND”. And also. Don’t come into my corner. My preciouusssss (Okay this is getting creepy). And YES. I will do this tag soon.

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          OK DID YOU JUST READ SARAH’S MIND? She actually had the idea of us making a Sassy Book Tag… so basically you get to sass out on a book. Except I’m strange cuz I just feel BAD trashing on a book but at the same time I hate it – so I’m like supah conflicted. Okay, googling luap has not been my highest point in life, tbh. And that was EXACTLY my reaction. Except I was going like “Is it a type of animal? Is this some new hip slang that I don’t know about?! ” and then it became “WAIT AM I OLD ALREADY. Someone help me. Do I need to apply anti-aging cream to this issue because I DON’T COMPUTE.”
          Also. Too late, your corner has already been invaded. You had to evacuate because I shot you with a water gun sooo now it’s my base. Get a new one.

          Until then, I’m gonna not-so-patiently wait.


    • sublimereads says:

      Why thank you 😉 Hehe, glad you enjoyed our (read as Faith’s) effort XD
      Faith literally described him as DUMBLEDORE. She used Dumbledore to illustrate the ew, so now when I think of Uprooted or Harry Potter I cry internally.
      Thanks, HOPE (I know she’s reading this 😛 )

      Liked by 1 person

      • sublimereads says:

        [Message to the other 1/2 of Sublime Reads that is not Faith:
        Good bye, HARAS as in HARASSMENT. XD You said it, not me.]

        Sorry ’bout that, this is a uh, typical everyday occurrence.
        Thank you so much though! You’re awesome too 🙂 I’m super overjoyed that someone actually notices the puns. You know, they do deserve some love and attention once in awhile… haha

        Liked by 1 person

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