Book Review: Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond


Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond

Published October 1st 2014 by Skyscape
Genre: YA, Romance, Magic, Action, Circus
386 pages

Hello, world! I recently picked up this book because I am waiting for another book by the same author (Lois Lane: Fallout, in case you were wondering). Although this book wasn’t exactly what I expected, it was a very pleasant and entertaining read.


Summary (From Goodreads):

A ballerina, twirling on a wire high above the crowd. Horses, prancing like salsa dancers. Trapeze artists, flying like somersaulting falcons. And magic crackling through the air. Welcome to the Cirque American!

Sixteen-year-old Jules Maroni’s dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps as a high-wire walker. When her family is offered a prestigious role in the new Cirque American, it seems that Jules and the Amazing Maronis will finally get the spotlight they deserve. But the presence of the Flying Garcias may derail her plans. For decades, the two rival families have avoided each other as sworn enemies.

Jules ignores the drama and focuses on the wire, skyrocketing to fame as the girl in a red tutu who dances across the wire at death-defying heights. But when she discovers a peacock feather—an infamous object of bad luck—planted on her costume, Jules nearly loses her footing. She has no choice but to seek help from the unlikeliest of people: Remy Garcia, son of the Garcia clan matriarch and the best trapeze artist in the Cirque.

As more mysterious talismans believed to possess unlucky magic appear, Jules and Remy unite to find the culprit. And if they don’t figure out what’s going on soon, Jules may be the first Maroni to do the unthinkable: fall.

What was thrilling and what fell flat?

TBH, guys, the summary makes this book sound a lot more circus focused. The kind of book with stressful and tense scenes, filled with amazing acrobatics and bad ass circus kids. And it sort of is. And isn’t.

I mean, you can see the romance being set up from a mile away, but… it ended up being a little to integral to the story ~ which wasn’t bad mind you.

The more I think of the story, the more I feel like its a Romeo and Juliet style story, with (thankfully) less angst. It’s about two warring families, and the sons and daughters of the families. Now, most of the book is about trying to solve the rift between the families (something that includes finding out what caused it) and getting over the past. Generic, but great for angst, ya know?

However, something I didn’t expect, and didn’t really like was the supernatural aspect. Now, I know that people who live and work in circuses are very superstitious, so I could understand the rules and rituals behind certain things. So when certain rituals were broken, and consequently there were consequences, I was like WHAAAAAAT? I was expecting a mystery story with just a pissed off villain, not actual curse working. I mean, you can’t just introduce an extremely interesting element and not explain the world behind it (yes I really do enjoy my high fantasy). I would have preferred an average villain with no magic, but reading other reviews, that’s just me.

In everything else, the book was solid. The characters, the behavior and the descriptions were spot on. Even though there were very few actual intense circus scenes, I really enjoyed the few that were there. They were described wonderfully ~ I could feel my heart pounding! The romance was heart pounding in another way, if you know what I’m saying.


Not really. It was juuuust right. I just wanted to use Carlos here.

Overall, it was a pleasant read and not that long either, so I finished it between classes. It was the sort of book that’s easy to put down ~ put easy to pick up again.

Basically, if you are looking for a circus themed romance novel, Girl on a Wire is great and you should go pick it up. If you are looking for a circus novel with a smidgen of romance (but mainly action) then you might want to skip this.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Have any of you guys read this book? Or have you read Lois Lane: Fallout? Comment below ! 😀 ~Sarah



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