(This post totally does not exist because Faith and I forgot to write reviews. We are so not that irresponsible XD )

Heeeeeey peeps 😀

I have great news… this summer, I’m going to NEW YORK !







Admittedly, it’s an educational trip, so I will learn something… but still! I get to visit Ottawa, Washington, and the UN!

I’m definitely going to see the Empire State Building and visiting Ground Zero. We also get to see a play… and take loads of pictures – all of which I will post here 😀 !

Maybe I’ll even see this guy:


Amazing, isn’t it? A head of state under fifty and mildly good looking XD

Basically I’m over the moon with happiness and I just wanted to ask you guys if you’ve ever been to NY (and what you would recommend seeing)!
Also, what’s the best place you’ve ever visited?

28 thoughts on “SUBLIME FRIDAYS… in New York

  1. hiraethforthepages says:

    AHHH this sounds like so much fun! The best place I’ve ever visited it probably New Caledonia, the beaches are lovely and snorkelling there was amazing 🙂

    Wishing you a safe and exciting trip! I personally have never gone so have fun for the both of us XD New York looks like such a lovely and great place to visit – I hope you enjoy it!

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  2. mudandstars says:

    OMG, hope you have an awesome time! I just got back from New York last week, it was amazing!! I definitely recommend doing Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State building and Ground Zero, and I also really recommend checking out Ellen’s Stardust Diner – it is amazing… (if you like musicals, that is) – all the staff are trained broadway performers waiting to get a part on broadway, and they take it in turns to perform while they’re working! And the Brooklyn diner (which isn’t actually in Brooklyn) was really good too – the food was amazing.

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  3. Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

    ERMARGORD SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I’M GOING TO JAPAN – on a school education trip ugh – AS WELL! SEPTEMBER. THAT’S 6 MONTHS AND 5 DAYS not that I’m counting. WHEN IS SUMMER FOR YOU?? (But ugh my school doesn’t do it for free, you have to pay $5000. FIVE THOUSAND * sob *) (Also, what are you going to learn?? Is this for geography or something??)

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    • sublimereads says:

      Niiiiiiiice man I would give an arm (or Faith 😉 ) to go visit Japan!
      Oh I’m totally counting (131 days) My summer is in July and August! What about yours?
      It’s like a UN pilgrimage, so basically I’m gonna be learning about politics.

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      • Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

        My summer was a few days ago (December – February, it’s not the 4th of March) and it is 40 degrees and pouring. I don’t even know. Australia * shakes head *

        SOLUTION: Give Faith’s arm and then you go. ;D (Sorry faith XD)

        UN Pilgrimage. Hmm. I don’t politic very much. I don’t politic at all, really. All I know is that Donald Trump is bad and should be thrown somewhere deep and dark. That’s about the extent of my knowledge of American politics.

        Also I am so scared that I go over there and everybody is speaking rapid fire Japanese and I’m just standing there painfully smiling and nodding as if I understand. I get nightmares. AT LEAST YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THAT.

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        • sublimereads says:


          Ah yes, great idea. XD

          Yup, The Donald is like the plague. Needs to die out in isolation 😛

          You’re scared of the language barrier but I’m scared of encounter that rare breed of racist – and actually understanding what they are saying XD I might punch someone, but that’s just me 😉


  4. Helen The Bookish says:

    New York is AMAZING. And you get to go for FREEEEE?! What world is this when mortals like me can’t? (Well I only paid like a THOUSAND bucks… 🙂 You should definitely cherish this opportunity! Plus your ‘Sublime Fridays’ graphic is GORGEOUS. 🙂

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