The Encouraging Thunder Award!

Salutations! We are back with another Overdue Awards/Tags with Sarah & Faith!

Our thanks goes out to Bree at the Literary Hellion for tagging us in this award! Honestly, no matter how many things we get tagged for, we’re just as happy as the first time. 🙂 (S: Yupp… we still squeal.)

Award question: Why did you start a blog? Ahhh the age-old blogger question… hmm why did we start a blog? Let’s find out with a good old-fashioned list!

Reasons Why We Started a Blog:

  1. We wanted to talk to other people about the books we read. Literally, it used to only be Faith and I, talking about all the new books we read, while the rest of our friends looked on, completely bored. It was really sad. So we decided to share our opinions on the interwebs and people who might actually care. 😀
  2. We were totally jelly of all those reviewers who managed to get ARCs. Especially ARCs of the really popular books. But now we understand the amount of work they put it, so now we are working hard on quality (and fun) content. (F: Maybe Sarah was the jelly. But I was always the peanut butter… because of my totally smooth moves. Alright, I’m a klutz.) 
  3. It looked really fun. Everyone was doing awards, tags and book related things. People participated and it just looked really cool and cute. Fortunately, it is still that way for us ~ blogging and talking to people right now is just as fun as the fun and exciting as the first time someone commented/liked our posts 😀
  4. We didn’t really have anything to do in the summers (someone chokes out a “lame” at the back of the audience) and we both read a lot of books. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. (F: When she means a lot, she means that she reads A LOT while I read at the pace of a slug. We’ve established that. 😉 ) We don’t live near each other, but we still wanted to talk, so Faith peer pressured me into starting a blog with her. Peer pressure might actually be a good thing after all!
  5. We wanted to improve our writing and editing skills. This goes for the English language in general, and since we were going to become editors for our school newspaper, we thought that we’d give ourselves a boost in practice! What better way to put those skills to good use than to have fun fangirling AND write? This is especially true because blogging is really rewarding: we get instant and direct feedback from other readers and writers! 
  6. This is basically number one again, but we can’t emphasize this enough: book blogging helps us to take out all our book emotions and vent. Basically fangirl a lot. Besides, who else would understand it better than other fangirls and boys from all over this planet we call Earth?
  7. We wanted to know more about the fantastic books out there because we all love a good recommendation! This has, in fact, worked out a bit too well… every week we are seeing people rant about new books and we can’t wait to get our hands on them! Which is great, if you’re not in high school with university applications on the horizon. Or just busy. But if you’re anything like us, you’d be busy spending your time perusing Goodreads and traveling with Google Earth Street View. (Golden procrastination tip right here.)
  8. Why not? 🙂

Our wonderful nominees:

Scifi and Scary

Hirae at Hiraeth for the Pages

Danni Mae

Morgan at Bookenstein

Becca at Becca & Books

Maria at Marwhal Reads

 Evi at Adventuring Through Pages

Sincerely from a double trouble duo: double the us, double the fuss 😉

To all you (secretly) aspiring villains, stay wicked!

~Sarah & Faith


 [Also, if you’re interested, keep an eye out for the second Cuteness Overload post next week!]

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