5 Books, 5 Looks

Happy mid-March!

For us, this means that we have March break. Which means that we no longer have a minotaur, Medusa, school, and well GAEA on our heels for a week; all of which are all trying to crush our guts into smithereens. If you did not know, we are now not-so-secretly demigods. As bloggers, this also means one week of hardcore post workouts. Not as in stretches after you workout, but a workout in writing all the posts that we never found the time to do. As per usual. 

Since my demigod powers unfortunately don’t extend to reviewing most books I read, this is me trying to make up the difference. So, these posts are going to simply be some of my short-and-straight-to-the-point bookish thoughts. (Although, I’m the least straight to the point kind of person when I talk. Or at least I do a lot of this thing called rambling).  Anyways, for this first one, I chose a variety of YA that I’ve finished in fall. Basically from last year. So, let’s commence the mini book review marathon!

[Click the covers for the book’s Goodreads page and summaries.]

Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider (3.5/5 stars)


UK cover

The summary sounded cliched and I will waste no time saying that… it was. It’s a blend of Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars, but sometimes we can’t help but like cliches. If you find yourself turning enough pages to realize that you’re wanting to find out the obvious, then it’s a winner because it was good, cliche or not. If anything, I think some parts of the book actually tried to counter the cliche of trying to be weird and different and I really liked the humour: it was teen-like and it actually got me laughing out loud. I just felt somewhat satisfied reading this and sometimes a dose of quirky characters is what you need.


Cover thoughts: I love the UK one. It’s cool with the whole tree/lung thing… and I love the colours. The “normal” one is nice too but… it’s a bit too normal.

Possibly the best quote in the book:

“‘Hey, Nick, do you know what it would say under your photo in a high school yearbook?’ I asked. ‘Most likely to be friend zoned.’

 ‘Funny,’ Nick grumbled. ‘Sharpen that wit of yours any more and someone might think you actually have a point.’”

This exchange is basically me.


Switched by Amanda Hocking (2/5 stars)

This book felt more like

11457525middle grade to me than YA and I just had a feeling that it was missing some jigsaw pieces. I was recommended this book so I gave it a shot; so if you’re in middle school, then this might be an entertaining read. You might still enjoy the book no matter your age but I didn’t feel too interested. I just didn’t enjoy reading about the characters because I didn’t feel many emotions nor did I feel invested in them. I couldn’t enjoy the cliches because they weren’t really cliches with a twist… it was just cliched. Parts of it was a bit slow for me and perhaps a few years ago it would have been absolutely interesting and original but I guess after a few of these, the excitement dulls. I rate this a 2 and not a 1 because the characters weren’t ABSOLUTELY HATEFUL. I wasn’t trying to tear my hair out in agony or at the point of shoving the book down my throat. It was just… meh. shrugs

Cover commentary: The cover with the butterflies is nice but I read the red one. Eh, I’m not too much of a fan. What’s a girl in a white dress casually doing in a poppy field in front of a dark castle under a red sky? Summoning bloody ghosts? Very attractive.


Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee (3/5 stars)

Well. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird just like most everyone else. Atticus’ wise quotes were the best. This was not as satisfying. Obviously because this was not intended to originally be published, it’s half-polished and a lot of things just wasn’t as nice. Several main characters who were in the prequel were reduced to the sidelines; they didn’t play much of a role in this book. Like time, people changed but so did the circumstances in which this book was published. It was interesting though, to find out 50 years later how things had progressed in the town of Maycomb. If you’re planning to read this, I would recommend that you just don’t expect too much from it! Feeling: disappointed.

“As sure as time, history is repeating itself, and as sure as man is man, history is the last place he’ll look for his lessons.”

More cover commentary: Despite the sad looking horizon that is only a black line, the cover seems fitting enough.

Ghosting by Edith Pattou (4/5 stars)

Sorry to break it to you but there aren’t any ghosts in this book. This book is written in free verse with more point of views than the number of times I eat popcorn. I love popcorn! :3 I liked the way this book was written and that’s what drew me in the first place. It was interesting and I enjoyed it. Read it if you want to see something written in a different format! Might be a refreshing twist. Or it might be a refreshing subLIME read.

(Ahaha I am so hilarious, I’m practically a stand-up comedian. Except I can’t, because everyone would be booing for me to sit down. So I guess I’ll be a sit-down comedian but that’s fine with me… I’m sitting at the laptop anyways. :P)

Cover judgement: I like the font and that it’s simplistic. It’s just a bit boring and I don’t see how a paper crane was ever related to the book. (This is my “I’m bored” voice.)

Diamond Boy by Michael Williams (5/5 stars)

How I knew I liked this one: I had a test the next day that I didn’t study for, yet I couldn’t stop turning the pages and I secretly didn’t go to bed. This book was making me stressed out worrying for the characters because it was a really entertaining read. It was different from what I was currently reading… so it was nice! (Wow, I can’t believe that I practically said that being stress is nice. IT’S REALLY NOT.) Read this if you’re up for a journey of an adventure!

“[Your children] are a finer treasure than any stone you will find in the diamond field.” (pg 158)

More cover judgement: I actually really like this cover from the jagged (and fitting) font type that simultaneously act as the teeth for the skull to the diamond cut-outs.

That’s all for this late Friday post! Any thoughts, opinions, or random findings? Feel free to write us comment… but only if you feel like it. 🙂

~ Faith

Hi – Don’t forget to smile this week! Alright, I’ll save the rest of my cheesiness for my pizza.


25 thoughts on “5 Books, 5 Looks

  1. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Wonderful! That UK version of Extraordinary Means looks lovely! And it sounds good 🙂 Oh dear Switched wasn’t great. Yeah I don’t intend on reading Go Set A Watchman cos I’ve heard about how Atticus Finch was different- and I was just like “no way”. Ooh Diamond Boy seems fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      It is pretty good! Switched was just not what I had hoped for… it was a bit mehhhhh…
      I’ve read reviews about how Go Set A Watchman wasn’t that great but I went on to read it anyways because I wanted to know what happens to Scout! And I was sad because now she’s actually called Jean Louise and Atticus is the only one who calls her Scout andddd I would give you a slight spoiler if you aren’t going to read it because when I found out I was like, “WHAT EVEN IS THE POINT OF THE BOOK THEN??!!”
      Diamond Boy IS fun. If you aren’t going to sleep. Maybe it’s not that bad for some but I was stressing out from the action.

      Liked by 1 person

      • theorangutanlibrarian says:

        Yeah I’ve read a lot of reviews about it- and some that talked about how Atticus is a racist now. Go ahead, spoil away (as I said, I can do without having one of my favourite heroes in any book ever ruined- so I’m certain I won’t read it)
        haha I will bear that in mind- that’s the kind of good thing to know if you start a book at 11 and you actually want to go to sleep!

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          Basically, Jem (her brother) isn’t even in the book AT ALL because he died in a car crash… and you weren’t there for it. It was just Jean Louise catching you up on what had happened and what you’ve missed. But it just felt like he never even existed and he was a main character in the last book!! So I was like okayyy… and then Dill wasn’t there nor any mention of Boo. None of the important characters in the last book were in this one besides Atticus and Jean Louise. (At least from what I remembered, unless I’m mistaken.) Soooo that was disappointing. Also, Atticus did kind of “succumb” to the ways of the rest of the town and Jean Louise becomes angry at him. The end. IT WAS SO- ugh, how do you explain. It was SO UNDER-WRITTEN. It was just unpolished.

          The thing about reading a book before bed unawares is that you have no clue whether you’re going to fall asleep in the middle of it or if you’re going to be up until 3am. So yes, be prepared!

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          • theorangutanlibrarian says:

            Ye what?!?!?!! Oh my goodness that almost makes me as mad as the whole Atticus thing. Ughh how could she do that?? I mean, I could almost accept killing him off- but not having it happen in the book- and having it as something that’s incidental makes me so mad. And not mentioning Dill or Boo??? What?!?! Especially as it’s supposed to be about revisiting Maycomb :/ I always assumed the point would be about revisiting childhood and the issues of the first book- why exclude the original characters? I absolutely hate that she did that to Atticus- it doesn’t even make sense considering the way she wrote him- it sounds out of character. And that sounds bad about it being underwritten. Honestly, I’ve got to be one of the only people so not on board with this book being released- I feel like if the publishers didn’t like it enough the first time round and asked her to rewrite it then there was probably a good reason- and with the result being To Kill A Mockinbird, why would anyone be upset by that? Thank you so much for your insight- that was all so great!


            • sublimereads says:

              I KNOW! This is why she didn’t release this book in the first place. But the publishers probably made her to make some profit even when she said that TKAM was going to be the first and last book that she was going to publish. I think the only mention about Dill was him moving away or something like that and yea there was no Boo. So instead of the old main characters there’s this new guy who is supposedly Jean Louise’s fiance who, along with Atticus, is slightly racist. SO THAT WAS SAD.

              You’re welcome though, at least now you’ll know about what’s going on in that book! I didn’t rate it TOO low because I was still curious but at the same time, I was really disappointed. :/

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  2. Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

    I LOVE THIS FORMAT SO MUCH ARGHGHGHGGHGHH Usually when I do mini reviews I just post one and that’s 1) Because I’m incredibly lazy and it takes me less time to whip down a 200 word review as opposed to a 500 word one and 2) Refer to point one. But DAMN. This was so entertaining to read and it’s so great to hear what you thought about the book in such a short amount of time. (And ermagord I am so using the wit comeback the next time someone says ANYTHING vaguely insulting to me)

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH HEHEHHEHHE. That’s exactly why I did this. 😀 It’s definitely a great way to spew out thoughts about several books without having to make individual reviews for all of them. #Lazypeoplemethods
      Also, sometimes I just don’t have that many thoughts to squeeze out of one book, ya know? It’s hard to believe that I can even be speechless but it’s either 3 sentences on a book or 3 sentences and me ranting about some unrelated potato of a topic for 1042 other sentences. I’M GLAD YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS ENTERTAINING. YAY ^-^ (That wit comeback will be so useful one day. The other person won’t even know what hit them.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

        YES IKR. Sometimes, it’s me like writing down two sentences and be like: Um. I don’t know what else to say. AND THEN SOMETIMES I get to the 600 word mark and I HAVE SO MANY THINGS TO SAY but I have to wrap it up otherwise all the people reading it will fall asleep and I’ll be charged with murder when their faces fall into their food and they suffocate (I’ve never understood those movie scenes where someone is drugged and falls asleep in their cake or something. I mean, is it possible to breathe through a cake?? #LifeQuestions.)

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          YUPP. It’s either all or nothing.
          You know, you have this hilarious slightly morbid way of thinking. XD But they’re important life questions nevertheless. I’m guessing you COULD try breathing through the pores of a cake, right?
          SO I typed in “How to breathe through…” in Google just to see what kind of stupidity I’d get and I got “How to breathe through a toilet.” WHY would you want to do that?!! I AM SO CONFUSED WITH HUMANITY. Then again, why would I want to do anything with my weird life anyways? That’s a question no Google search engine can answer. The answer can only be found with me as the search engine. But I’m too lazy to even find my homework from my backpack- how can I find things about life purposes?? How will I know if my waffles will be able to cook themselves one day?? #Deepthoughts


  3. hiraethforthepages says:

    Oooh, I like this review style! Bringing all the good stuff onto the table I see 😉 I loved your comment for the Switched cover – what on Earth are you doing girl? The world looks like it’s ending and your gonna sit there counting daisies?

    I never noticed the lung thing on the Extraordinary Means cover! I know I’m slow XD I thought it was just a (very) extraordinary tree the cover designers wanted to grace us with but what you’re saying makes a lot more sense.

    Anyway, keep the good things coming! Ahhhh, I love this blog so much ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      YAY! Mucho thank youuuuuuus 🙂
      I know, some covers just don’t make sense. Especially when it’s not related to the story I’m just uber confused because wow, it just looks like a PERFECT time to be lost in a bunch of flowers. The cover wasn’t doing it for me either.

      A very extraordinary upside down tree? 😉 Alright, that could work somehow… I guess it’s an extraordinary tree for some EXTRAORDINARY MEANS!! Haha (I do try)

      I am too gladly grateful that you’re liking what we’re posting!! I’m beginning to believe that you like this blog more than I do! XD

      But once again, thanks – it means a lot! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • hiraethforthepages says:

        All the nonsense covers XD If I was in that situation, I’d imagine a VERY dirt dress, a bird’s nest on my head and a very screwed up distressed face but hey, I guess some people just ain’t for that type of scene.

        And YES to that very punny pun! Great minds are witty minds and witty minds are great minds. Basically, I LOVE your mind 🙂 Aha, I don’t know how I didn’t think of that!

        I think I have a very not-so-secret obsessive adoration for this blog. LOVE CANNOT BE LEASHED. You’re welcome! But I’m going to have to thank YOU for your awesomeness – what would the world be without you amazing people?

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          My book cover would consist of me slouched in my chair reading 10 books while watching a Youtube video with my untouched homework piled to the ceiling on my desk. (Hey, I think I’m going to make this an award question!!)

          Thanks, FINALLY someone gets it! There should be a global wit appreciation day haha.

          WOW, if I didn’t notice the obsession before, NOW I definitely did. Now I’m just thinking that you’re being way too nice. If you’re obsessed with THIS craziness, then you might be a bit crazy yourself. XD But I do try to bring some awesomeness into the universe… flips hair You’re welcome (I guess) for letting us grace your existence with our (awkward) presence! Your comments are always fantabulous to have. 🙂 Here’s some love back: gives virtual hug

          Liked by 1 person

          • hiraethforthepages says:

            Whoop! award question dance How books make me procrastinate – I know I should stop but I CANT. Sometimes I envy the non-readers (kidding I love this life XD – the bawling the crying, what’s not to love!)

            I would like myself to believe this is simply me just being nice but it doesn’t work. THE OBSESSION IS TOO REAL. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re not more creeped out. I’m not the first person to always see your post but when I see it, I resemble a raging psychotic bull.

            Don’t worry, your efforts don’t fall short. I hail down to your awesomeness bows very deeply and falls to the centre of the Earth I’m glad you like the comments, I hope my inner crazy demon doesn’t scare you 🙂 hugs back I DONT WANT TO LET THIS GO.

            Liked by 1 person

            • sublimereads says:

              ADMITTEDLY, sometimes I envy my old pre-book blogging life in which I could read any book as I pleased all innocent and naive… Now, I’m like OH NO LKASDJFL;ASDJ;AKSLJA;EWJOIEWAJ I NEED TO READ THAT BOOK WHERE IS IT?!! I WILL SCOUR THE ENDS OF THIS PUNY EARTH. (Before, that would be my reaction for maybe 4 books in a year… now it’s for almost every single good book I read a review about. It gets stressful!!)

              You see, I would be more creeped out but sometimes I’m the exact same soooo I can’t really complain. 😛 Without raging psychotic bulls in the universe, the world would be pretty dull. Your crazy obsession is appreciated – KEEP UP THE AWESOMENESS YOURSELF.

              Side note (that nobody cares about): I was eating pasta while typing this so like an idiot, I got tomato sauce on my shirt and now I’m really sad. RIP shirt.

              Liked by 1 person

              • hiraethforthepages says:

                AHA yes I agree! I used to be the slowest reader EVER and I would rave about few books a year. Now, I don’t know what I have become. I’m like a savage animal, I WILL SMELL THAT BOOK OUT AND IT WILL BE MINE.

                And yes, I guess you are right. We bulls lighten the lives of the otherwise boring world we live in. And I am absolutely devastated for your shirt – oh gosh, the amount of sadness I have acquired over the years when the red smears and stains my shirt, I FEEL YOU.

                Liked by 1 person

                • sublimereads says:

                  YES, SAVAGE. But since I’m still not as fast as Sarah, I basically only have time to read the most popular books but then everything else is just waved off because now there are so many new good books to read!!! There are so many books that I HAVE to read. IT’S A RACE TO GET THEM BOOKS. Here’s my routine: I check Goodreads for good books, write down the publish dates, and 2 months prior to its release, I start periodically checking the public library’s website to see if its available to put on hold. If it is, I scream and then the waiting begins. This explains why I have a BUNCH of books surrounding me that I never read. 1) Because I’m a hoarder. 2) I’m a hoarder. 3) I’m a hoarder and I’m not too fast of a reader. Then I end up with fines enough to actually buy the books trying to catch up with reading all of them.

                  THANK YOU. Your devastation is noted. 😉

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • hiraethforthepages says:

                    AHAHAHA I’m the same with the library thing. I will borrow way too many books that I cannot possible finish reading with my snail pace and then I’ll be surprised when the due dates come around so quickly (Sarah, are you some sort of supernatural being? HOW?!) I however, am TERRIBLE at knowing when a book is to come out. I mean, I get SUPER EXCITED but I’m also one of the most forgetful people I know.

                    Here’s my routine: 1) Explore books on Goodreads and add a kajillion books I want to read 2) Find their release date 3) Cry 4) Nervously await release date 7) Forget and move on 8) FIND OUT THAT THE BOOK RELEASES TOMORROW 9) dies.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • sublimereads says:

                      IKR it’s insane. Idk how she does it. I’m SURE she uses some type of potion/spell to help her read faster. But then again, we’re ignorant rebellious muggles- so we wouldn’t know. 😉

                      Haha STEP 1, 3,4, 8, and 9 are so accurate. THE ACCURACY IS SO ON POINT. Sometimes I’m just here like WHYYYY would publishers disclose the publishing date on Goodreads when IT COMES OUT IN 2018 like PLS WE DON’T NEED THAT KIND OF HEARTACHE. I mean, I’d be DYING TO KNOW when the book comes out but if it’s in 2 years, it might as well be better if they didn’t tell us. It’s torture. Book nerds are IMPATIENT!!!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • hiraethforthepages says:

                      AHA yes we are 😉

                      I think authors have a really evil self that really does enjoy the torture (like some particular people we know here, ahem 🙂 ) I MEAN WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US. 2 years is a VERY long time, heck, 2 months is excruciating. I can’t help that I NEED the BOOK.

                      Liked by 1 person

  4. Noemí says:

    I really didn’t like “Switched” and the rest of the series. I’m all for clichés and cheesyness but the romance twist was just weird. Bleh!
    But I just put Ghosting on my to-read list on goodreads! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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