Reviewing My 6 Year Old Poetry

Have you ever wondered what Faith was like at age six? Wonder no more!

This week, I am taking over Sublime Fridays by reviewing a piece of text like all book bloggers do. This post was originally for World Poetry Day a few days ago but since I had missed it, I am now gracing your presence with a poem we’ve all been absolutely looking forward to. But there’s a slight difference: it’s a top notch piece of literature written by yours truly… when I was six.

(S: Is it weird that my first reaction to this idea was :YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

This is the first poem I had ever written and this was back when I thought that all poetry HAD to rhyme. I remember feeling so proud of it and my mom encouraged me to show it to my first grade teacher for it to be edited; so unfortunately, there are no spelling errors. I say unfortunately, because it would’ve been funny to laugh at myself even more. ;P

It’s an absolutely heartfelt, meaningful, and thought provoking poem about the things that only exist within the depths of our imaginations and the realisation in which some things were just never meant to be. Not really. In other words, IT’S A FABULOUS POEM. Are you ready? Here it goes!

I Have a Bunny (A poem by a six-year-old Faith)

I have a bunny

He likes it when it is sunny

He has a lot of money

But he has a hat

He wants to wear the hat

But the rat is on the hat

Now the bat is wearing the hat

So the bunny buys a new hat!

Future Faith’s mental commentary:

 (Future Faith: A poem by a girl with an imaginary rich bunny because why have an imaginary friend when your bunny can buy HATS??)

I have a bunny (FF: I don’t and I never did. Not that I know of. And I never will. Stop dreaming, Faith.)

He likes it when it is sunny (FF: Oh, does he? Don’t tell me he’s a suntanning bunny… is this why certain rabbits’ coats change from white to brown? #lifechanged)

He has a lot of money (FF: Hey, uh, would he mind giving me some of that money? It would be really helpful to pay my library fines, thanks, because the amount I owe is definitely not fine. FINE, be that way libraries. Take all my money. Not like I had millions to spend anyways. * Walks through a portal to secret mansion* They say libraries are free and you’re supposed to save the money evaporation for bookstores… but look at me here achieving the impossible. Jealous now??  )

But he has a hat (FF: Of course he does.)

He wants to wear the hat (FF: No wayyyyyyyyy, really?)

But the rat is on the hat (FF: Alright, the climax is approaching.)

Now the bat is wearing the hat (FF: WHAT?! PLOT TWIST. I never saw that coming.)

So the bunny buys a new hat! (FF: Nice quick solution. Money solves everything.)

FF: The last 5 lines didn’t even rhyme!! They ended with the same word.-_- Thoughts- I think that was kind of cute. But it wasn’t all too intricate, you know? It’s okay. For 6 years of age, I’m impressed enough. How I wrote this: I remember thinking of the first few words that rhymed and smashing them together. Hence, this beautifully astute poem.

Final Rating: The Number of Carrots That Bunny Eats out of The Number of Hats He Will Need to Buy Before All His Alleged Friends Steal Them All From Him

Sarah’s Interlude & Mental Commentary

I have a bunny (Mmhmm)

He likes it when it is sunny (… ok)

He has a lot of money

(Gimme dat cash, gurl)

But he has a hat (What does the hat gotta do with the bunny?)

He wants to wear the hat (Understandable…)

But the rat is on the hat (I still don’t see where the money comes in.)

Now the bat is wearing the hat 

’nuff said

So the bunny buys a new hat! 

This poem basically confirms my theory of Faith on drugs. I mean, six year-old me could have written better. (and you guys will see that poem… Coming Soon™ ) (F: WOAH, truckload of immensely rude Sarah commentary coming right through! Traffic jam? No problem, she’s just going to drive right through all the cars! Also, I doubt I was ever on drugs… especially at age six. Soooooooooooo…)

Besides, haven’t we all noticed how much the adults around us have lied? Honestly, I’ve looked at some pictures I drew as a kid, and they are nightmare material. I’m not even joking. My mom told me that pictures she kept were all curated: she said she threw all the really disturbing ones away. Coupled with the fact that these drawings are AWFUL (like, I swear I was on drugs or something), it’s pretty terrifying. Example: I drew something and handed it to my mommy. (True story, btw)

Mommy: What’s that, sweetie?

Sarah Small: Can’t you tell?

Mommy: No, why don’t you tell me?

Sarah Small: Guess! (I was an annoying child, let’s be clear)

Mommy: Uh…. A tomato gone rotten?

Sarah Small: *giggles* No, Silly, it’s a dead body.

Mommy: …

Mommy: …

I think she was right to kill it with fire. I think, after this dialogue, Faith’s poem was actually alright.

So that, was it for my review.

If you happened to enjoy these types of posts, next week I’m going to be sharing something a bit… crazier. It’s again, a piece of writing that I have salvaged from the depths of my pigsty of a desk. But things do get a bit insane. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Anyways, tell us what you thought! Do you have any old pieces of writing you would like to share? 😉

~ Faith

Quote of the Day: “It never gets easier. But you get better.”

13 thoughts on “Reviewing My 6 Year Old Poetry

  1. Noemí says:

    And now I have tears in my eyes and can’t stop laughing! What a BEAUTIFUL poem! A rich bunny with a hat – I mean, you must have had quite the imagination! I really really loved this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      WHY, thank you very much!!! I’m pretty sure this poem spawned from all the times I’ve daydreamed in class. It’s really quite a piece I won’t be able to surpass in terms of eloquence. 😛


  2. Cherry says:

    That poem was adorable Faith! Haha I don’t think I have any poems from when I was 6 but I totally loved making everything rhyme back then too. The commentary for this post was hilarious as usual! 😀 A bunny poem is very fitting for Easter ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:


    And the line where it’s like: “He has a lot of money” just KILLED ME. It was so damn random yet SO PERFECT XD XD REVIEW MORE SIX YEAR OLD POETRY

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      NO WAYYY I’VE GOT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN!!! 😀 (Uhm, I’m glad I made you almost spray your Milo?? Ahahaha I find it HILARIOUS that you thought it was THAT funny. ^-^)

      I TOTALLY WOULD review more but after 2 poems from when I was 7, it turns into my haiku phase… YEP. I ONLY WROTE HAIKU FOR LITERALLY 3 YEARS. SAVE ME. XD Because then, I found out that everything DIDN’T have to rhyme but I instead found haiku. So. That’s what happened.


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