The Infinity Dreams Award! (Part 1)

Infinity Dreams Award

We, Sarah & Faith, have decided to answer Bookidote‘s questions for the Infinity Dreams Award! Merci for the tag! 🙂


  • Thank and link the blog that nominated you
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  • Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them

11 Facts About Us (In case you’re still curious):

  1. We agree on the most useless of things. But disagree frequently on things like waffles and pancakes which are HIGHLY important to the well being and the survival of our human society.
  2. We were planning for months to post something else for our April Fool’s prank post but we felt too guilty to actually go through with it. We were going to fake that we each (Sarah and Faith) can’t stand each other any more so we were going to split up in our blogging pursuits. Aren’t you glad we didn’t?
  3. We have never been to an official book signing.
  4. It is April, 3 weeks into spring, and only a few days ago it hailed. Rained ice. Today, we’re still cold.
  5. Sarah can code stuff and Faith is slightly jealous.
  6. How were we like as kids? – Sarah: People thought I was stupid just because I never bragged and I liked having fun. (F: Poor kid. Update – she is sooooooooo non-stupid.) Faith: I was still that awkwardly embarrassing kid who preferred to spend recesses in solitude. How did I spend them? Walking laps around the perimeter of the playground. (3 laps for first and last recess and 9 at lunch.)
  7. Currently, it’s dinner time but Faith doesn’t feel like putting in the effort to stop writing this and get up, so she is veryyyyy hungry.
  8. FACT: In her past life, Sarah was a cat or a book. As a cat, she probably got too curious… and resurfaced to the Earth to become the Sarah we all know. Faith was a half-sentient and delicious bowl of ramen. She quickly faced her demise right after she was devoured… most likely by a cat or a book. Wait, what?
  9. Since Faith is writing these facts, she will write another about herself like a narcissist. She has never been face-planted by her phone while scrolling through her Instagram feed in bed.         * coughs * Okay, fine, she has.
  10. Faith doesn’t know what other fact she can write about- she is running out of ideas. Luckily for her, there is only one last fact left. It is also currently really late and she is seriously regretting her Life Choices as she continues to type in third person.
  11. Narwhals’ “horns” are in reality tusks which rotates as it grows (creating the spiral effect) and the bone structure is inside out. Little do people know but they don’t use their tusks to stab their prey… so scientists are much confused. Faith is a narwhal. Therefore, this fact is about Faith.

  1. What was the best dream you’ve ever had? (If you remember any)

S: I honestly, rarely dream. And if I do dream, they are nightmares.I remember the worst dreams – As of last week its a tie with Tim Burton’s the Grinch and my mother making me into an omelete.


That’s me. On the whisk.

F: Oh hey, I rarely dream too! People get really surprised when I tell them that I dream only about once every other month. Or, I do dream but remember none. I have maybe one good dream that I remember because I woke up completely DEVASTATED. I was around 8 years old and at the time, I was completely OBSESSED with Webkinz. Now, if you don’t know what they are, allow me to help you to become acquainted with them. (I had the chihuahua one and the tree frog as well as a goldfish and some other ones I don’t remember. They were THE THING… and mostly my birthday and Christmas gifts.)


They’re these plush toys that come with a code which enable you to play with it virtually… there are games and you get to play dress-up with it… you get the point. My dream was that I had a mountain of them. That’s it. Sound anti-climactic to you? Yeah, there was no climax because when I woke up, the mountain was non-existent. So.

Edit: I recently found out that I DO have dreams when I started a dream journal. I just forget them the instant I wake up. Well, they last for maybe 5 minutes. So heads up, there is going to be a post dedicated to our weird dreams! 🙂

 2.  On the bad days, how do you cheer yourself up?

S: I read.


What can I say? I literally suffer from book withdrawal.

F: Well. Depends on the type of bad day. When I’m actually in a bad day, sometimes it turns into a bad day slump. This is usually due to the fact that I’m stuck in a horrifying sleep schedule with a horrendous work load that I’ve procrastinated from doing. So sometimes I’d go outside for a walk with a camera, listen to music, and Google motivational quotes online. I also grab a warm drink.

3.If you had to sum up your life in 10 or less words, what would they be?

S: I like big yummy books and I cannot lie.


Here’s a gif of me at the library.


F: Faith’s life is weird, awkward, and is RIDDLED WITH CAPSLOCK.


It’s weirdly embarrassing so this sentence cannot encompass her life.

4.What books would you like to see become a movie?

S: Why would I ever subject my favourite books to such torture? XD

F: A Darker Shade of Magic. PLEASE. But the only shade darker (No, I wasn’t thinking of 50 Shades. Though that WOULD be a Darker Shade of Evil according to some. Alright, maybe everyone was… trying not to.) would be if the casting and the plot just all got messed up. Then, I’d cry. 

UPDATE: IT IS GOING TO BE ADAPTED INTO A TV SERIES AND WHEN I WROTE THIS I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW AND I’M TOO EXCITED AND WHAT IS OXYGEN I FORGOT SORRY. I literally can’t wait. It’s going to be sooooo good! The author plays a part in writing it herself so I will absolutely DEVOUR the series like I’ve never devoured another show in my life. I can’t even. Wow. Okay. Everyone get ready. YESSS.

My second answer (because I accidentally answered this award twice- LIKE AN IDIOT): All I can say is, if my life was a book, I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL that it’s not a movie. I’m too overly dramatic for my own good. I just believe that many books shouldn’t be good because they tend to be – misinterpreted, I’ll say. Also, I’m a bit too lazy to find something that’s not cliched. #truth Or should I say #faith. (Since they’re synonyms, get it?)

  1. What book character do you feel the most connected to?

S: Honestly, I don’t. When I read, I definitely do not see myself as a character. I just enjoy watching the show – reading how it plays out.

F: Usually, the ones who make dumb punny lines. Maybe kinda pathetic, I dunno.

I guess Leo (Heroes of Olympus). Some people think he’s annoying but I get the things he does. He’s that loner that makes the lame jokes that everyone rolls their eyes at – but I find it hilarious. And it’s because he’s such a loner that he makes those jokes so I was like, I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I recently listened to a part of the audiobook for The Lost Hero and I cracked up too hard when he grabbed a handful of some snack food (I think it was chips or something??) and someone was like, “Those things are going to kill you.” Then he said something along the lines of, “Are you kidding me? There are so many preservatives in these that I’m going to live forever!” Classic Leo line.

(Okay, but Calypso was kind of annoying me because she’s like the beautiful helpless maiden in her tower. It’s not her fault but I was like GIRL- DO SOMETHING. Though, she has probably tried everything. STILL.)

  1. What is one song that you know the lyrics by heart?

S: Almost anything by Imagine Dragons and One Republic – and Fallout Boy’s latest album.

F: Can’t say, I just have so many! Like The Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle, and the theme song for Dora the Explorer. TO THIS DAY, I REMEMBER IT. Also, Feliz Navidad. (It only has 20 words).

Also, Favourite Things from The Sound of Music. I like those songs. 😀

  1. What is your favourite form of social media?

S: I like Twitter – all the sassiest people are there 😀 Oddly enough, I don’t use it.

F: Instagram. Since photography is bomb which is why I have a billion posts. Meanwhile the Sublimereads blog is plagued by flies and silence. I AM SO SORRY.  At the same time, Instagram my self-esteem degrader because I curl up into fetal position and cry as my ego drops lower and lower until it gets incinerated by the core of the Earth because I will never be able to amount to that level of perfection. (Wow, I sound really depressing today. Honestly, my day was pretty good but it’s probably my head doing weird things to me because I slept at 2am last night-er morning. So yeah, that happened.) BUT I love seeing other people’s awesome shots and it inspires me too, so like many things, it’s a love hate relationship.

  1. Name 3 objects you can’t live without.

S: My computer, the Internet and books. Faith comes in at a close 56th on my list. 😀 (F: Glad to know, Sarah. In case you were wondering, Sarah is about a 55 on mine. I know, we are definitely the epitomal envy of all things friendship! Check out our non-existent friendship bracelets!!!)

F: I would agree that a wifi port is vital to my existence. How else would you be able to read my lovely opinion about books and stuff?? And fangirling would be an absolute mess. Also, books and food. Food is pretty nice.

  1. What is your favourite drink?

S: WATER. I love water. Even when I drink juice, I have to drink water after that juice. (F: I solve this by mixing some water IN my juice. 😉 I used to hate water because it’s so tasteless.)

F: It changes according to the seasons. For winter, it’s peppermint hot chocolate and for summer, it would be fruit juice or lemonade. Apple cider is also good, especially during autumn. Coconut water was my phase over the last year. But bubble tea is good too!! UGH DECISIONS. If I had to choose ONE at the moment, it would be apple cider. I like water too. 

10.What powers would you like to have to rule the world as a super villain?

S: Can I say I have the power to absorb and use all other powers? Because at first, I thought mind control – but I think that’s too obviously OP… and then I thought mind reading, but that’s too useless, and then I thought of shape shifting (so no one knows who I am). Basically I want to be Saitama from OnePunch Man. BEST. SUPERHERO. EVER. (F: Sarah, I agree. That is one good superpower. But what if you were the only one with powers in the entire universe?? * smirks successfully * S: FAITH STOP POOPING ON MY PARTY)

F: [Faith is currently thinking. Please standby for another 193 hours. Thank you.]

Here’s what I was considering: having everything I touch become immediately animate Grinches, Levanas, of course our old friend Voldemort, and then becoming every villain that ever existed. Another one would’ve been something predictable like becoming invincible, telekinesis, brain-manipulating, or making it rain black licorice and something along the lines of durian. (Which would hurt AND smell.) Or all of those put together.

But I have found the evillest power of them all. And it’s within my reaches in reality! I eventually came up with being able to have the power to be a famous author who writes books which all end in cliffhangers… especially the last book in the series. Also, making people fall for the characters and following up with killing them. AM I EVIL YET? Please, let me join Super Villain Society. Actually, this person got it down:



Did anyone get angry reading this? I did. ABSOLUTE GENIUS, I am telling you.

  1. Give me a new song to listen to on Spotify LOL. THANK YOU. 😀

S: Try Fall out Boy’s new album. (Honestly, you already have my top picks in that beautiful collage) XD I liked Irresistible, The Kid’s Aren’t All Right.


F: For fun vibes song with a load of Mario (the Italian plumber, of course) references, I’d say Hey Mario by Patent Pending. It’s kind of funny and catchy. :3 (By the way, if you’re getting deja vu it’s because we’ve said this in our last awards post too!)

Our Questions:

  1. Do you dream in black & white or in colour?
  2. You have the choice: an infinite number of books (you don’t have to pay a cent) – but no where to put them or one book that contains an infinite amount of books, but you pay a dollar a week. Which one?
    or one book that contains an infinite amount of books, but you pay a dollar a week
  3. Have you ever been aware of being featured in someone else’s dream? If so, were you satisfied with your casting or… was it strange?
  4. Infinite access to money or infinite access to books? If money, what would you do? Likewise if you choose books, what would you ask for?
  5. Tell us all about your strangest dream!
  6. Infinite time that stops while you read (but you still feel the effects as if it passing normally), or the ability to speed read, but under a limited amount of time?
  7. Have you ever dreamed that you were in the plot/setting of a book you recently read? Or have you ever interacted with book characters in your dream?
  8. Everything you touch immediately become animate Grinches… what do you do next?
  9. Describe your happiest dream in colours.
  10. Random Challenge: say “Toy Car” 10 times fast and write down what “word” you end up having at the very end.
  11. (Consciously) write up your own dream consisting of all your favourite things plus a mammoth wearing a onesie.


Literally anyone that feels like it!

~ Sarah & Faith

Cheesy line appropriate for this tag: Follow your dreams!

30 thoughts on “The Infinity Dreams Award! (Part 1)

  1. hiraethforthepages says:

    i felt like I hadn’t seen a Sarah or Faith post in a while so I decided to come and see if you guys fell off the side of the Earth. Turns out YOU GUYS HADN’T, instead WordPress has decided to completely rid you off my ‘Reader’ (Its probably my fault, I am living as a technological unadvanced person in the 2016). ANYWAY, IMAGINE MY SURPRISE AT MISSING 4 POSTS GUYS. HOW?! I MISSED YOU.

    Firstly, LET US HI-FIVE TO WEIRD DREAMS. I once had a dream that a bunch of dingos were eating a man so I came to rescue him with my awesome fighting moves. THEN an officer came and arrested me because the dingo turned into a frail man and he thought I was a violent person beating up some poor person. I WENT TO JAIL while the man WALKED FREE.

    OH OH and there was this scary horror dream where I would wake up and see this ‘the grudge’ looking figure every single time I saw a person about to die. I was laying in bed and I saw it appear and I started screaming at it and it went away UNTIL IT APPEARED AT THE POOL, and I then I woke and I was confused and scared and horrified to go to the pool. (BUT I MEAN BEING TURNED INTO AN OMELETTE? I WOULDN’T KNOW WHETHER TO BE EXCITED OR TERRIFIED)

    AND WOOOOO, reminder to READ A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC BOOKS. You’re making me EXCITED and I don’t even know what its about (ITS A TALENT YOU GUYS HAVE).


    AHHHHHH, this feels good guys. I feel like I had been suffering from Sarah and Faith withdrawal and now that I finally have you guys back (though of course you never left, NEVER LEAVE ME. BLOG FOREVER. LOVE ME. ahem.) I have just vomited all the words. 🙂 (NOW I WILL CHECK THIS BLOG CONTINOUSLY BECAUSE IT SEEMS I CANNOT TRUST READER)

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    • sublimereads says:

      YOU’RE BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! WE MISSED YOU AND YOUR COMMENTS 😀 When I saw this I was like YESSSSSS 1) She’s back 2) FINALLY someone who posts comments who are even longer than mine bless her soul. YAY ❤

      YES WEIRD DREAMS. WE HAVE THEM. Except mine are mainly sad… so I guess they aren’t like THAT weird as in: I met a man who turned out to be the tooth fairy who was eating ketchup which looked like blood so the tooth fairy got arrested and then there was an uprising because none of the children got their money for their missing teeth and then somehow the tooth fairy becomes my teacher. (Sadly, I made that one up. I don’t have many dreams like that. Maybe I do but I forget. Sarah has the weird dreams. I have the sad dreams.)

      YOUR DREAM IS HILARIOUS LOL!!! Okay, I had to Google what a dingo was… and here’s my complex analysis: it’s a fox, dog, and wolf mixed together. BUT THAT’S ONE HILARIOUS DREAM WOW. You should’ve just turned into an even frailer person and then… idk. Poor you.

      OKAY THAT IS A HORRIFYING DREAM. Yeah, I wonder how it would be like you just lay there flopping around (is that a thing) as an eggy food waiting for your demise to be eaten by a human.

      OH MY LIFE READ THAT BOOK THE SECOND ONES EVEN BETTER BUT A MILLION. Basically theres tons of Londons with varying degrees of magic and it’s SO COOL! Check out the goodreads for it. I CANNOT WAIT A SECOND LONGER.

      IK THAT IS ONE EVIL TUMBLR POST. Imagine if it was real. Imagine if I grew up to become that famous author only to have done that. WOULD YOU HATE ME??? 😛 Too much emotional trauma indeed.

      IKR ITS SO NICE TO HAVE YOUR EQUALLY LONG COMMENTS AGAIN. People will scroll past this and think that we’re crazy… whoops. Should we be embarrassed??? Also, I have a problem with ending comments. Like when do we stop replying? I don’t know. Sometimes I wait for the other person to stop but other times I don’t have time to respond then sadly I forget and it ends or I just like the comment. BUT IT’S LIKE SAD. But it has to end somehow. WE’LL BLOG FOREVER FOR YOU. I mean, we’ll try. Also, with the 2 of us sharing our reader, it’s hard to find blogs that I want to read so I just keep checking them anyways haha.

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      • hiraethforthepages says:

        YES GUYS I AM BACK AND THE LONG COMMENTS ARE HERE TO STAY ❤ I DON’T EVER WANT TO BE APART FROM YOU AGAIN (oh my god, I sound like a creepy fan every single time I comment, which you know, I can’t deny).

        And WOW is that dream creative. Ah, sadly it wasn’t a dream, I would have wanted to watch the movie of how it plays out. Cheers to you though, HOW DID YOU EVEN COME UP WITH THAT. For me, my day mind is full of weird ideas but my night (dreaming mind) is when all the bonkers dreams come to life. COULD I HAVE YOUR IMAGINATION? THAT MUST BE FUN. (except you know, that dream is pretty sad.)

        Yea, DINGOS ARE GREAT. They are so ADORABLE and although they’re like these weird ‘I’m an animal that’s more than an animal YOU CAN’T DEFINE ME’ animals, I can’t help but want to just bow down to them. I don’t know, they seem like pretty chill animals and I don’t know why I’m getting those vibes. I just imagine them sunbathing at the beach with a pair of sunnies in the Aussie summer 🙂

        AHA, how sad it would be to lose the face that is my shell and then have my yolk face cooked and THEN EATEN. Oohhh, I can only imagine doing somersaults on that frying pan (or is that just pancakes? or pizzas? or mind blanks WHAT DO YOU FLIP?) and just having my whites boiling like some sort of weird spa bath thingy. FUN.

        I searched it up and A Darker Shade of Magic seems AMAZING. Grey London, Red London, magic, adventure YOU GUYS I AM SOLD COMPLETELY. AHHH I AM SO READY FOR IT. But WHEN? My library doesn’t have it and I am trying to survive a book-buying ban. OH THE STRUGGLES I WANT IT SO BAD.

        I think I just died for a second imagining the possibilities of that post coming true. I MEAN if its not you one of you two committing this atrocious crimes, then somebody else is going to be using this as a basis for their demise of human kind. I COULDN’T HATE YOU. I actually don’t think I would have a chance. You would have me completely stripped and dead of emotion and I don’t think I could survive that. YOU WOULD HAVE KILLED ME.

        Aha these long comments will always amuse me to scroll down to. I mean it has only been two long comments so far and I feel like I traveled a GIGANTIC distance to get down to this comment section XD I think they probably do think we’re crazy, I mean who writes PARAGRAPHS for their comments? One, maybe two but seven?!

        I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. I NEVER know when to stop, I mean I will continue to comment and the other person can get sick and tired of my comment notification popping up and I will still be commenting. However, yes, I do sometimes forget cries and begs for forgiveness a kazillion times over or simply like the comment 🙂 Do whenever you get bored of me, don’t hesitate to just shut me into a corner.

        Aha, I think checking out the blog itself is a pretty good idea actually. My ‘trusty’ reader must be put aside at times. There are some blogs such as, you know, SUBLIMEREADS who I CANNOT, and WILL NOT, lose the posts of. LET US MARCH TO THE VERY TIP OF THAT LIMIT AND STEP BEYOND.

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        • sublimereads says:

          YAY WE WILL BREAK THE WP COMMENTING SYSTEM. I legit think we are going to… if not soon- some day. Don’t worry about it, we’re all creepy fans around here. I’m quite the narcissist too if I could say so myself… HAHA I KID. NO WAIT, I GRANDPA. (Half the time idk what I’m talking about so just go with the flow.) I mean, you kind of ARE creepy but don’t take offence cuz that’s the kind of creepy we like. 😉

          I know, WHY ISN’T IT MY ACTUAL DREAM??!! All my actual dreams tend to be tremendously sad or else I don’t remember them. Like this morning for example. I wasn’t able to remember it for even 2 minutes before I forgot everything. I FELT IT SLIPPING AWAY. You’ll find out how sad they are later. Most involve some sort of death. I WOULD lend you my imagination for a day but you might die from all the uh… craziness. And the stupid jokes. Honestly, half of my classmates probably secretly hate me because of them.

          I know! Like HOW on Earth do you define a dingo. How do you even define any living animal creature on Australia? Most of the planet has like totally “normal” animals and then over there it’s like 10 million species I’ve never even heard of. AND THE NAMES SOUND COOL. Like who makes up the word DINGO. And like, wallaby. WHAT ENGLISH IS THIS MAY I ASK??

          Uhm. I’m kind of amused but mainly disturbed at the whole egg thing. Here’s what you can flip: my brain. I’m flipping out because these descriptions are scaring me!! e.g. “and just having my whites boiling like some sort of weird spa bath thingy”. You mean being in a hot tub?! XD LET’S NOT GET THAT VISUAL PLEASE THANKS OK GOODBYE.

          You would have been so anguished that you would’ve completely died on the spot. Fair enough. WHAT IF we did our original April Fools’ trick then??

          HONESTLY, we’re scaring people away from commenting on this post. 😛 They’re might be that one person WANTING to comment but then gave up scrolling down the page because we intimidate them. OH NO.

          WHUT. I don’t want to shut you into a corner. I CAN’T. I SHALL NOT. It’s just that we have the same problem BUT I have this strange guilty conscience. Like after several super long comments, I feel bad for the other person and I’m like yea… I should probably stop by just liking the comment. But then I can’t bring myself to not comment. But yea, sometimes I just leave it for the sake of other peoples’ sanity ahhahahaha. Sometimes, when I write an entire paragraph and the other person only writes LESS THEN A SENTENCE. I’m like yo. Not. Cool. I mean, not that I wouldn’t do that on a lazy day but STILL. Or when there’s something I said that I desperately wanted the other person to reply on but they just kind of forget about it… I CRY. (but you get free passes cuz we know you comment lots and if you’re just feeling lazy)


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          • hiraethforthepages says:

            I CAN’T WAIT. I mean, what’s going to happen once we break the commenting system? Will it just stop us from typing another letter? Or is it gonna be more extreme and then it will explode bring down a giant asteroid of blobby aliens down onto Earth to have a parade? I’M SO EXCITED I WANT BLOBBY GREEN THINGS. Aha, creepy is a second nature for me, I’m glad you like me sneaking into your bedroom and watching you sleep. OKAY KIDDING (unless you don’t me to be *WINKS AGRESSIVELY)

            I KNOW. ARGH, sometimes I wake up with an excited dream SO READY to tell somebody but then it slowly goes away and I’m stuck lonely and without a good dream to tell. I DO remember last night’s dream though, but I mean, signing up to swim at school isn’t an exciting story to tell cries AHA don’t worry. I LOVEEEE stupid jokes (well, I don’t find them stupid but everyone else seems to want to slam their face in a pole when I tell the jokes). PLEASE BE IN MY CLASS AND ENLIGHTEN MY LESSONS.

            AHA, I wonder what the person might have been thinking when they came up with these names. Did they sit there and just think: ‘huh, that thing looks like a- a- A DINGO.’ I feel the same way about a platypus. HOW DO YOU DEFINE A PLATYPUS (again with the weird names too)?! People SAY its a mammal BUT MAMMALS DON’T LAY EGGS? So is it a bird? Is it a reptile? I DON’T KNOW.

            OMG that flip thing was SO SMOOTHE. I read it and I was like OH HELL YAS. ANYWAY, right?! I just pictured the whole thing in my head and I just imagined bathing in white eggy stuff with faces everywhere AND I FREAKED OUT. GET IT OUT MY HEAD. Its almost as bad as imagining Sarkan as Dumbledore shivers

            OH NO NOW I FEEL BAD. I feel like when I’m commenting with you, all these words just wanna get out and I CAN’T HELP IT. HOW ARE YOU GUYS SO LOVELY TO TALK TO 😉 I get into the weirdest of topics and its oddly calming and amusing (even with the many heart-attacks and freak-outs that I encounter) All those poor people, WHAT DO WE DO.

            I get the same feeling sighs I’ll be fine and dandy then a thought strikes and I’m thinking: WHAT IF THEY FEEL FORCED TO TALK TO ME. Then I get another major freak out and I want to apologise and word babble at the same time. AHA I know what you mean AGAIN. Sometimes I’ll be writing a whole meaningful comment like I don’t know, about whales or something and they’ll be like: yeah, okay and I’m like NO. (AHA you guys get ‘get out of jail free cards’ because you guys are AWESOME and every single time you reply its REALLY LONG, WHOOOOOOOO and WE ALL HAVE OUR LAZY DAYS XD )

            chants BREAK IT. BREAK IT. BREAK IT.

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            • sublimereads says:

              ‘TIS ME!!!! I KNOW, WE STILL HAVE TO BREAK IT! YAS WELCOME GREEN BLOBBY THINGS WHOOOOO! That aggressive wink though… I’m not sure whether I should be scared or flattered. 😉

              IK IT’S SO ANNOYING TO FORGET DREAMS. I’D TOTALLY CRASH YOUR CLASS TO TELL THE STUPIDEST JOKES EVER. YES. Okay, so the other day Sarah and I and a few other students went on this French workshop field trip so we had to write this paragraph in French for fun without using the letters “s” and “a” which was VERY DIFFICULT. So then, me being me, I wrote this stupid story (which I thought was HILARIOUS) about a snowman who wanted to find a star so he called up a cute dog named Tomthecool. So they go into the forest to look for this star that sleeps in the forest during winter and suddenly theres this cyclops thing who said, “Give me your lives and your onions.” The dog and snowman was confused so they asked what the monster’s name was. The cyclops said, “Your black hole.” Then the story ends. Thing is, you had to read what you wrote out loud and so I did, but I COULDN’T STOP CRYING AND LAUGHING WHILE READING so people couldn’t hear it and they were all awkward and I was red from not being able to breathe and then when I was done it was just SAD. The crickets sounding in the background were SO PAINFUL I’m SURE everyone was just clapping out of PURE PITY. BUT. Thing is, this guy who went before me, wrote a WHOLE SUPER POETIC POEM. And it didn’t help that what Sarah wrote was poetic too. And I’m like GUYS STOP WITH THIS POETRY WE ALL AIN’T POETS HERE OKAY AND LEAVE ME BE WITH MY DOG SNOWMAN STORY OKAY. Sorry, I had to rant and you probably didn’t want to read all of that but hopefully, we broke the commenting system? 😀

              Trueeee. What IS a platypus. WHERE DO THESE NAMES AND ANIMALS COME FROM??! Like is platypus even English??

              Yea it’s disturbing. BUT NOOOO NOT THE SARKAN DUMBLEDORE THING. EVERY SINGLE STUPID TIME I think about it I’m cringing SO HARD. I’m like, poor girl Agniezka, GET AWAY FROM THE CREEPY OLD MAN. Ughhhhh * shivers uncontrollably *

              NOOO DON’T FEEL BAD. IT SHOULD BE ME. Every time I comment with you I feel sorry because you typed so much and I want to type just as much but when I don’t cuz I miss the comment I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. BUT YOU ARE THE LOVLIEST PERSON EVER SO DON’T STOP.

              I KNOW THE FEELING. I’m like, oh but what if they just feel OBLIGATED. UGH. And I totally just skipped this comment and now it’s way too late. I’M SO TERRIBLY SORRY EVERY TIME I CRY. I’M JUST BUSY CUZ I PROCRASTINATE LIKE I’M DOING NOW AND THEN DON’T GET TO COMMENT. Yayyyyyy! And I’ll try not to be hypocritical though I do this when I’m lazy (once again) but most of the time I don’t. Like someone would comment and I’d respond to every single point they make. BUT THEN, I say something and they only respond to the points they feel like responding to. I’M LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE. Ahem. Do we sound way too thirsty for comments??? Probably. XD We should probably stop but I don’t know how we’re like a never-ending spiral of words. People be like, good thing they’re not conversing in real life or they’d never stop talking.


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              • hiraethforthepages says:

                Firstly, HOLY WOW THAT IS A LONG COMMENT. Gosh, you are back and you have brought the load XD WELCOME BACK! YES WE WILL BREAK IT! (and you should be flattered – I don’t aggressively wink to everyone I know 😉 )

                HOLY THIS STORY IS AMAZING LIKE WHAT EVEN IS THIS PERFECTION. GOSH did I laugh at this because WHO WOULDN’T. I think you should check if your classmates are impostors or demons or whatever they are BECAUSE WHY AREN’T THEY LAUGHING? GOSH, I think just seeing your red face after that amazing piece would have made me PEE MY PANTS and CRY MY EYEBALLS out at the same time. I mean a snowman wanting to find a star with his TomtheCool? At that point my brain was pissing itself and then it went to the cyclops and I was ready to faint on the floor and then YOUR BLACK HOLE and I think I just about lost all of the marbles that I had left BECAUSE HOLY MACARONI ARE YOU ARE COMEDIAN BECAUSE THAT WAS SO GOOD I DON’T THINK I CAN STOP. AHAHAHA POOR YOU but Faith YOU ARE A POET. We peasants hear with our non sense of creativity or beautiful poetry are sadly the ones missing our inner poet, you however THAT WAS AWESOME. Could you please narrate my dreams? OR WRITE A BOOK. Because a whole novel with a whole lot of that would be SO GOOD. AHA I READ THE WHOLE THING TWICE.

                Yeah I don’t know who came up with it and I don’t know what was going on when this thing was found. I mean look at the name. WHAT EVEN IS THAT. I will forever be wondering on that foreign weird thing. Maybe the platypus was pyscho and I don’t know, ate part of the person’s brain or something and then BAM the person spiralled away to insanity and just babbled some random gurgle out.

                Gosh, what would it have been like reading it in that way? WHEN THEY KISSED WHAT WAS THAT IMAGERY. Holy, I was hyperventilating with pure excitement at that scence BUT IF I SAW IT LIKE THAT I DON’T THINK I WOULD BE ABLE TO SEE A THING EVER AGAIN. THE COOL, HANDSOME SARKAN AS AN OLD MAN. I never thought I’d say this but AGNEISKA YOU MUST GET AWAY.

                OH SHUCKS I FEEL SO FLATTERED EVERY SINGLE TIME I TALK TO YOU. Do you know hw absolutely AWESOME you are? DON’T FEEL BAD. Commenting like this FEELS SO GOOD, AHAHA when you miss my comment DO NOT FEAR. Your lovely stories will keep me entertained FOR JUST ABOUT EVER.

                ITS NOT TOO LATE. Aha, we humans must preserve our strength through procrastination and other methods in order to break this commenting system BECAUSE FOR HOW LONG WILL IT GO BEFORE WE GET OUT GREEN BLOBBY THINGS? NO YOU DO NOT SOUND THIRSTY FOR COMMENTS. I have the same! I’M LIKE BUT WAIT A MINUTE. I NEED YOU TO SEE THIS PLEASE but then life goes on and I wither away without that precious response and I keep it in my mind FOREVER. Though now I’m thinking back HAVE I EVER FORGOTTEN A POOR COMMENT ALL ALONE WITHOUT THE PROPER NEEDED RESPONSE. IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WITHERING AWAY INTO NOTHINGNESS. WOW, when is the time we are going to stop? I don’t know I don’t sense it coming WHAT IS HAPPENING. Aha, the comments are DEFINTIELY not going smaller SO WHAT’s GOING TO HAPPEN? AHA I think you’re right, what would happen if we met? Would we turn into wise old ladies STILL talking about whatever comes up? Would we NEVER stop talking and just go on sleep ing and talking at the same time?

                SO I just put this comment into world at ITS MORE THAN 620 WORDS so HOLY WordPress what do you want? I WANT MY AWARD AND I REALLY WANT IT NOW. Gosh darn I think they’re expecting some sort of massive 6 page essay or something (which we can deliver wink wink


  2. Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

    Your tags are always the most entertaining things ever. I’VE BEEN AWAY FOR SO LONG I’ve just been through this huge blogging slump but your posts are helping me get out of that 😀 And wait, you guys have Twitter!??!?!?? WHEN??? USERNAME PLS.

    Three things I need: my computer, my internet and books. YES EXACTLY. WIFI IS MY LIFE. (My one week of non wifi has taught me that XD)


    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      WHY THANK YOU. :)))))) Awww, glad we (unknowingly) helped! These comments make us happy. 😀

      I KNOW. WHERE WERE YOU??!! Uhm. Well, I’ve been somewhat shamelessly periodically checking your blog just to see when you were going to be back and YOU’RE HERE! * rubs eyes and pinches self * So how was your trip back from Jupiter? I bet it was tons of fun, right? Oh please do tell!

      Hah. Funny thing is, SARAH DOESN’T EVEN USE TWITTER AND WE DON’T HAVE ONE. But she just likes it. XD But I really want to make one. The first thing I’d do is probably re-tweet all your tweets. I’ve seen some. And they’re funny. WHELP. I GUESS I’LL HAVE TO UP MY SOCIAL MEDIA GAME. Isn’t it weird that the largest group of recluses in the world, the self-declared book nerds, are some of the most social media active people??? This is probably why we’re recluses. All our interactions are through a page and a screen.

      WIFI = Why I’d Fracture Immediately/Infinitely
      Without WIFI is Why I’d Fracture Immediately. No more things to be said.


      Liked by 1 person

      • Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

        LOOK. IT’S BEEN A FULL FIVE DAYS I am getting so lazy with blogging sob Let’s make a pact. You up your social media game and I’ll up my WordPress game? (And also, it’s pretty funny that most book bloggers are hermits that don’t come out of their shells yet end up getting tens of thousands of internet friends XD #LifeGoals – to have friends without ever needing to move a muscle)

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          I KNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING OVER THERE. Counting squirrels and humans outside your window? Haha jk. (Our squirrels are vicious. Twice, a squirrel jumped onto the window mesh screen thing to try to scale it and I was terrified. I’m like, “What should I do?! Poke it with a stick???”)

          A PACT??!! But it’s SO MUCH WORK to maintain MORE social media… groans semi-annoyed thanks MOM. XD Fine, fine. I’ll try for the universe’s sake so that everyone can read more of your stuff. See, I’m saving your blog already! Okay, I’ll post an Instagram thing but GO! I’ll be expecting a post from you soon. Or else, Imma just go to all your random posts and spam with annoying comments and you’ll feel obligated to reply but then you’re too lazy so you’ll probably just ignore it and then everyone will be depressed and then you’re gonna have to post anyway. #FoolProofPlan DON’T STOP THE BLOGGING YOU CAN DO I- okay, you get the point. But seriously. I’m a really serious person just look, this is my laughing face –> -_-

          (Right? I learnt in anthropology that introverts like interacting but they feel most comfortable online… Exactly. I need more friends but it’s too much work so, voila! Although, based on our somewhat lack of online interacting it seems like it’s still a lot of work. 😛 )

          Liked by 1 person

          • Paul @ The Galaxial Word says:

            Um I dunno I’ve never had a squirrel problem here in Australia. I’ve basically never even seen one outside of a zoo. #JustAustraliaProblems I WILL POST SOMETHING SOON. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW PATHETIC MY POSTING SCHEDULE HAS BEEN THIS MONTH I’CE LITERALLY POSTED THREE POSTS IN 24 DAYS. THAT MUST BE A RECORD LOW.

            Liked by 1 person

            • sublimereads says:

              Wait, are there squirrels in zoos??!! WHAT. Here, they roam the Earth like crazy. #JustCanadianProblems

              Yup, I get your pain. If you need help posting, we could idk somehow help? (Dunno how but still.) If you need moral support, WE GOTCHU. * supportive-ly pats on back *

              Also, CONGRATS ON 600-SOMETHING FOLLOWERS!!! 😀 * swings around a pinata and plays a bazooka *

              Liked by 1 person

                • sublimereads says:

                  My mind better not be a book because you just read it. We should definitely do a collab!! 😀 Sarah was thinking about maybe Canadian vs Australian stereotypes or something. Or it could be literally about anything. (Much excitement.)

                  Lolololol I CAN’T. KILL ME NOW (not with the bazooka thanks much appreciated). I meant kazoo but for some reason I typed bazooka… AND I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE. XD *cries * Typo of the century. TO BE FAIR, you could add a “b” and switch around a few letters to make “kazoo” become “bazooka”. (I am still laughing and pounding my head on the table.)
                  To be honest, I’m probably the kind of person to just coincidentally be holding a bow and arrow and then I’d somehow “accidentally” impale someone in the face and then go “oops” since my skills are just THAT op.

                  Liked by 1 person

  3. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    Ahahah oh that post was absolutely AMAZING TO READ, thank you for all of these answers, and yes, agreeing and talking about waffles and pancakes really is needed in life. I’m hungry now, ahah, thank you for that.
    And TWITTER is the best, and I love Instagram as well, but I post pictures well, not on a regular schedule, because I am always SO annoying about pictures looking great, haha. I need to follow you on Instagram, because I love stalking gorgeous instagrams forever ahah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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