DEAR Lois Lane: Fallout

DEAR is an acronym at my elementary and middle schools, for Drop Everything And Read. On this blog, I’m gonna use it to review either books I really liked (or really didn’t) in an open letter format. I hope you enjoy this!

DEAR Lois Lane: Fallout,

You, my dear book cover, are gorgeous. The colours, design – that use of empty space and that summary all lured me in.

You are even more beautiful in person: after pre-ordering you from the library (yes, that’s a thing) I felt so much satisfaction. And actually opening and reading you? Well that was even better. Now, that’s not to say you are flawless – you did bore me at times, and you are totally guilty of romance baiting me… but the hope you left me outweighed my fears

With a sort of unbelievable premise (though that Virtual Reality twist was hella cool) and those IM exchanges, you built yourself up wonderfully. The characters, the setting, and that solution were all wonderfully and meticulously constructed. There was build up and build up and build up – and then a conclusion (not the one I was hoping for, but it’ll do).

Lois (you don’t mind if I call you Lois, right?) remind me of my first DC comic. It was ok… sort of boring in all honestly – but I was left yearning for more.
Sometimes that yearning translated into a love of a great series, and on more than one occasion, disappointment.

But Ms.Lane, you have me intrigued. I’m hoping you charm carries on to your next book: as the brainchild of a Ms. Gwenda Bond and DC comics, you have worlds of potential (and not just virtual realities).

Here are your 4 stars,

Sincerely, Sarah.


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