Getting Emotional About Books? – Infinity Dreams Award (Part 2)

Happy Sunday!

Hello! In case you were wondering, we’re Sarah & Faith and this is the second half of the Infinity Dreams Award which we have been nominated for by Jess at Mud and Stars (thank you!) many MANY moons ago. Here we go!

1.Which fictional character is most like you?

Faith: Like I said in the other award, I guess I’d connect with Leo and Percy’s humour the most.

Sarah: … … … Literally no one. Can you find me one sassy, impulsive, Arab Canadian in YA literature? Nah.

2. Which books have made you cry?

F: I’ve mentioned this before too but Black Beauty. I haven’t really cried for many books though. Internally I have. If you didn’t know, Salt to the Sea was pretty grief-inducing. (I mean, I do become an emotional wreck and I cry but I’m not physically bawling the Niagara Falls. But internally I am. Same difference.) 

Niagara Falls, everybody. (Technically called Horseshoe Falls but they’re all technicalities.) After having gone on about 12 trips there (I’ve literally counted), you’re somewhat not so amazed anymore. But this shot is pretty epic. You could get hotel rooms with this view. Pretty cool, I guess.

I should also mention, my book. My future presently unwritten book. If you assume that I’m going to say something along the lines of “I’d cry because of how horrible it would be”, then yes. You would be correct.

S: Speak. And we shall never converse about this speech ever again.

3. Has a book ever filled you with rage?

F: YES. But I don’t remember them or why anymore. Which might as well be for the better. Or else I’d scream.

S: THERE HAVE BEEN SO MANY. I could probably classify them by genre or what exactly made me rage. Honestly, when I rage, it’s because the book filled me with so much hope and somehow ended up ruining it.

F: Us rage quitting. Except replace the computer with a book. Though, this is me whenever I read something off the internet that’s so good I wonder why I’m still blogging. 😛

4. Who is your favourite fictional couple?

F:  Now that I’ve finished A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Shwab, KELL AND LILA. Together, it’d be Kila and I have to say that it’s a pretty killer name! See, it fits better than Kell’s awesome coat on himself!

S: …

5. Has there been a book which has genuinely scared you?

F: When I was younger I used to be really scared of The Maze of Bones. (I wouldn’t sleep and I’d just stay up awake because I was scared. I was like, “They’re going underground where there are a bunch of SKELETONS AND STUFF!!”) Then, I got over it and I was like, seriously? The 39 Clues were kind of cool at first but it just got soooo annoying. There were SO MANY BOOKS that I just got kind of… ehhhhhhhh about it all. THERE WERE TOO MANY OF THOSE BOOKS. Now, I just stay away from any type of horror at all. I’m a weak soul, I’m sorry. 

Honestly, I hunt Killers by Barry Lyga (as well as the rest of that series) were uber scary. Serial killers freak me out… but I can’t stop reading about them. Don’t read this book in the dark, or home alone. You will freak out.

6. Favourite fictional animal/fantastical creature?

F: I bet Festus would look pretty cool in real life. Bernie Kosar is also a cool chimerae. Oh, and Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Baymax (Big Hero 6- love the movie by the way… there are Asians * whole world gasps *) is cute and all but I want something that can fly and spit blue incinerating balls of energy. 

S: This… thingy/pet from the Hound of Rowan. I was so taken with it’s coolness that I even created fanfic and fanart to try to convey my love.

7. Favourite fantasy world?

F: Camp Half Blood, obviously. But I doubt it’s fantasy. It’s real, I assure you. You guys just haven’t been there yet.

NO WAIT. ON SECOND THOUGHT: DEFINITELY RED LONDON. Someone take me there. Where’s Antari Airlines? 😉

S: … … … I dunno. Camp Halfblood seems the funniest though. Hogwarts is too cliche…


This, on the other hand, does not look as a-MAZE-ing.

8. Which book completely exceeded your expectations?

F: The Infinite Sea. After reading The 5th Wave, I was like “Ehhhh, I don’t know about this” because the first book was slowwwww and I just didn’t really like it. But I found myself enjoying the second book way more than I had anticipated. So that was good. 

S: So many books. It’s why i keep my expectations super low, so that I don’t end up disappointed when I read the books. If you check our Goodreads High expectations shelf, you can find a lot of books that either surpassed or didn’t meet my expectations.

9. Are there any books you’ve disliked from an author you usually love?

F: OH YEAH. I THOUGHT I WOULD LOVE MAGNUS CHASE TO PIECES – but I was wrong. This is an absolute first for me, especially from Rick Riordan’s books. I was MENTALLY PREPARED to endlessly squeal about it like a mouse in a trap… except in a good way. Then I read it, and I just didn’t laugh as much as I usually do for his books and I didn’t connect to the characters as much either. Sooo that’s that.

S: Magnus Chase for sure. And The Hypnotists by Gordon Korman. That book was straight up a cash grab XD

10. What’s your favourite book in a genre you don’t normally read?

F: Pure contemporary romance doesn’t usually pique my interest (though I do read it when I’m in the mood) but Eleanor & Park just worked. Albeit, now that I’m more exposed to all varieties of genres (except horror, I CAN’T HANDLE HORROR like I said before) I would like to think that I read more types. (I’m tempted to say something like “I DO read more TYPES because blogging is making me type more”… but then I realized that it just doesn’t really make much sense because it makes dollars. So, let’s just pretend I didn’t say anything.)

S: I read almost all genres : I like to switch things up. I think I read everything but dystopian: and I have yet to find a mind-blowing, amazing dystopian.

F: Faith and Sarah’s interaction the other day-

“Here, I brought you a book you might want to read,” said Faith as she handed Sarah a copy of Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys. Since they borrowed most of their collection of books from the library, they got into the habit of exchanging books they thought the other person might enjoy. It was just a convenient way to read more without having to wait for their books to arrive at the library.

“Thanks,” Sarah replied as she went back to her seat only to glance at the book jacket and summary. Then, a few fateful minutes later, she tossed the book back at Faith and said, “Sorry but nope, I don’t read historical fiction.”

“Heh okay, your loss.”

[Refer to review here. 😉 #ShamelessPromo?] 

11. If you had another blog, what would you write about it instead of books?

F: I’d blog about random things like random places I’ve been to (like TRAVELLING), poetry/short stories, maybe some study tips and encouragement. Oh, and some dramas/shows I’ve watched. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t now, but for now books consume most of my blogging time. I probably will post some of these things in the future too!

S: Photography? (F: Trueee. I keep getting too lazy to post some on our “Photography” tab haha.) Writing, I’d talk about writing for sure. Maybe even a French blog! 😀 (F: Lol, our April Fool’s prank.)

Our Questions

  1. Do you dream in black & white or in colour?
  2. You have the choice: an infinite number of books (you don’t have to pay a cent) – but no where to put them or one book that contains an infinite amount of books, but you pay a dollar a week. Which one?
    or one book that contains an infinite amount of books, but you pay a dollar a week
  3. Have you ever been aware of being featured in someone else’s dream? If so, were you satisfied with your casting or… was it strange?
  4. Infinite access to money or infinite access to books? If money, what would you do? Likewise if you choose books, what would you ask for?
  5. Tell us all about your strangest dream!
  6. Infinite time that stops while you read (but you still feel the effects as if it passing normally), or the ability to speed read, but under a limited amount of time?
  7. Have you ever dreamed that you were in the plot/setting of a book you recently read? Or have you ever interacted with book characters in your dream?
  8. Everything you touch immediately become animate Grinches… what do you do next?
  9. Describe your happiest dream in colours.
  10. Random Challenge: say “Toy Car” 10 times fast and write down what “word” you end up having at the very end.
  11. (Consciously) write up your own dream consisting of all your favourite things plus a mammoth wearing a onesie.


So, who are we going to force tag to answer some of our questions? These lovely people whom we all really like! ^-^

Faith at Fangirl World

Lauren at Wonderless Reviews

Marie at Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Fadwa at Word Wonders

Jo at The Naughty Author

Kat at Life and Other Disasters

Cristina at My Tiny Obsessions

And like always, NEVER FEAR if you haven’t been nominated but would like to try a hand at answering these questions because you should just consider yourself nominated. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by – Drop us a comment if you have any burning thoughts and opinions or a mystery to solve!

~Sarah & Faith

Infinity Dreams Award Part 2

And yes, this is essentially the same-ish banner as the last one except the colours are inverted haha

Another randomly-cheesy-but-fitting encouraging quote: “Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.”

26 thoughts on “Getting Emotional About Books? – Infinity Dreams Award (Part 2)

  1. Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews says:

    Ahh, thank you so much!!! Awesome questions too!! I can’t wait to answer them ♥♥

    This again was such a fun read 😀 I would absolute love to live in the world of Camp Half-Blood. I’m still waiting for a satyr to show up and tell me I’m a Demigod 😂 I wish I was able to get scared by books!! Horror is my favourite genre, but they just don’t seem to have an affect on me. I’m a total wuss when it comes to horror movies though, haha. I’m with Faith and don’t normally read romance contemporaries either, but I’m definitely interested in Eleanor & Park so it’s reassuring to hear you enjoyed it 😀


    • sublimereads says:

      Haha, truth! XD Honestly, you don’t find arab characters unless they are in fantasy (which is a pet peeve) but honestly, I don’t think I’d enjoy reading about someone as impulsive as me 😛


  2. mudandstars says:

    Thanks for doing the tag guys! 🙂 Loved your answered. Faith – you’ve got me really excited to read A Darker Shade of Magic! Sarah – I Hunt Killers sounds awesome, I’ve been looking for some more scary reads so thanks for the recommendation! Alsooo I’m seeing a lot of Rick Riordan love in this post – I’ve never read any of his books, and I have no idea where to start because there are so many haha. What would you guys recommend I read first?

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      No problem, it’s been wayyy overdue anyways! Aha yes, A Darker Shade of Magic only gets better with the sequel! I’m sequealing!!!
      YES, RICK RIORDAN BOOKS ARE WITTY, HILARIOUS, ACTION, ADVENTURE AND MAGIC all packed into books. Hmm so, here’s what I’ll recommend. There are, as of now, 2 Percy Jackson series. The first, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, is pretty middle grade from the style of writing to his personality. But in that series, he grows a year old with each book. The second, Heroes of Olympus, is where the fun really starts with a bunch of new cast that’s even more hilarious and amazing and ship-worthy. That’s when the writing is more towards YA and you could really see how Percy matured.

      Anyway, I would definitely recommend getting some background info on the main characters first before diving in to meet all the rest – so read the first series first then the 2nd. (He has other series too but I recommend the Percy Jacksons the most). If you’re on a time crunch and want to get to the 2nd series, you could cheat and read the first and last books of the first middle grade series (though you won’t get some of it but soon you’ll catch on) then skip to the second series. That way, you’ll understand it more.

      Sorry for the whole rant and tangent! It’s just my inner love for the books. 😀 They get me laughing out loud all the time haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mudandstars says:

        Ahh thanks for the tips! See, I didn’t even realise there were TWO Percy Jackson series, I’m that much of a novice. I don’t mind reading MG if the story is good – I think I’ll have to give the first series a go at some point this year! And no need to apologise for tangents, I’m a fan of the tangent myself haha. You’ve definitely sold the books to me 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          You’re very welcome! It IS good! It’s one of those kinds of books that I don’t mind rereading any time of day and I still get a laugh out of them. It’s just a somewhat carefree innocent adventure but it’s intense all at the same time. I don’t know. Basically, the adventure and actions scenes (which play out so wonderfully) are perfectly balanced by the comic relief. I’m always rooting for Percy all the way. And when you read about his journey through the books, he’s literally growing up so fast and I probably become tearful just thinking about it haha.
          Whenever I talk about Percy Jackson, it just automatically gets me in tangents. It’s chronically inevitable. 😛


  3. hiraethforthepages says:

    Every single tag that you two post has me squealing because FUN FACT: you two are one of the most interesting people with the most interesting words in the world. I mean, you could answer the most boring question in the best of ways. Guys, what’s your favourite colour queue the most glorious response

    OOOOH, Faith can’t handle horror? rubs hands in glee That it is a pretty interesting VITAL piece in the grand scheme of things. Just imagine… XD But FAITH, that piece on the whole story of giving Sarah your book and everything – KIND OF SOUNDS LIKE A REALLY COOL STORY. As in it feels like a story. COULD YOU NARRATE YOUR LIFE AND GIVE IT TO ME PLESE. Because I feel like that masterpiece could sell for millions (plus if there are more stories about snowmen and Tomthecools that would be UM PRETTY MUCH DARN GOLD)

    Liked by 1 person

    • sublimereads says:

      GASSPPP REALLY??!!! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT YOU WERE OBSESSED WITH MY ESSENCE ALREADY. 😉 I’m joking. Who am I kidding. We love how you like our stuff more than we do!! (It’s kind of hilarious, actually. XD ) Sometimes I’m tempted to wonder if your comments are just a figment of our imagination haha. But THANK YOUUUU yet again bows so low that I flop onto the ground

      Horror is not fun. Hello, but goodbye.

      NO. YOU LIE. HOW CAN MY LIFE BE A BOOK. It’d be a sad one, at that. 😛 But maybe I’ll write some type of short sometime in the summer? I don’t know! It would be BEYOND EPIC if it even got published. Normal people would be like, “I’m happy/excited to tell you that… I’m publishing a book!” If that was me, I would be like “OKAY A;LKFHSDVLFBNA;SBNLSNVL;ADFJ WAIT. LET ME CATCH MY BREATH. AVJALVF;AFJK;AF;DF. YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHAT.” And people would think I’m making a big deal out of everything… but how do you stay calm if you’re writing and PUBLISHING A BOOK??!! I really don’t know.

      Liked by 1 person

      • hiraethforthepages says:

        AHA, you don’t have to tell me you’re joking, I REALLY AM OBSESSED WITH YOU (consider it a compliment). Yeah, this isn’t healthy is it? Ilovethisblogsomuch I will gladly eat watermelon for it not to end (FUN FACT: whilist everyone LOVES watermelon, this human over here CANNOT BEAR IT but I will for you loves) Maybe it is indeed you who I am imagining BECAUSE HOW CAN SOMETHING BE SO WONDERFUL. hoorays so loud and high the dogs all come running

        AHAHAHA YES PLEASE DO. Just know I will preorder that thing a decade beforehand (time-travel comes in really handy these days). OH GOSH, if I get a publishing deal I will think that the world died and shrivelled into a weird bubble BEACUSE I CANNOT WRITE. Yet when the breathless news gets delivered from you? I WILL BE YOU’RE NUMBER ONE FAN AND I WILL BE BY YOUR SIDE TRYING TO CATCH MY BREATH FROM THE EXCITEMENT. How can I stay calm when YOU’RE PUBLISHING A BOOK? Oh I know: YOU CANNOT.

        Liked by 1 person

        • sublimereads says:

          Lol, I am completely flattered. Honestly, is this how you go about life over-flattering people? 😛 If so, that’d be awesome. Well, I mean I’m not sure if it’s healthy because since we’re insane, you’d be insane to like this blog much less be OBSESSED with it so… AND HOW DO YOU DISLIKE WATERMELON? It’s like so good! HONESTLY I HAVE NO CLUE HOW WE ARE THIS GOOD TO GAIN SUCH MAGNIFICENT PRAISE. I disagree!!! Hah. Beat that with your non-exsistant beets. Yeah, that’s right. (¬‿¬) WHAT?! It’d be so kewl if you got a publishing deal!!! Yes, I’ll try to let you get an ARC for my future book! 😉 BUT WAIT I HAVE NOT PUBLISHED A BOOK… YET. Have you really never written any short story/fiction that you’ve liked?? I’m sure there’s something that’s good! Btw, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO I LAUGHED TOO HARD IT’S KIND OF HILARIOUS:

          Liked by 1 person

          • hiraethforthepages says:

            Aha, maybe you guys are the lucky few. OR MAYBE IM INSANE AND THIS COMMENTING IS REALLY ME TRYING TO SUPPRESS MY INNTER FANGIRL BECSUSE TOU GUYS ARE GREAT. I’m sorry 😛 I cannot with a watermelon gives you 36 watermelons YOU ARE AWESOME PEOPLE AND AWESOME PEOPLE DESERVE MORE PRAISE. AHAHAHAHA. BEETS. It really, really would! YES GIMME THE ARC. I’d probably get way excited and puke and wee my pants while racing to ride a camel becsuse HOW EXCITED WOULD THAT BE? Aha, I’ve written short stories but while they’re okay, they’re nowhere near getting a publishing deal or impressing your wonderful souls 😛 OMG I WATCHED THE VIDEO AND I MAY BE SUFFERING FROM DEATH-BY-LAUGHTER, DONATE TO ME NOW. (Thank you for the enlightenment, that video was HILARIOUS)

            Liked by 1 person

            • sublimereads says:

              If I ever do make ARCs, mine will be the most beautiful sprinkely rainbow arc ever. 😛 Hopefully.
              NO I NEED TO SEE YOUR SHORT STORIES I BET THEY’RE GOOD STOP BEING SO HUMBLE. I mean unless they’re actually made for cute animals in which case, I’d totally read it.

              I KNOW isn’t that video TOO HILARIOUS?!! I was laughing out loud wayyyyyy too hard. I DIED TOO. IT’S SO FUNNY I CAN’T. I’M TEMPTED TO DO THE SAME JUST TO SEE WHAT I GET. So, you’re very welcome. 😀

              Liked by 1 person

              • hiraethforthepages says:

                OH YES, I do love my beautiful sprinklely rainbow arcs SO DOES THIS MEAN I MUST HAVE THIS ARC (YESYESYESITDOES). Oh no, I must stop you before you kill your mind with my bland vocab and terrible ideas BECAUSE I’M NOT JOKING ITS HORRIBLE (which means you lost the bet – GIMME ALL YOUR MONEY). AHAHA cute animals CUTE ANIMALS.
                AHH YES, now I really do what to give it a shot IS THIS BAD. The temptation is real and I wanna BUT KNOWING ME IT WILL END BADLY WITH THE BANKRUPTCY OF HALF THE WORLD 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                • sublimereads says:

                  yes i don’t know how some people like typing without a single capital at all. it just seems so un-grammar and so monotone. meanwhile with caps grammar isn’t even an issue ya know? but with no caps at all it’s like torture. i’m restraining so much from pounding the caps lock button just to see how it’s like with no caps at all. its a struggle. i love arcs. we’ve never gotten one though.
                  knowing us, we’d probably cause another world depression because of our spam mail replying skills.
                  ps pls read percy jackson asap or my heart will be in so much sadness.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • hiraethforthepages says:

                    OH GOD THIS WAS HARD TO READ. THIS IS VERY UN-FAITH-LIKE ITS SCARES ME. You’re right, HOW DO THEY DO IT? AHA, perhaps all the caps-lock is just my way of hiding how TERRIBLE I am at grammar, I CAN FEEL THE STRAIN OF NOT TOuCHING THAT CAPS LOCK BUTTON. Aha, that’s me exactly! Never received an arc BUT I LOVE THEM. I will be joining you in that world-depression spamming them because WHY HAVEN’T THEY GIVE YOU GUYS ARCS. You guys would just SLAY those reviews I might cry from your awesomeness.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • sublimereads says:

                      JUST LOOKING AT IT IS SUFFOCATING!! THE STRAIN IS REAL. IT’S LIKE I CAN’T BREATHE. (Not like I breathe much when I caps lock and scream either but very much less so.) Hahaha I can’t grammar that well sometimes either. I love ARCs… at least the idea of them! WHY HAVEN’T YOU RECEIVED AN ARC EITHER??!! 😦 Let’s hope the publishers hear our caps lock cries of agony from here. THEY PROBABLY – CAN LOOK AT HOW MUCH CAPS LOCK WE’RE USING. You’d slay an entire universe of mean dragons!! (Idk what I’m saying but let’s just let you be the heroine of the Mean Dragon Slayer Story.)
                      Yay, you’ll read it!! ^-^

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • hiraethforthepages says:

                      IT IS EXACTLY. MY MUSCLES ARE TELLING ME TO JUST CAPS LOCK EVERYTHING. But oh of course, caps lock doesn’t help you breathe BUT IT MAKES IT A LOT MORE COMFORTABLE TO HOLD YOUR BREATHE OR SCREAM. Oh yes those publishers must or else we must tackle them with our plan b (which still must be thought out) I do not know what that reference to Mean Dragon Slayer Story is but I will pretend like to do AND MARCH TO SLAY THOSE DRAGONS.


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