New Year, New Beginnings!


Hello, dear glorious readers! It’s us, Sarah and Faith at Sublime Reads  

Happy New Year! It’s been a wonderful six months since we’ve been introduced to the world of book blogging and from it, we have had so many new experiences! That being said, there’s always room for improvement. So, we’ve written down some of our goals and then by the end of 2016, we’re planning to reflect on them. You know that they say that New Year’s resolutions are never actually seen through until the end: but this year, we’re determined to accomplish these tasks, or at least try our best!


RESOLUTION #1: Be more consistent.

S: I think that means posting to a schedule… or at least regularly. When it comes to book reviews, there are so many I want to write… but I never get around to doing them.

F: Oh stars. This one, is sometimes hard. There’s school work, then there’s extracurricular activities, then there’s parents who tell you to do stuff and trying to get an adequate amount of sleep. Time management is just a tool in life that we’ll have to master.

I should also point out that at times, I Google encouragements for motivation because when your name is Faith, often times people will tell you to “just have FAITH in yourself!” (They consequently believe that they are the most ingenious person to have ever walked on Earth… trust me. Or should I say, have faith in me. I’ve heard it more times than I’ve procrastinated.)


RESOLUTION #2: Comment more.

S: This might just be me, but I feel really shy when commenting on other people’s blogs. It’s even worse when the posts I want to talk about are old. 😥 So this year, I want to be more outgoing and I want to participate even more XD

F: Commenting is a pretty big part of blogging because it helps give feedback and it just gives you a nice fuzzy feeling to know that people are actually reading your stuff, no matter what it is. Of course, it also helps you to engage in the blogosphere so this year, I’m going to try to read and comment more on other blogs.


RESOLUTION #3: Carpe Diem

S: We should definitely seize any bookish opportunities in 2016. That includes going to book festivals and asking for ARCs 😉 (No ARC envy though… that’s what we’re leaving in 2015)

F: Basically, we’re going to take more initiative to just do more. More bookish things and activities. Such as updating (and remembering) our Goodreads account more and especially, our Instagram account. (Yikes, we should definitely do something about that!!)


RESOLUTION #4 Quality, not Quantity

S: Cutting back on the books we read isn’t necessarily bad… as long as the books we read are interesting and diverse. We should probably branch out to other genres 😀

F: This is exactly what I’ve learned from book reviewing. Before, I would try to read more so that I could review more… instead, I’ve realized that reading less material doesn’t mean reviewing less. It means taking the time to review more on the books that you have read! 🙂


RESOLUTION #5: Branch out.

S: I have yet to review a middle grade novel… or a manga. Although, I swear, that will change!

F: In terms of trees and branches, we’re practically still a sapling. Luckily for us, trees are always growing! As for me, I was thinking about reviewing the occasional Korean drama and more book-related movies and DIYs! Just a more diverse array of blog posts. (But don’t worry, we’ll focus first on the book reviews!)


RESOLUTION #6: Find the right design for us.

S: We need to find a theme and a look that we like. And we need to figure out our aesthetic. Something with watercolours….

F: Although our blog is ever-changing, we’re going to try to find a style that suits the both of us, and one that you will also hopefully enjoy!


RESOLUTION #7: Refine our writing.

S: While our skills, whether it be critical thinking or just English in general, have improved, there’s still a long way to go 😀

F: We’re always trying to find ways to streamline my writing. But sometimes it’s a STRUGGLE. Usually I know what I’m trying to say, but don’t know how to say it. Then, I try to find a balance between finding my own voice while generally improving my English skills. It’s a pain when you’re done and you’re still dissatisfied with your writing… I guess I’ll also have to appreciate my own work more!


RESOLUTION #8: Give back to our followers.

S: We recently reached over a 100 followers, which is quite amazing. We really don’t deserve you guys, so thank you to everyone ❤ Your support means the world to us!

F: To be honest, it’s easy to be envious of others’ follows but I’ve really recognized that their followers exist because of their hard work and effort that they’ve put into their blogs! This year, we would just like to take the time to appreciate everything we have achieved through book blogging and it’s really thanks to you. 🙂 It never gets old seeing a nice comment or getting a new follow, which really encourages us to write more! In the future, we would love to do a giveaway… one day it will happen. Thanks for a great six months of blogging!


If any of our resolutions apply to you, comment below! We’d love to hear about your new goals.

We’ll see you in the new year! 🙂

We’re Back + Weekly (or 3 week) recap!


So we put our hands up like we finally postin’

Hey guys! Sorry for the impromptu hiatus… doing 3 major biology assingments in the span of two weeks is not healthy. Or good for your eating habits. Or sleep. #RIPWeekofsleep. Or your friendships. Luckily, Faith and my relationship can totally stumble but make it out intact over 3 weeks of biological torture.

This is scarily accurate…

But what’s important is that we are back! We’re also trying out a new way of doing things… motivation (or blackmail, but what’s the difference, really).

So I’d like to introduce our first ever weekly recap!
Since me and Faith read at different speeds, and review at different rates, we will post individual, weekly posts, summarizing what we have read in a week, and indicating what books we will review. We sometimes find we read books that are hard to review (the books that are neither good nor bad, but don’t really stand out either… you know what I’m talking about 😉 )

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Update #3: My Not So Wild Adventures in Egypt Continues (for now)

Sarah’s back with a third update and it’s WILD!

(Like so unbelievably wild, you won’t understand.)

Hello friends!! It’s me, Sarah, and nope I’m not dead. I’m something worse tbh. (F: Haha she didn’t like resurrect from being a mummy… ’cause like Egypt stereotype-y things ya know.)

So y’all may have been wondering why you haven’t heard from me recently (Nah I wasn’t procrastinating, nope not me. Srsly guys.) I was struck by something that tourists in Egypt like to call King Tut’s Curse… That’s right, stomach flu.
For 5 days, I’ve eaten nothing but half a bowl of rice and unsalted (read NO FLAVOUR OR TEXTURE) mashed potatoes. (F: What – SUCH a struggle! I thought mashed potatoes were supposed to be smooth and pretty texture-less along with a minimal taste?? 😛 Which is probably why someone invented gravy.)

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Update #2: Top 5 Differences Between Canada & Egypt

Here’s update number two of Sarah’s adventures in Egypt! 

Hey everyone, so I’ve been in Egypt for 4 days now and I’ve noticed many differences between way over here and in Canada. Some of them were obvious, some scary, and some just plain funny. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I did (or didn’t) finding out and writing about them!

1. Language

This one is the most obvious… In Canada we speak English and French, while in Egypt they speak Arabic. Oddly enough, my cousins have to be able to speak English well if they want to be hired for a job (even though they told me they don’t use it). Since I can only speak Arabic like a child in the 2nd grade, and my cousins speak English like 5th graders, we manage to understand each other; though I’m pretty sure we butchered both languages. 😛 However, even after only four days, my Arabic has already gotten better! Hey, maybe they’ll put me in the 3rd grade! (F: If you’re lucky haha) 

2. Temperatures

Here’s another obvious in-yo-face one: the weather. Right now in Canada, it’s a wonderful 20-25 degrees Celsius (more or less depending where you live). Meanwhile in Egypt, it’s well, 35 degrees… Before you factor in the humidity. But today’s a good day because there’s actually a breeze. My extended family tells me that this is normal… Even though I’m DYING. Like if I don’t sit in a freezer asap, I’m gonna come back to Canada as a genuine dried Sarah.

Dried crisp under the sun aka popcorn-ed…


… And great self-showers = objective obtained (or should I say not obtained) 

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Walk Like An Egyptian Updates #1: Airplanes

As you may know, Sarah’s currently in Egypt so here’s Day 1 of her updates! You’re about to read one of her ranting rampages so you better watch out. 😉

(…You better not cry, you better not pout I’m tellin’ you why… because airplanes are sometimes the worst)

Alright! So like I said before, I was on my way to Egypt and I was so excited to ride the plane… For ten hours straight (a direct flight with Egypt air).

This flight was not the best I’ve been on… AT ALL. It was literally all the complaints people have on planes rolled into 10 hours of my life. 😛

First, the plane took off. (Faith: No way, Sarah. Really?? Kidding.)

It was fairly uneventful, if not a bit bumpy. And because the runway faces the west, the plane had to turn around: it literally tilted like 45 degrees which was cool but kind of scary.

We then immediately hit turbulence. The kind where they come around to make sure you fastened your seat belts and to wake up anyone who’s asleep.
Now that was terrifying because it was so early in the flight that they hadn’t even gotten around to handing the headphones out.

Turbulence wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the row of babies in front of us – Like 5 babies for the 9 seats in one row. Every time the plane would bump, they’d wake up and wail. And if one of them cried, all of them would wake up and cry.

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