We’re Back + Weekly (or 3 week) recap!


So we put our hands up like we finally postin’

Hey guys! Sorry for the impromptu hiatus… doing 3 major biology assingments in the span of two weeks is not healthy. Or good for your eating habits. Or sleep. #RIPWeekofsleep. Or your friendships. Luckily, Faith and my relationship can totally stumble but make it out intact over 3 weeks of biological torture.

This is scarily accurate…

But what’s important is that we are back! We’re also trying out a new way of doing things… motivation (or blackmail, but what’s the difference, really).

So I’d like to introduce our first ever weekly recap!
Since me and Faith read at different speeds, and review at different rates, we will post individual, weekly posts, summarizing what we have read in a week, and indicating what books we will review. We sometimes find we read books that are hard to review (the books that are neither good nor bad, but don’t really stand out either… you know what I’m talking about 😉 )

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Faith’s August TBR

Hello and Happy August! 

I hope you’re all having a pretty great/alright month so far! We haven’t been posting lately and this next week will be pretty busy too but we promise to get back on it soon after! (We’re super sorry and we’ll try our best to make up for it) We’re a week into the month which is slightly late but I thought that I’d still share some of my TBRs!

I’m a pretty slow reader because I like to take my time to really absorb all the details but I guess we’ll see how I do this month. Do you read at the speed of light or what? Tell us all about it! I mean you can have a reading routine and we won’t judge. Anyways, there’s a bunch of fantastical books to read and this is actually my first shared TBR list so here we go! 🙂

205601371. An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Yes, I personally still haven’t picked this book up. I’ve heard TONS about it and they’re basically nothing but good reviews. The thing about super hyped books (which we all know about) is that when it’s finally into your hands you can’t wait to read it and when you finally do, you feel somewhat… disappointed. Nevertheless, I hope that this won’t be the case because I’m still super excited to start it!


2. The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancy 

I read The 5th Wave (Book #1) a few months ago after I heard about it and I mean, it was alright. I heard that there’s going to be a movie coming out for The 5th Wave in 2016 so to be honest it made me a bit more interested in reading it. So I’m going to read the sequel probably some time soon. I think the book cover for The Infinite Sea would look great as a movie poster and personally the feel of the books and cover reminds me of The Maze Runner for some reason too.

248176263. Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

Most everyone had to read To Kill a Mockingbird at school, right? So when I did read it, I liked it way more than I expected and I especially loved all the wise sayings from Atticus. When I heard that the sequel was coming out this summer, like anyone I was really intrigued. However after reading some reviews, there were some pretty mixed feelings about the book… I guess I’ll find out for myself what has become of grown up Scout! (The ham costume in TKAM though… I found that funny for some reason. Am I the only one? Probably. :P)


4. Extraordinary Means by Robyn Schneider

As you may know I finished The Beginning of Everything last month and so I wanted to pick this book up. To be honest though, it sounds quite predictable at some points since it’s another one of these “hospitalized-ish teens” books but I don’t know, I might enjoy it. Or not. Time will tell… actually I guess I will tell… you. I also can’t help but like these types of covers with the doodle-y type font and things.


5. Ghosting by Edith Pattou

I picked this book up at the library after flipping through it thinking that it seems interesting because well, it’s written in free verse and multiple POVs which I just really like. Sometimes with certain free verses the lines seem choppy because they’re cut off at odd places and it doesn’t give you the same flow but it also highlights certain words and phrases. I guess I’m going to be reading this sometime soon as well!

I hoped you enjoyed seeing my relatively short TBR list for this month. Have any of you read these books before? Any other books you would recommend to us? Tell us about it! Like I said, I’m a slow reader so I’m going to try my best to finish these books this month but I’m really excited.

Thanks for sticking around and remember to keep smiling!

Thought of the day: That moment when you can’t stop smiling because of books. 😀

Update #2: Top 5 Differences Between Canada & Egypt

Here’s update number two of Sarah’s adventures in Egypt! 

Hey everyone, so I’ve been in Egypt for 4 days now and I’ve noticed many differences between way over here and in Canada. Some of them were obvious, some scary, and some just plain funny. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I did (or didn’t) finding out and writing about them!

1. Language

This one is the most obvious… In Canada we speak English and French, while in Egypt they speak Arabic. Oddly enough, my cousins have to be able to speak English well if they want to be hired for a job (even though they told me they don’t use it). Since I can only speak Arabic like a child in the 2nd grade, and my cousins speak English like 5th graders, we manage to understand each other; though I’m pretty sure we butchered both languages. 😛 However, even after only four days, my Arabic has already gotten better! Hey, maybe they’ll put me in the 3rd grade! (F: If you’re lucky haha) 

2. Temperatures

Here’s another obvious in-yo-face one: the weather. Right now in Canada, it’s a wonderful 20-25 degrees Celsius (more or less depending where you live). Meanwhile in Egypt, it’s well, 35 degrees… Before you factor in the humidity. But today’s a good day because there’s actually a breeze. My extended family tells me that this is normal… Even though I’m DYING. Like if I don’t sit in a freezer asap, I’m gonna come back to Canada as a genuine dried Sarah.

Dried crisp under the sun aka popcorn-ed…


… And great self-showers = objective obtained (or should I say not obtained) 

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6 Tips on Comfy Reading

Not getting into the flow of your book as easily as you would’ve liked to?

Oh, it’s the end. You’re totally done for. No worries! Here are some personal tips to know before your long awaited reading session or handy things to keep close by to be sure you’ll be extra comfy as you snuggle up with your book!

1. A nice comfy spot & room mood setting

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I know that I always feel more comfortable when my room is clean (or at least cleaner) and freshly decorated! First, you should find a comfy and quiet spot to read; for most of us, that could mean a bean bag chair/a pile of pillows in a room. If you share a room with unfortunately a sibling, find a spot where you can relax such as the couch but if you really don’t have anywhere in particular at your home, the public library offers some quietness too. If you feel that you know the theme of the book you’re currently reading pretty well, you could incorporate some themed decorations into your room! So if you have any book posters for the book, you could bring those out and even make some book themed DIYs to amp up the room setting! Maybe you can even bring out those festive fairy lights to have on while you flip through your book (which is basically a tumblr type setting but if it’s your kind of thing, “You go, Glen Coco!”).

I dunno about you but I’m feeling – like I could read in this room forever.

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Top 12 Fresh & Cute DIY Bookmarks Ideas

Tired of sandwiching a ticket stub or a folded napkin between your books? Here is an ensemble of my personal top 10 fresh & cute DIY bookmark ideas that anyone can make to add a little zest to your summer reading!* They’re great as summer projects and as gifts to all book lovers!

Some are quick and easy to make with all the materials you need probably already right at home, but if you’re craving a more challenging summer project, we’ve included great bookmarks for you to make too! I rated for each bookmark DIY the amount of difficulty it would take, personally, to make them; however they’re all relatively simple! (A 5 out of 5 would not mean that it’s extremely difficult just more so in comparison to the others.)

*We don’t own any of these photos or ideas but simply found them to share!

  1. Washi Tape Paper Clip Bookmarks

This handy bookmark only takes some Washi tape and paperclips! A super quick and cute DIY that will liven up the colours in any book!

Difficulty Rating: 1/5

Source & full Instructions are at Laura’s Crafty Life

Paperclip Washi Tape Bookmarks - Laura's Crafty Life

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