Cuteness Overload: Kirimichan & Gudetama!

Hello everyone from the interweb!

kirimichanI recently found out about these cute new Sanrio food characters named Kirimi-chan and Gudetama… One’s a salmon fillet and one’s an egg. Surprise? Anyways I find them immensely adorable so here’s a spontaneous meme-ish thing. We’re totally all about everything cute. Also, why not? Everyone needs their weekly dose of cuteness anyways & I’m here to do exactly that! 🙂 OK I’ll stop talking er… typing. Enjoy!

*Whispers loudly* “Gudetama, stop lazing around! We’re starting now! I’m not your mother hen though, so you better get going!” (Sorry readers about this minor delay…)

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Meme Mondays: The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

We’re back! And you ask, “What’s the theme for Meme Mondays this week?” This Monday we’re bringing The Chronicles of Narnia right to your front door!

(The front door to your wardrobe, we mean.)

Narnia: Prince Caspian… and well all the other Narnia movies too 🙂

When you’re creeping on/hiding FROM someone you know when you coincidentally see them at the store.

Lucy the Valiant

Edmund the Just

Susan the Gentle

Peter the Magnificent

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Meme Mondays: The Maze Runner

We are finally back with another fresh & new Meme Mondays!

This week’s theme is… *cue the drum roll*

The Maze Runner!

Wait, what? Are we at a hospital now??

That moment when we’re all like NOOOO DON’T DO IT THOMAS…! BTW the guy at the very back is literally me. I’m too short to ever see anything in crowds.

*Goes ahead and runs into the unknown through huge closing slabs of concrete walls*

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