Hear ye! (Well, read ye.) Today we have an announcement & we’re going to make it short and sweet!

Basically to rephrase what Paul at The Galaxial Word (his blog is awesome, go check it out!) said right here, we (the two of us + Paul) were thinking about possibly creating some sort of blogger collab/blog tour thing!

So here’s the dealio: if you’re interested in joining our random collab fest, feel free to drop us (or Paul) a comment and – if you have one – a topic idea! ^-^

~ Thanks for coming by ~

Sarah & Faith

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A News More Exciting Than Us!

Hello, err’body!

On this lovely Sublime Fridays, Faith and I have an exciting new announcement (no, it’s not another meme XD ). We’ve decided to try something new: we’re going to be reviewing books in French from now on! We will still post the occasional English post but we wanted to branch out and improve our French too, so we thought that this would be a great platform to start! Please excuse our horribleness in French, as it won’t be perfect by any means. So here’s our very first duo French review! Continue reading

Reviewing My 6 Year Old Poetry

Have you ever wondered what Faith was like at age six? Wonder no more!

This week, I am taking over Sublime Fridays by reviewing a piece of text like all book bloggers do. This post was originally for World Poetry Day a few days ago but since I had missed it, I am now gracing your presence with a poem we’ve all been absolutely looking forward to. But there’s a slight difference: it’s a top notch piece of literature written by yours truly… when I was six.

(S: Is it weird that my first reaction to this idea was :YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… NOT.

We have exams this week, so there will only be one post this week (other than this, of course 😉 ) Disclamer: This weeks White Pine Wednesday will come on the Friday. Possible because I haven’t even read the book.

We apologize in advance if we miss any comments, posts or awards ~ we hope to catch up with you guys next week!

Wish us luck XD


As always, Mr Bean is relatable. #ourfaceswhenwegettheexam


See the close up of his blank eyes? That’s us right now 😛

We wish you luck (if you happen to have exams/projects/life)  too!


The Real Neat Blog Award!

Mucho gracias to Amy at Curiouser and Curiouser for nominating us! (This has definitely been long over due!) Check out her incredibly interesting blog 😀


1. Who is your favourite book/film/tv show character?

F: Leo Valdez hands down. And Percy. And Nine from Lorien Legacies. (A lot of people find him annoying but sometimes he’s just hilarious… and I too am sensing a pattern here. All of these three are the comic relief in action-y books.) Shahrzad (The Wrath and the Dawn) is also a great heroine.

S: Ummm… Cinder? Percy? Agnieszka? Humourous people in general? Am I allowed to list them by genre or book (and would you guys be willing to read a mile of writing)?

2. If you could choose to meet any famous person (alive or dead), who would you choose and why?

F: I’d meet poet Sarah Kay because her work inspires me to write and she does word play like some people play chess. 😉

S: JK Rowling because she WROTE HARRY POTTER, one of the most defining books of the past 2 and present 2 generations.

Elizabeth the Second? (Who am I kidding, I’m not even British.)

3. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Be honest.

F: I think we’ve established that I haven’t read enough of the books to be a legitimate hardcore fan. But I think I would be if I did finish the series. Right? There’s a lot of peer pressure though… (haha)

S: UM YES. YES YES YES YES. I even managed to infect some of my other friends into even more hardcore fans. For some reason, Faith seems immune ~ I’m still working on infecting her 😛

Did I mention how much I love her?

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The Liebster Award

Thanks to Audrey @ Forwards and Bookwords who nominated us for the Liebster Award; we really appreciate it! 🙂 Go and check out her fantastic blog if you haven’t yet! We’ve actually been nominated a while ago but have just gotten around to doing it (procrastination may or may not be an issue)…

Our questions from Audrey: 
  1. Would rather you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again?

Faith: I would rather never to be able to read again, although that would break my heart TREMENDOUSLY, because writing is my way of expressing myself and no matter how many times I’ll have to suffer without the next installment of my fave series, at least I can write some of my own endings to them! But if I just never read my entire life and only wrote, I probably wouldn’t miss reading very much either because I wouldn’t know how it’s like!

Sarah: Oh my gosh, what a hard question…I literally don’t think I can stop either. I read, and get inspiration for writing, and when I write, I start reading a wider variety of things. But if I had to choose… writing. I didn’t want to hurt my hand any way 😛

  1. What is a bookish sport/event that you wish existed in real life?

F: Hmm… Obviously everyone wants Quidditch to be an official Olympic sport but I’d say Capture the Flag Camp Half-Blood style. It’d be intense. (S: YAAS PREACH)

S: But I personally would like a speed reading contest. (I WILL PWN YOU ALL) (F: Lol she actually will)

  1. What is a series that you think is underrated?

F: Lorien Legacies. There’s probably more people that like it than I know of and there’s already a movie for the first book; plus there’s some controversy surrounding the publishing and things. But I haven’t really heard of anyone talking about it much? Or maybe it’s just me.

S: ARTEMIS FOWL. LUNAR CHRONICLES. (now if you asked me what I thought was overrated, that would be a 20 page list)

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