Cute Sticker Conspiracy? – Faith’s Strange Musings

It was first published in her journal. And it’s about cute eggs and potato stickers – that have unfortunately fallen under the scrutiny of her pencil.

You may be wondering, “What is this going to be about?” This is an excerpt from my journal, an entry that I had written last January before book blogging had taken over my life. And it’s – strangely interesting. (Sarah says that it’s because I needed an outlet. So I’ve taken that I am now a step up because instead of ranting to myself, I am ranting to actual people. Poor, innocent people who have to withstand these… somewhat tortures.) So, I have decided to share it with you (though I’m unsure whether this is the proper decision or not) by typing it up for the internet to see. 

May I present to you, my unfiltered brain barf about cute stickers. Have fun!

CAUTION: If you dislike spontaneously strange and casual rambles with an excessive use of caps lock, exclamation points and weird thoughts, I would advise you to stay away from this post. It’s not for the faint of heart. This is, however, for entertainment purposes. 😉 Continue reading

White Pine Wednesdays: Delusion Road

Hello world!

Now that you have recovered from our April Fool’s post, we are back to our regularly scheduled (and well written 😉 ) posts!


This week, I’ll be reviewing Delusion Road… which is actually harder than it sounds. Trying to type this out reminds me of something Paul once said (I can’t find the post right now): it wasn’t a terrible book, it was just… meh. Forgettable. It was enjoyable enough that I finished it without feeling like I was slogging/obliged to read it, but at the same time, it was missing that thing that would have me rate it higher.

It was a solid book all round: even though it was filled with cliches (just look at that summary: I dare you not to roll your eyes). However, it was solid: especially with the character development. Even if the plot was sort of boring, the character arcs (and how they grew) were very interesting. I didn’t hate any characters (which surprises me) as they all had something to add. If anything, the occasional predictability made it comfortable.

This is the kind of book that you have to read in a certain mood, otherwise it feels really meh. I enjoyed the easy style of writing and plot, but it was missing something essential. (The mean, sarcastic person in me says “originality”.)

Even so, I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

~ Sarah

(And I’m really sorry about the short review, but balancing procrastination, building a crane out of popsicles and an English-cum-media assignment/presentation – due on Friday, but assigned on Tuesday – is stressing me out)











A News More Exciting Than Us!

Hello, err’body!

On this lovely Sublime Fridays, Faith and I have an exciting new announcement (no, it’s not another meme XD ). We’ve decided to try something new: we’re going to be reviewing books in French from now on! We will still post the occasional English post but we wanted to branch out and improve our French too, so we thought that this would be a great platform to start! Please excuse our horribleness in French, as it won’t be perfect by any means. So here’s our very first duo French review! Continue reading

Which Wednesday: Sisters

Ah, sisters. The bane of their siblings existence and a perpetual annoyance. The reasons why Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games, the letters were sent (in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) and general drama. (Also the reason my parents found out I was blogging. Thanks). I myself have a sister – I think that the world (at least mine) would be a lot better without one.

Here’s to you, you little monster.

(PS I would have never volunteered in the Hunger Games for you.)

Today I will be comparing Blood Red Road and My Sisters Keeper. If you did a double take, then you’d be right, as these books actually have very little in common. However, I’m stuck for ideas currently, so if you guys have any topics/themes, PLEASE COMMENT THEM (#desperate #thirstyandIknowit). Continue reading

The Love Tag


Salutations and happy Easter! Here is the third or fourth-ish Late Tags with Sublimereads!

(I’m sure that everyone learned the word “salutations” from Charlotte’s Web. Who didn’t?)

Although this was originally for Valentine’s Day, we liked it so much that we decided to do it now anyways! The graphics are perfect, so go on over to Booktidote to check out their amazingly beautiful blog. Thanks for thinking about us for your original tag! ❤ Continue reading

Reviewing My 6 Year Old Poetry

Have you ever wondered what Faith was like at age six? Wonder no more!

This week, I am taking over Sublime Fridays by reviewing a piece of text like all book bloggers do. This post was originally for World Poetry Day a few days ago but since I had missed it, I am now gracing your presence with a poem we’ve all been absolutely looking forward to. But there’s a slight difference: it’s a top notch piece of literature written by yours truly… when I was six.

(S: Is it weird that my first reaction to this idea was :YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

Continue reading

White Pine Wednesdays: The Outside Circle

Howdy peeps XD

Today, I will completely disappoint Paul (nothing really funny here, sorry) and post a “boring” review. Whilst it may not be the most “rainbows and sunshine” of reviews, this book still shines a light – on some of Canada’s more shaded issues.
My sixth review will be over the very first graphic novel nominee this year (the very first and very only, actually).

Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award & A Pancake vs Waffle Showdown


Yay, my first banner! (And I took the photo :3) Any thoughts? ~Faith

Hey there fellow bloggers, how’s it going?  ‘Tis I, Faith, and I have been nominated by Margot from Lectito for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Thank you very much! 🙂 Today, it’s not only an award post, but there’s also a bit of a WAFFLES VS PANCAKES SHOWDOWN. Oh yes, it’s happening. * grins maliciously * Continue reading

Book Review: My True Love Gave to Me


Have you ever wanted to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in the middle of March?! Never fear, here’s the closest thing you’ll get to do just that!

Note: Faith is the only person who posts a holiday book review in springtime. Feel free to take plenty of screenshots because this is probably an exclusive absurdity that you’ll never see anywhere else.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Seriously, winter is now non-existent and THIS is the kind of book review you’re bringing us? You betcha. (Unless you live in the southern hemisphere in which winter is actually ARRIVING – geography is so weird it makes my brain spin every time I try to think about it… but it’s simultaneously awesome. I just can’t imagine having Christmas while becoming fried into a crisp under the sun!) Welcome to a slightly shameless couple-month-old book review. Let’s go! 😀 Continue reading

Which Wednesdays: Aliens

Welcome, bookworms, to the latest and greatest edition of Which Wednesdays (ok, so, it might not be the greatest). This week’s topic is Aliens… but not these guys:


Nope. I’m talking about the legal term that The United States of America uses to describe illegal immigrants. Yes, these soccer-loving, taco eating, sombrero obsessed criminal-element, rapist Mexicans.

(I hope y’all are feeling the sarcasm)

Now, with all of Trump’s… assholery…, he said he’s gonna build a wall and keep the Mexicans out (never mind that not all the illegal immigrants are not Mexican, but who cares? )

So, I’ve stumbled on a few stories dealing with these topics, so without further ado, here’s Joyride by Anna Banks and Dream Things True by Marie Marquardt. Both these stories are told in the POV of POCs (so yay diversity), and by simply looking at the summaries, they have a lot in common. Continue reading