Word on the Street is a yearly festival held in Toronto and other cities in Ontario. Books, publishers, authors and readers all get to meet and participate in book related things. We went for the first time, to see the sights and sounds in our awesome city.

The weather was pretty great and it was by the harbor so it was nice. Quite a decent number of people went actually and it was a fantastical experience and I loved the atmosphere so I’d probably go again!


#thesix “Runnin’ through The 6 with my woes/You know how that should go.”

We met up and then wandered around for an hour or so, looking at all the books we wanted to read and everything we couldn’t afford. 😀 We managed to score some sweet pins though:

We also got our first “arc”, which we photographed on Lake Ontario:

photo 5

Colouring books are coming back in style! And isn’t Lake Ontario so beautiful? #firstarc #wemadeit #goals #wearetotallyjk

We basically wandered around until the events we were interested in started.

The first thing we went to was a spoken word showcase by BAM! Toronto Youth Poetry Slam team. It was pretty awesome. There were so many cool spoken word recitals ~ and a lot of them dealt with sensitive topics. The performers were really brave because you could tell, they weren’t reciting any story, they were retelling their story.

There was a poem that wished the best of luck and understanding to its listeners, a poem that really questioned whether Martin Luther King Jr would have been happy to see the world now, if he was ‘OK’ with being killed, a poem that detailed the struggle of living life without being able to break the cycle and stop dreaming, and a poem that manifested because the loses of cancer, alcoholism and much more,

They were all really touching, and we learned new things (did you know that during a poetry recitation, you never clap during the recitation, but you can snap and stomp your feet? It was a refreshing way of getting involved. Check them out because they are totally blew us away: if you are feeling generous, go to their Indiegogo and donate!

We later went to see Eve Silver (author of the Rush Trilogy), Erin Bow (The Scorpion Rules) and Kate Blair (Transferral). They were discussing the politics of their parallel worlds (hello, session title), and it was moderated by Evan Monday, an author that Sarah looooves (when she realized who the vaguely familiar dude was she had a mini freak out). Faith was freaking out over Eve Silver so in the end it was all ok.

Ok as in no major embarrassment. Phew!

It was really interesting seeing the authors talk about all the similar thought processes as well as the different ideas that went into all of their books. Their books were a refreshing take on the ‘dystopian’ or ‘future technology’ genre in YA books. We can’t wait until Transferral comes out (October 24th, by the way).

F: It was just so cool for me because I’ve never been to any type of author meetup so to me, it felt partially surreal because I think I just imagine authors writing books with some sort of alien sorcery concocting mystical stories in their offices. It just doesn’t seem real to me that they can possibly be normal AND write good, you know?

We met a few of our other friends (totally by coincidence) and our tbr list grew by a ginormous amount. We keep doing this to ourselves, and it isn’t healthy (But the only other option is book withdrawal 😀 )

Faith also took a bunch of great pictures, so here they are 😀

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

We also found an awesome store that was reppin’ Toronto:

2015821-library-1 2001library

These are totally TO-centric, and we loved looking through the tent Spacing set up. We are so going to get a library passport and visit every library in our city 😀

~Sarah & Faith