Forest of Reading + First Review

To start of this post, we Canadians would like to apologize for taking up your time with this Canadian-filled post XD

Every year, in Ontario (a province in Canada, for the geographically challenged), a giant book club is set in action. Sounds interesting? Well, it is! Every year, 10 books are chosen for 9 categories. The categories include:

Badge Name Age type of book
Blue Spruce™ JK–Grade 2 Picture books
Silver Birch® Grades 3–6 Fiction / Non-fiction
Red Maple™
Grades 7–8 Fiction, Non-fiction (every other year)
White Pine™ Grades 9–12 Fiction

Basically, every school I’ve ever been too has participated in this province wide book club. We read, trade and discuss the books, and at the end of the year, we vote for a winner. I thought it would be cool to review and predict the end results! Since I am in high school, I will be doing the White Pine level books, simply because they tend to be more relevant to me. But that’s not to say that I won’t review them 😉
Starting every other week, Faith and I (or just me) will review the books, and hopefully discuss the books with people who have read them 🙂 And on May 17th, we will go the the Festival of Reading and see who won (obviously documenting our adventure 😉 )

Today I’ll post a list of all the books I will review, tomorrow I’ll post first impressions, and from then on, Wednesdays will be the very reviews 😀


Hence the name, you know 😉

The art of getting stared at

The bodies we wear

Delusion road

All the rage

The story of Owen : dragon slayer of Trondheim

The outside circle

Rabbit ears

A sense of the infinite

Soldier doll

These titles all link to their Goodreads page 😀

We’re Back + Weekly (or 3 week) recap!


So we put our hands up like we finally postin’

Hey guys! Sorry for the impromptu hiatus… doing 3 major biology assingments in the span of two weeks is not healthy. Or good for your eating habits. Or sleep. #RIPWeekofsleep. Or your friendships. Luckily, Faith and my relationship can totally stumble but make it out intact over 3 weeks of biological torture.

This is scarily accurate…

But what’s important is that we are back! We’re also trying out a new way of doing things… motivation (or blackmail, but what’s the difference, really).

So I’d like to introduce our first ever weekly recap!
Since me and Faith read at different speeds, and review at different rates, we will post individual, weekly posts, summarizing what we have read in a week, and indicating what books we will review. We sometimes find we read books that are hard to review (the books that are neither good nor bad, but don’t really stand out either… you know what I’m talking about 😉 )

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