Top 12 Fresh & Cute DIY Bookmarks Ideas

Tired of sandwiching a ticket stub or a folded napkin between your books? Here is an ensemble of my personal top 10 fresh & cute DIY bookmark ideas that anyone can make to add a little zest to your summer reading!* They’re great as summer projects and as gifts to all book lovers!

Some are quick and easy to make with all the materials you need probably already right at home, but if you’re craving a more challenging summer project, we’ve included great bookmarks for you to make too! I rated for each bookmark DIY the amount of difficulty it would take, personally, to make them; however they’re all relatively simple! (A 5 out of 5 would not mean that it’s extremely difficult just more so in comparison to the others.)

*We don’t own any of these photos or ideas but simply found them to share!

  1. Washi Tape Paper Clip Bookmarks

This handy bookmark only takes some Washi tape and paperclips! A super quick and cute DIY that will liven up the colours in any book!

Difficulty Rating: 1/5

Source & full Instructions are at Laura’s Crafty Life

Paperclip Washi Tape Bookmarks - Laura's Crafty Life

  1. Paint Chip Bookmarks

These paint chip samples can be picked up at most stores that sell wall paints and you can get a great bookmark by simply decorating them with craft supplies such as glitter, shape hole punchers, and ribbon! It would nearly be effortless if not for going out to find these paint chips! 

Difficulty Rating: 1/5

Source & full Instructions are at The Jenny Evolution

Upcycled DIY Paint Chip Bookmarks | The Jenny Evolution


  1. Folded Paper Heart Bookmarks

To fold this origami paper heart bookmark, only a single square sheet (alliteration!) is needed and these will be adorably marking your book pages in no time!

Difficulty Rating: 3/5

Source & full Instructions are at Bloomize


  1. Thread Lacing Bookmarks

The threads in these lacing bookmarks add a little texture and geometric simplicity to your books. It’s fun to make and it looks cool too!

Difficulty Rating: 2/5

Source & full Instructions are at Handmade Charlotte

DIY Back To School Lacing Bookmarks


  1. Elastic Bookmark Wraps

Though these elastic bookmark wraps may be slightly more challenging if sewing doesn’t come naturally to you, the final product is a unique way to mark your book pages. Slipping them onto your novel, they’re like a book headband that is as decorative on the outside as it is useful for the inside of your book. (Note: these work better for hardcover books of course!)

Difficulty Rating: 5/5

Source & full Instructions are at Craft Snob


  1. Yarn Ball Bookmarks

Yarn pom pom balls are always bundles of fluffiness and joy that everyone loves to make. Now as a bookmark, they’re better than ever and will definitely help warm up the book reading atmosphere.

Difficulty Rating: 4/5

Source & full Instructions are at Design Mom

DIY pom pom bookmark


  1. Magnetic Washi Tape Bookmarks

Want another super quick and easy bookmark DIY?  If you have washi tape or some scrapbook paper and some magnets, this one is especially for you. It’ll make all your summer reads so much more vibrant and is a bookmark that will stay in your book without slipping out for sure.

Difficulty Rating: 1/5

Source & full Instructions are at Lemon Squeezy Home

DSC_1066 title

  1. Corner Page Bookmarks

Corner page bookmarks are really one-of-a-kind; you can customize these cool corner page bookmarks to be nearly anything! Personalize it with your own favourite quotes, with a cute character, or even leave it made in its nice scrapbook paper. Whatever you do to decorate it, you can’t go wrong with the way it’s perfectly made for the corner of your book’s page.

Difficulty Rating: 3/5

Source & full Instructions are at Tally’s Treasury 

  1. Geometric Felt Bookmarks

For these geometric felt bookmarks, using left-over scraps of felt and an X-acto knife can make a surprisingly fresh page marker that looks great and won’t rip easily!

Difficulty Rating: 3/5

Source & full Instructions are at How About Orange


  1. Beaded String Bookmarks

From all the bookmarks that I had found, these beaded string bookmarks were the most adorable and unique. This DIY is particularly for beaded bunnies but you can also make your own creations such as little beaded characters or any other animal that you like! Beaded string bookmarks make fantastic gifts and will work for any time of the year, not only during the summer!

Difficulty Rating: 5/5

Source & full Instructions are at Small for Big

DIY Easter Bead Bunny Bookmarks Tutorial - Perfect for Kids to make and give as gifts

I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about my top 10 DIY bookmarks. Tell us if this helped give you some DIY bookmark inspiration! 🙂

~ Faith

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