The Liebster Award

Thanks to Audrey @ Forwards and Bookwords who nominated us for the Liebster Award; we really appreciate it! 🙂 Go and check out her fantastic blog if you haven’t yet! We’ve actually been nominated a while ago but have just gotten around to doing it (procrastination may or may not be an issue)…

Our questions from Audrey: 
  1. Would rather you rather never be able to read again or never be able to write again?

Faith: I would rather never to be able to read again, although that would break my heart TREMENDOUSLY, because writing is my way of expressing myself and no matter how many times I’ll have to suffer without the next installment of my fave series, at least I can write some of my own endings to them! But if I just never read my entire life and only wrote, I probably wouldn’t miss reading very much either because I wouldn’t know how it’s like!

Sarah: Oh my gosh, what a hard question…I literally don’t think I can stop either. I read, and get inspiration for writing, and when I write, I start reading a wider variety of things. But if I had to choose… writing. I didn’t want to hurt my hand any way 😛

  1. What is a bookish sport/event that you wish existed in real life?

F: Hmm… Obviously everyone wants Quidditch to be an official Olympic sport but I’d say Capture the Flag Camp Half-Blood style. It’d be intense. (S: YAAS PREACH)

S: But I personally would like a speed reading contest. (I WILL PWN YOU ALL) (F: Lol she actually will)

  1. What is a series that you think is underrated?

F: Lorien Legacies. There’s probably more people that like it than I know of and there’s already a movie for the first book; plus there’s some controversy surrounding the publishing and things. But I haven’t really heard of anyone talking about it much? Or maybe it’s just me.

S: ARTEMIS FOWL. LUNAR CHRONICLES. (now if you asked me what I thought was overrated, that would be a 20 page list)

  1. What is a book that you liked “before it was cool”?

F: To Kill a Mockingbird. I was there in 1960 before ANYBODY got their hands on a copy. (S: Faith I’m dying. Where do you get this humour from? 😀 ) None because I’m not original nor do I discover new books early.

S: LUNAR CHRONICLES. I was the one who preordered it for my library, and I was the one who read it when it arrived on the official release date, and I am the one who is still obsessed. Y’all don’t even know… (F: Wow, I for one did not know about the existence of such intense depths of hardcore fangirling for it but it is pretty great)

  1. How do you like to organize your bookshelves?

F: Ooh, good question. I find that there’s always a very specific order to these things. First I order them from tallest to shortest and then if the books are the same height, I go with thickness. Then, I sort of average it all out and switch some books around to make it slightly colour coordinated even if the height order gets mixed up a bit but only if the difference isn’t too big. Haha did any of this even make sense or do I only sound like a super control freak? Probably like a control freak. 😛

S: Well, I’m not as OCD as Faith (Wait, who am I kidding)… I like all my hardcovers together, then my paperbacks, then my graphic novels and manga. Then I order it by series (because I buy all my series either hardcover or paperback). Then if the books are standalones, I sort by colour. And then I get really upset a week later because i suddenly decided to reread all my books and now I have to sort them again. (And the circle of life continues)

  1. Who, in your opinion, is the ultimate book villain?

F: Wonderful… okay there are tons and I mean TONS of great pure evil villains out there but I quite like Levana as a villain. Typical but true.

S: UMBRIDGE UMBRIDGE UMBRIDGE. I wanted her dead more than Voldemort and everyone I know agrees with me (oh, you don’t agree? K thnx bye: friendship terminated :P)

  1. What book has a horrible cover but a great story?

F: I’m not actually too sure… I’ve probably read one along the way but don’t remember. I guess I’ll have to continue reading more to find out

S: Um… The cover of The Story of Owen is pretty bad… and most of Roald Dahl’s books. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love his stories, but I absolutely hate Quentin Blake’s art.

  1. What is a hyped book/series that you never see yourself reading?

F: Not very many actually… I like to try to read new books and things. But honestly I JUST started Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments. (Please don’t hurt meee!) (S: WHY DID YOU REMIND ME? HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ HP? I will whack you <3)

S: Um, I will actually read anything. I have to see if the hype is deserved, y’know. Fairness and no-judginess…I try.

  1. What is a book that you want to be seen turned into a movie?

F: Wow, I’ve read many books that I want as a movie. Probably Legend by Marie Lu or When by Victoria Laurie.

S: PERCY JACKSON, Ok, I know that it’s already been made into a movie, but that movie was so bad I’m going to need a whole other post to explain what was wrong with it. (F: I KNOW RIGHT?) Like this time, how about we actually follow the book’s descriptions? I would also like an Artemis Fowl film…*dreamy eyes*

  1. What book animal/creature would you like to have as a pet?

F: A chimaera from the Lorien Legacies.

S: Max’s pet from the book The Hound of Rowan. SO. COOL.

  1. What’s the least amount of pages it took you to decide to not finish a book?  What book and why?

F: On average around 20 pages which I guess isn’t a lot… I don’t remember many books that I just didn’t finish through though. Mainly the Maze Runner which I had to pick up 4 times until finishing because I guess the beginning didn’t catch my attention as much but the rest of the book did!

S: I actually don’t know. I usually try to read the book all the way through. If I really hate it, then I make note of all the really annoying parts and bash it later. A book that I hated? Catcher in the Rye. I’m going to have to read it again soon (but I’m planning on killing myself first).

11 Random Facts About Us:

  1. F: My first poem written when I was 6 is called “I Have a Bunny”. Funny thing was that I didn’t actually have one. (It was there in a magical world called my own imagination. 😉 )
  2. S: The first mini story I wrote only lasted one page before I started killing everyone off. Disturbing, but then again, my parents thought it was hilarious.
  3. F: Popcorn, seasoned baked potatoes, mangoes, and sushi are the way to go. My top fave cultural foods would be Korean, Vietnamese, and then Japanese.
  4. S: Watermelon, mangoes and guavas are da bomb dot com. I love middle-eastern foods, and foods from Central and South America.
  5. F: When I was in elementary, I used to think that rock music only consisted of weird guys pounding way too hard on the drums and screaming… I know now that although that may sometimes be the case, it’s not always. 
  6. S: When I was little, I was obsessed with violins and used to fake play it. Dying cat sounds courtesy of me included.
  7. F: In the future, I want to visit the Arctic in search of narwhals of course but as well as other amazing northern fauna & flora. 
  8. S: My only definite plans in the future are 1- reading more books and 2- re-visiting Egypt.
  9. F: I also used to think that poetry only consisted of rhymes but then I learned about haikus in grade 4 and only wrote haikus for almost 3 years in my poetry book. 
  10. S: The word Haiku sounds like a sneeze to me. But I once tried learning Japanese: that did not go very well, unfortunately.
  11. F: When I’m bored (but mainly when I’m procrastinating), I like to travel the world using the street view feature on Google Earth. It’s pretty incredible actually. Last thing that is on the list of “Things I Used to Think” while we’re at it: I used to believe that Iceland was basically like Greenland until a very embarrassingly lately when I virtually visited. I was like “Wow was I so wrong.” Like anyone confused by the name I pictured a land covered completely with ice when really, there are actually towns and solid buildings that aren’t portables. I have a temporary home where I live under a rock. Though I wonder if that’s how people imagine most of Canada? It’s kind of true for the North though.
Our questions for our victims bloggers:
  1. If you could choose any fictional character to describe your personality the best, who would it be and why?
  2. What’s the first book you remember reading ever, and what was it about?
  3. Are there any characters that are totally unlike you whom you would want to switch lives with?
  4. Name a book with a beautiful cover but a horrible (or disappointing) story.
  5. Which hyped up(and in your opinion, overrated) series did you really dislike? Be honest 🙂
  6. Which author would you sell your soul(or family/pets) to meet? 😛
  7. Which song/song playlist would you match with another book? (e.g. I would match [Insert Song Title] with [Insert Book Title] because the vibes from the song would really describe the book’s…)
  8. What got you started reading?
  9. Can you read during a car ride or on public transit without getting motion sickness? If so, which book would be your to-go book for road trips?
  10. Which fantasy/sci-fi world would you choose to travel to?
  11. Are there any book words (words that are made up by the author) that you wished officially existed in the English language? What would they be?

Who we nominate:

Here are the rules!


Aetheristrux @ The Amazing life of a Bookworm 

Stephanie @ Your Daughters Book Shelf

Sumaya @ Sue’s Reading Corner

Adriana and Camila @ The Reader’s Compass



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