The Creative Blogger Award!

Thanks to Giselle @ Hardwork Boulevard for nominating us; we really appreciate it! 🙂 Go and check out her great blog if you haven’t yet! Once again, we’ve actually been nominated about a month ago but as you may know, Sarah was on vacay so we are now back with the responses!


  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.


1. Faith and Sarah actually only met 2 years ago, but hit it off almost instantly.

F: Not without me being creeped out a bit first about Sarah… So not friends at first sight?

S: SORRY. I didn’t mean to be socially awkward ~ my first time making new friends.

F: Wow, talk about only having fictional characters as friends.

S: OR the same classmates for the past 5 years

F: Anyways we were basically pretty good friends pretty quick.

2. We both are junior editors for our school newspaper this year! Even though we aren’t perfect (psh perfect… name me one actually perfect human being S: MARISSA MEYER) writers, we’re going improve a lot more from this experience! WOOT!

S: Since grade 9, Faith and I had our hearts set on becoming editors. We both got rejected the first time.

F: Ooh rejection HURTS so yeah, maybe we were a weensy bit salty but I kind of expected it so I got over it eventually.

S: Eventually being when we finally got accepted? Guys, this girl was soooo cynical ~ but I told her she would make it!

F: The only thing I would make would be my coffin if I got rejected a second time… OK jokes I’m not that hardcore desperate. But the wonderful thing now is that we can help to edit each other’s work!

3. We have a really similar sense of humour. Like scary similar.

(F: Nahh, you’re the scary one. We were siblings in another life though… Jokes I would never want to be her sister. More like a nightmarish life.)

Example: What did Jay-Z call his girlfriend before they were married? Feyonce!


F: OK that was insanely bad. Like you’re insane. Like it was actually good but I mean… If you guys become confused by who’s blogging on a post because of our confusingly similar horrible humour, then look for the more deliciously gr-ATE ones; they’re generally mine. 😉 Get it? Delicious and ate?


(F: That’s even worse but let’s ignore that fact that it was actually so bad it’s not even a joke. The actual joke is that it’s not even funny. OK no it’s just plain sad.)  Moving on.

4. Sarah’s pouffy hair is no joke. Actually it’s the biggest one ever. Like the hair AND the joke. ( F: Yeah, come at me.)

S: HOW DARE YO- well actually I can’t argue with that, so let’s move on.

F: She’s also always BULLYING ME.

S: Also true. Wow Faith, our friendship is built out of love (and your blood and tears) ❤

F: I mean what can you expect from a friendship that started off creepy and was developed within a short period of time??

S: FAITH that’s another post ~ don’t wanna air out our dirty laundry all at once. Mine is still in the wash (F: Because oh wait, we procrastinate too much to even dry our own clothes… which consists mainly of our comfy clothes aka not super a la mode clothes.)

5. In grade nine, Sarah and Faith discovered to their absolute horror (at least Faith did) that they still had to continue writing a French speech as an oral communication component of their overall grade.

S: Tears flowed, as well as ink. Faith chose my topic and I chose hers…

F: It was fate. Fate for Sarah and Faith for me. OK super bad pun. (Bad pun count for the day: 1842. S: Lol but I actually liked that one) No, seriously. So I knew that Sarah liked mangas so I said “Why not do a super coolio thing where your French speech which MAY or MAY NOT be presented to people at a speech competition be about mangas versus was it anime or something ?” (Exact wording may be questioned.)


F: Whoops. Yeah, that’s what I suggested which I now forgot. Then Sarah inspired by my gr-ATE idea, gave my speech idea which was…

S: What was it again?

F: It was a French speech about why Korean dramas are better than regular TV shows. So basically we did THE SAME THING. Except hers was the book version and mine was the electronic version for our topics. (Jokes on our teacher but not really)


F: Also I technically gave you “your” idea, thank you very much

S: True.

S: AND THAT’S A WRAP FOLKS (F: Bubble wrap, plastic rap) unless you want us to continue arguing, in which case we will show you our chat conversations. Plenty of aggression there 😉 F: We kind of missed the sign over here saying “passive aggressive only”.

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7 thoughts on “The Creative Blogger Award!

    • sublimereads says:

      You’re welcome and thanks! I just know that Sarah’s going to relate SO much. Like her hair is just… pouffy. Haha that’s the only way we can describe it. I can’t really relate but I bet the washing and brushing is really tedious and struggle-ful. Well anyways, we can’t wait to see what you’re going to write! 🙂

      ~ Faith


    • sublimereads says:

      You’re welcome! We enjoy writing these too 😀 Thank you so much, I just love your graphics on your blog; especially the banner and rating system! We’re excited to see what you’re going to write in response to this award tag!

      ~ Faith


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