Meme Mondays: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Hello amazing bloggers of the internet!

Today we’re going to do a little throwback here (a bit of black and white won’t hurt!)… as you may already know by the title, this week’s book-movie guest is

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee! 

Yes. Agreed.

Haha me too when I’m trying to do something that’s not tasked for glasses people… like a microscope in biology.

It’s like “I give up with these useless glasses” S: Don’t we all? We need some contacts, people. F: Incredible contacts that don’t involve touching your own eyeballs.

Ahh, wise Atticus. I missed this in Go Set a Watchman…


You know things are getting serious when this happens.

Okay, this part actually was really sad. But this would be my face when a book is over hyped… sad. S: Faith, we’re supposed to be serious. F: Uh, I mean yeah, this is no laughing matter.

This is real respect, am I right? S: Damn straight #RESPECT


Father and daughter relations are so darn adorable :3

Question of the Day: Who are the metaphorical mockingbirds?

Love this quote!

S: So, I don’t know about you guys, but I really enjoyed the book. It is a universally acknowledged fact that the first 15 chapters (like 3/4ths of the book) are really boring, but the end (after all that buildup), made it worth it. I felt that every character was multidimensional ~ even in ways we didn’t see (cough cough Go set a Watchman cough cough). It honestly is one of the best books I’ve been forced to read, and everyone who hasn’t read this should check it out. 😀
Movie-wise, I felt that some things could have been done better. Miss Maudie’s character was stripped down into something like Atticus’s love interest (F: Yup I was not that impressed), and we didn’t see as much of Scout. Jem got to do all the cool things and that was not a point of view I really wanted relayed on screen. I know that the movie has to cut things out for the sake of time and clarity, but I was still disappointed. However, I loved the cinematography. The decision to film it in black and white was very cool and artistic (F: Probably because it was supposed to take place in the 1930s), and some of the scenes were so touching. Atticus still was a wonderful father, Scout still adorably righteous, and unfortunately, Harper Lee’s message is still relevant today.
Although outright racism and lynchings are a thing of the past, racist mentalities still exist today, whether conscious or as a result of media bias. We should all take some time to reflect on our actions and thoughts, and question whether what we automatically think or feel is true.
If you are interested in analyzing yourself, click this link to go to a Harvard created association test. It’s completely anon if you wish, and you may find that your results will surprise you. Like this book back then, it allows a conversation that would otherwise be ignored, and confronts a possible problem that may otherwise be denied.

F: I loved the book too. It had some undeniable truths and I liked the character building. It was a dismay to see some of that fade away in the less polished Go Set a Watchman. (I’m thinking that it’s not much of a surprise to you seeing that it was published in the circumstances that it had.) My favourite scenes of the movie would definitely be the second half of the movie. It was portrayed very real to the book and emotions were felt.

If for some reason you have not picked the book up yet, I highly suggest that you give it a shot. Though it was written in a different time, like Sarah had mentioned, the messages that were written are still relevant to modern society.

All in all, this was an inspiring book. Hope you enjoyed this trip through time! It’s something different too. 🙂 This concludes this week’s Meme Mondays, we’ll see you around with more next Monday!

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